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  • Season 4
    • Now With More Flava'
      Race Rabbit Robot Rabbit: Race is smitten by a fake rabbit created by the Boolies, which contains a bomb.

      Action League Now Grief for the Chief: The Chief is badly injured by the Action League by The Flesh accidentally throwing a cinderblock on top of his head. The Chief goes to the hospital and is quickly dying as the Action League says their last remarks about him.

      Life with Loopy Rock 'n' Roll Loopy: The band Bugsteak is invited to Loopy's house. They soon learn that being a child isn't as simple as it appears.

      Henry & June Theme Henry & June: A security guard is out of work actor (John Stamos); makes Henry and June nervous about their own job security.moreless
    • The Kablair! Witch Project


      I Was a Grade School Were-Moth: Todd plans to help Jetcat defeat a villain, but he accidentally gets turned into a moth.

      Action League Now

      A Flesh of Brilliance: Smarty Pants steals all of the world's knowledge so the League puts the rest of it in Flesh'd mind.

      Life with Loopy

      Bargain Hunters From Beyond the Stars: Loopy accidentally sells her father to two aliens.

      Henry & June Theme

      Henry, June, Henry's mom, Mr. Stockdale and Jimmy McGee get stranded in the woods.

    • The Best Of Both Worlds
      Action League Now
      Armageddon Outta Here: A giant meteor called Ammageddon comes down to planet earth that will destroy the world. It is up to the Action League to bounce it back up to the Earth's orbit.
      Prometheus & Bob
      Tape 1
      Life with Loopy
      I (Don't) Believe I Can Fly
      The Shizzagee
      Shiz, the world's last Shizzagee, is captured by a Steve Erwin parody.
      Henry and June Theme
      Henry and June find out about the real world (aka the third Dimension) and try to find out ways to get to the other side to see how the real people live.moreless
    • Going The Extra Mile
      Action League Now
      Tune Up of Terror: Hodgepodge messes up the Action League's car, causing terror.
      Prometheus & Bob
      Tape 406: Pet: Prometheus shows Bob how to take care of a pet by giving him a small wolf cub, and the parent wolves attack Prometheus because of this.
      The Little Freaks
      When the evil-fashioned villain No Face plans to control what the humans wear by releasing starving moths to eat the entire world's clothing, and then force them to wear his jump suits! First he could control what they wear, then what they think, and then, the world would be his! Fortunately, The Little Freaks are here to stop No Face in his tracks!
      They Might Be Giants - Doctor Worm
      A wannabe-doctor who happens to be a worm sings a cute little song.
      Henry & June Theme
      Fan Appreciation Day: "Weird Ryan from school" rigged the selection, obnoxious, stealing souvenirs, etc.moreless
    • Under New Management

      Action League Now
      What's Eating the Flesh?: A mutant guinea pig has a virus that if you touch it's fur than you will get separated from you're body parts by the virus. The Flesh rides the guinea pig around and catches the virus. The virus eats away at The Flesh's body parts. Can The Action League stay away from The Flesh until they find a cure?
      Prometheus & Bob
      Tape 677: Evolution Chamber
      Stewy the Dogboy
      Basically the same as Teacher's Pet's pilot.
      Why Does the Sun Shine?
      Music by They Might Be Giants.
      Henry & June theme
      Stockdale wanders in to fire someone - Mr. Foot!

    • Sasquatch-ercise
      Episode 4

      Action League Now
      The Naked and the Dumb: The Flesh fails his license renewing test and is fired so the Action League tries to make the Flesh take the test again.
      Prometheus & Bob
      Tape 404: Softball: Bob plays softball.
      Life with Loopy
      Alternative Hamsters: Larry uses Loopy's hamster Edison in an energy project, but when Edison eats some growth pellets, Loopy faces a BIG problem.
      Emmett Freedy: Everyone thinks Emmett has lice when he really has a piece of cereal on his head.
      Henry & June theme
      Henry and June are couch potatoes (overweight with no energy), Henry calls Richard Simmons to get them ready for a physical fitness test.

    • In It To Win It
      In It To Win It
      Episode 3

      Action League Now
      Chickie Chickie Bang Bang: The Mayor releases hungry chicks around town so they can defeat the Action League. Can the Mayor keep these chicks under control?
      Prometheus & Bob
      Tape 412: Magnetism
      Life with Loopy
      Time's Up: Loopy creates a remote that can control time, but she soon gets in trouble for this.
      Garbage Boy
      Garbage Boy uses garbage to create his own pet.
      Henry and June Theme
      New set with windows (for fans to watch the show taping) doesn't work out.

    • Takes A Knockin' And Keeps Tick-Tockin'
      Action League Now
      Winds of Evil: The Mayor starts chaos again when he gets a fan and starts blowing it at everyone. The only thing he can't knock down is Stinky Diver's house which is in a toilet. The only way The Action League can survive is by going in the disgusting toilet.
      Prometheus & Bob
      Tape 400: IQ Test
      Life with Loopy
      Mister Macho: Larry becomes very muscular in order to teach his least favorite beach bully a lesson.
      Fuzzball breaks her father's trophy.
      Henry & June Theme
      Henry has a series of accidents, which turn out to have been arranged by Stockdale, because they get laughs! Even when the accidents happen to Henry and June's robot replacements.moreless
    • A Nut In Every Bite!
      Race Rabbit
      Dog/Prince/Ham (Not Separate Episodes): Race Rabbit must save the Prince from an outlaw Dingo.
      Action League Now
      Yurplastic Park: Dinosaurs are released at Yurplastic Park and The Action League must stop them from destroying the town.
      Prometheus & Bob
      Tape 402: Exercise
      Life with Loopy
      Good Food Gone Bad - Loopy saves her favorite milk carton from going bad.
      Henry & June Theme
      Henry's Girlfriend: Old network executive (Stockdale) brings his granddaughter Dawn to the show (on break from school in Switzerland), Henry is in love!moreless
    • Just Chillin'

      Race Rabbit
      Action League Now!
      Fatter: The Chief insults a gypsy because he doesn't believe in fortune-telling, so the gypsy puts a curse on him, causing the Chief to get extremely overweight.
      Son of Hercules
      A pre-teen boy whose dad is the famous Greek legend Hercules is embarrassed by his father's destructive antics.
      Henry & June Theme
      The two kids want to make the show more action-packed to get higher ratings, but they go overbudget and are temporarily reduced to just being Popsicle stick puppets.

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