Season 1 Episode 3

Comics For Tomorrow Today

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1996 on Nickelodeon
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Comics For Tomorrow Today
Aired on Nicktoons: Yes
Sniz And Fondue
Mod Stylin': Sniz uses too much hair gel and goes bald!
Action League Now!
The Wrath of Spotzilla Part 1: The evil Spotzilla threatens the community, so learns about musical instruments and encounters a prehistoric mammoth.
Prometheus And Bob
Tape 22: Music: Prometheus attempts to teach Bob music.
Life With Loopy
Egghead: Loopy's consumption of eggs somehow turns her into one!
Henry & June Theme
June receives superpowers and soon Henry tries to get some too.moreless

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  • Excellent!

    I like this episode very much. I think this is without any doubt one of the most classical episodes in the "Kablam" series. The shorts in this episode were great. I loved the episode of the action league called "The Wrath of Spotzilla" which was the first part to a two-part episode. This is the type of material I expect from a show this good. Exactly why I watch this.
Billy West

Billy West

voice of Various Characters

Noah Segan

Noah Segan

voice of Henry

Julia McIlvaine

Julia McIlvaine

voice of June

Danielle Judovits

Danielle Judovits

voice of Loopy

Scott Paulsen

Scott Paulsen

voice of Meltman

John Andrew Walsh

John Andrew Walsh

voice of Snuppa

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Fondue: (To Sniz) Cheer up bucky beaver, I think I've solved your problem. (As he puts on a red rubber nose and a red hair wig on Sniz) It's the newest thing. Everybody is going for this look. It screams happiness. (Sniz has a big tear as he looks in a mirror) No sad clowns allowed in this circus.

    • Fondue: (After a screaming, bald Sniz runs into the kitchen) A prowler. (Holds up a manual egg beater) Alright burglar, I'm going to beat your brains in with this thing, once I figure out how it works.

    • Fondue: Your nuts, your hair is suffocating from all that skull sauce.
      Sniz: Could it be that squeaky Fondue is jealous of my hot new look?
      Fondue: Yeah right, Captain Calamari.

    • Sniz: (After trying out the new gel) Snap me down, it works. Praise me it works!

    • Sniz: (To Snuppa, as he looks at the hair gel bottle) Cut me an oversized wedge, you got me the cheap stuff!

    • Henry: Why don't we check in with two guys who go together-
      June: Like bacon and a tetanus shot.
      Henry: Here's Sniz and Fondue.

    • Fondue: Okay, now my gardening skills may not exactly be up to snuff, but hey, I can grow a couple of daisies.
      Sniz: But what if I don't want flowers coming out of my head?

    • Fondue: So, what can you do for my buddy baldilocks here?
      Barber: You'd be amazed at what we can do now for the hairless.
      Sniz: It's gonna grow back pal.
      Barber: That's what they all say.

    • Barber: This hairpiece is the newest on the market. (Puts hairpiece on Sniz)
      Sniz: Eh…
      Barber: Oh give me a chance already. Your so quick to poo poo everything.

    • (Fondue takes off his hat, revealing to Sniz that he is bald)
      Sniz: Fondue! What happened to your hair?!
      Fondue: I had my field plowed just for you!
      Sniz: You shaved your head?! I can't believe this!
      Fondue: Believe it. Now we're like two halves of the same tuckus.
      Sniz: (tearfully embraces Fondue) Oh, Fondue! This is the most beautiful and twisted moment of our lives.
      Fondue: Yeah, but we'll get through it. If my hair grows back first, I'll give you some.
      Sniz: How 'bout you gimme some of your nose hair? Heaven knows you got plenty.
      Fondue: Oh, it's gonna be like that? It's gonna be like this!
      (he gives Sniz a noogie)
      Sniz: (screams) Bald noogies!

    • Sniz: How about you give me some of your nose hair? Heaven knows you got plenty.
      Fondue: Oh, it's gonna be like that? It's going to be like this.
      Sniz: Ah, bald noogies.

    • Henry: That ending was so sickeningly sweet, I lost my lunch. (Picks up a brown sack lunch) Oh, here it is.

    • Meltman: (To Thunder Girl) So, what do you say? Let's clog.
      Thunder Girl: (Sees Spotzilla) Oh my gosh, no!
      Meltman: Okay, well we can always just do the hockey pokey.

    • Narrator: Asleep in his subterranean chamber since the dawn of the Mesozoic age, Spotzilla awakens with only one thing on his mind, death and destruction. Okay that's two things, so sue me.

    • Reporter: So, how do you know when danger's about to strike?
      Stinky Diver: It's like a sixth sense Leslie. I can't explain it. I think it has something to do with me glands. Oh blimey. (Gets eaten by Spotzilla)

    • Chief: (To the Action League) Dag blasted, that fur ball freak caught us with our pants down.
      The Flesh: But chief...
      Chief: I know Flesh, your pants are always down.

    • Chief: If we don't protect these people we'll have a real international hot potato on our hands.
      Meltman: Don't worry Chief. I may not have a face, but I do have a plan.

    • Thunder Girl: (Trying to save Meltman from Spotzilla) Don't worry Melty. I'll use my super strength to stop him. (Grabs tail) Wait, I don't have super strength. (Gets flung onto the bug covered grill of a car) Oh gross.

    • June: Hold the phone Henry. You're telling me the ending to Action League isn't until the next show! (Shouting) Is that what you're telling me?!
      Henry: Yep.

    • Henry: It's not fair. Everybody's got a power: Thunder Girl, The Flesh, you.
      June: (Holding a whale up with Telekinesis) This, oh it's no big deal.

    • June: (To Henry, trying desperately to open a bag of chips) Slow down boy, you're going to burst your brisket.

    • Exterminator: (Over the phone) Giant pest hotline, we bag bigger bugs, how can I help you.
      Larry: My sister's turned into an egg and we're being terrorized by a giant chicken. You gotta get over here fast.
      Exterminator: Hang on a second sir. (Fights a giant bug for a moment) Sir I'm kind of busy right now, but take my advice, don't let that chicken get a hold of your sister. It's gonna want to sit on her until she hatches!

    • Loopy: Hey chicken little, sniff on this. (Burps)
      Chicken: Man that's foul. (Runs away)

    • Henry: Stand back and witness my very own, amazing, unbelievably great super power. Super Folding Power. (Folds cloth in half)
      June: (Coughs)
      Henry: I know, I'm pathetic.

    • Larry: Great, my sister is an egg. Mom and Dad are gonna kill me. Well, at least things can't get any worse. (Opens the door and finds a giant chicken) Aah! (Shuts the door; to Loopy) Run.

    • Meltman: It just doesn't smell the same around here without Stinky.

    • (Sniz wants Snuppa to buy him some hair product)
      Fondue: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Sniz, that's twelve bottles in seven days.
      Sniz: Sshh!

    • (Henry sees June messing with her eyelids)
      Henry: (Shudders) June, what are you doing?
      June: I am demonstrating one of my many super powers. (Turns her eyelids inside-out)
      Henry: Turning you eyelids inside-out is not a super power.
      June: (Puts her eyelids back in) Okay, well, how about this? (Tries to touch her nose with her tongue, and does)
      Henry: Folks, please, don't encourage her.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Despite being credited in the ending credits, the Surprising Short "Lava" has not appeared in the episode at all and has not been removed since it was never placed on the episode in the first place. It's probably a crediting mistake.

    • Noah Segan, the voice of Henry, revealed in Nickelodeon Magazine that this is his favorite episode.

    • Believe it or not, this is not the episode in which Kablam! becomes more educational with the slogan "Preparing young minds for tomorrow's future ... today!" That one is entitled "Your Logo Here."


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