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KaBlam! aired on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2000. It was a comic book style series made up of several different styles of animation, ranging from liveaction, claymation and stop motion all done in shorts. These shorts were introduced by Henry and June, the two hosts of the show. KaBlam! was also aired in the U.K. from 1997 to 2000. It can be seen on NickToons TV and Australia's Nickelodeon channel. Kablam!'s Original Shorts: Sniz and Fondue - Two felines named Sniz and Fondue who go through zany adventures!
Action League Now! - A team of superheroes who oddly save the world.
Prometheus and Bob - An alien who tries to teach a caveman random things, but with much difficulty due to a monkey.
Life with Loopy - A girl who takes things way too literally and tries to fix the problem.
The Offbeats - A group of kids who try to fit in with "the populars."

Jim Condendez

Jim Condendez

voice of Fondue

Billy West

Billy West

voice of Various Characters

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

voice of Betty Ann

Cris Winter

Cris Winter

voice of Thunder Girl

Mo Willems

Mo Willems

voice of September/Grubby Groo

Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner

voice of Tommy

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  • It's like Robot Chicken

    except it's 90s.
  • Top Shows - The Variety, Meta Cartoon

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  • Cartoons and comics are two of my favorite things and now they are combined together for this classic hit

    If there is any show that should make a return on TV with new episodes, Kablam! would be one of the top 5. The show combined 2 of kids favorite things, cartoons and comics and was perfectly executed. The show stars Henry and June, 2 comic characters who show a variety of segments to viewers and do their own segments as well. Henry and June are really funny with the segments they do. They always do wacky and off the wall comedy antics that never failed to make me burst out laughing. The segments themselves are really creative and are just as funny. Action League Now is a parody of Justice League. It follows the group of super heroes who mess up a lot, but end up saving the day anyway. I loved The Flesh, he was not only super strong, and super naked, but super funny as well with his antics. Then there is Life with Loopy. Loopy is a little girl who constantly gets into wild adventures with her brother Larry going along as well. Finally, Prometheus and Bob is about an alien teaching a caveman about how stuff works like plumbing, camping, baseball, and so on. There are many more, but I just wanted to give some of the best segments out to show. Out of all of them, Prometheus and Bob was my favorite. Bob and Prometheus would always get into funny things and they always cracked me up. As for the animation, it varies. Action League Now was live action but did puppet works. Life with Loopy was paper animated. Finally, Prometheus and Bob was clay animated. All the animation and artwork in this show and the segments are supremely well done and is really impressive and has not aged bad at all. My only problem was that the show was never finished and ended on a cliffhanger. The "last" episode was Henry and June were security guards, but in the end, they get their old jobs back. We are even told to come back and see it same Kablam! time, same Kablam! network! and what happens? the show ended. The least Nickelodeon could have done was released the first 4 seasons on DVD as well as the other 2 seasons it was supposed to air as well. Should this show ever come out on DVD, get it ASAP. This show is just hilarious and a great show that should be brought back.moreless
  • Cartoons and comics collide--and it was awesome.

    "Wake up the masses! Assume the crash position. Hold on tight, take a deep breath for a new kind of cartoon show. It's KaBlam! Where cartoons and comics collide."

    -the show's Opening Monologue

    And they did it perfectly. How I loved to sit on my keister all day and watch Kablam...or try, because by the time I tuned in, the show was already over. I had done my reading for the day and watched TV. And who told us that it couldn't be educational and fun at the same time? No one did. Now all we're left with is Dora, Barney, and Spongebob, the three kingpins of "education" nowadays. Education consisting of, "The Knicker-Bocker song", "Say, "burromuerto"! *five minute pause* Good! Say it again!" and, *Annoying laugh* "Let's go to Squidward's house!"moreless
  • While I loved this show as a child and in middle school, I re-watched it, and the magic is...gone

    So, I used to be obessed with this show when I was a little kid, and when I was a preteen. I opened up a freaking forum (closed due to lack of use and spam), made fan videos, and watched it nonstop.

    But a few months ago, I got sick, and watched an episode to kill time, as I wasn't in school, and...this show is extremely nostalgia-filter heavy.

    Henry and June were cute, but they were also pretty undeveloped, and June's constant switching of personalities got old. It's like she's freaking Lola Bunny, but backwards (Instead of being a smart mary-sue (Space Jam) to a brat (Baby Looney Tunes) to a ditz (the Looney Tunes Show), she's been a ditz (season one) to hyper and eccentric (season two) to bratty (season three) to being the only sane person (Season four). Henry was kind of...bland. His only real traits were that he was either the only sane man until June took over, the moron, the narcissist, and the show's punching bag. The animation was also very choppy, but I'll handwave that, since it's one of the earliest shows to use flash, and it was still new at the point. Also, while their constant `90s refrences are nostalgic, if it was rerun and a kid born in say, 2001 saw it, they'd be confused. The idea of them being "animated actors" was okay, but I perfered the way they did it in Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. The storylines weren't really "up there" with the other Nick shows at the time. Also, whenever a "sweet" moment was put in Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, or Doug, it would be really sweet. In KaBlam!, whenever they have one, it's usually sacchrine or not even played strait.

    Sniz & Fondue was pretty good. I wish it was picked up for a TV show. Plus Sniz and Fondue are so cute. Hey, they're ferrets! And geeks!

    Action League Now! was pretty good, too, but the TV show was unecessary, as it only used previous episodes. To me, the mid-season one ALN episodes were the best ones.

    Prometheus and Bob was funny the first time, and then got extremely formulatic (even moreso than seasons 10 and onward of Pokemon). They didn't even play with it like Phineas and Ferb. It was all: Prometheus tries to teach Bob something. Bob doesn't get it. Monkey makes it worse. Abort plan.

    Life with Loopy was another short that deserved it's own series, and was the launch of Danielle Judovits' voice acting career (Naruto, Wolverine and the X-Men, Hey Arnold!). The only real flaws it had were that the animation was really cheap, as you could see all the strings and everything controlling the puppets (this may or may not have been intentional, and remember that Nickelodeon's a pretty cheap company to begin with), and it could be downright FRIGHTNING at times.

    The Off-Beats was pretty good, but extremely short-lived. I really like Mo Willem's work (I know him), so it's no surprise that I loved this. From the adorkable characters to the jazzy background music (I love jazz), this was a winner.

    The one-shot shorts usually sucked, with a few exceptions. One of them, "Patch Head", was suppossed to go on longer, but Nickelodeon hated it.

    Now, I'm not saying KaBlam! is a BAD show, but it's definetly not up-there, and probably not worthy of a DVD release, like Doug or Rugrats (Really Nickelodeon, those two are going to be 21 in August). I have fond memories of watching it, but it couldn't stand the test of time.

    Final grade: Cmoreless

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