Season 4 Episode 6

Going The Extra Mile

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 25, 1999 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Henry and June are having a contest winner come on to the show. Unfortunately for them, the winner is Ryan, a weird kid from their school. He tries to turn the page, but rips it. June turns the rest of the page to "Action League Now!"

Hodgepodge sabotaged the Action League's truck. When Meltman asks to drive it, things go out of control and everyone blames him for messing it up. The rest of the Action League and the Chief drive in the truck to find Hodgepodge, leaving Meltman out of the mission. Bill the Lab Guy comes to Meltman and tells him that Hodgepodge sabotaged the truck. They go on Bill's go-kart to find Hodgepodge. Meanwhile, with the rest of the Action League and the Chief, the truck is spinning out of control. They find Hodgepodge and realized that he's doing it. He makes them drive straight into a truck. Is this the end?

Ryan shows the KaBlam! viewers some home videos of Henry and June when they were little. They include June walking in her diapers, and Henry getting kicked by a cow, due to him pulling his tail. Henry and June try to make him leave, but he reminds them that the ad said the winner could stay for the whole show. Unhappily, June turns the page to "Prometheus and Bob."

Prometheus gets Bob a wolf cub. He tries to teach him how to take care of it. But the Monkey becomes attached to the wolf cub. After many mistakes, the Monkey had called the cub's parents and they came and scared Prometheus into a tree, the Monkey was seen cuddling the cub, and the Bob was playing fetch.

Meltman and Bill come on the go-kart and hit Hodgepodge. The Action League and the Chief drive their way out of the truck. The truck runs over Hodgepodge instead.
The Chief tells Meltman he can drive any time he wanted, but Meltman accidentally runs over the rest of the Action League and the Chief.

Ryan has taken the place of the director and this annoys Henry and June. Ryan makes a whole bunch of signs appear on the screen saying "Henry and June rule!!!" June turns the page to "The Little Freaks."

A villain named No Face sends out starving moths and they eat everyone's clothes. He wants to make everyone wear jumpsuits. The Little Freaks slingshot themselves to No Face. But Dubs didn't make it, he was thrown into an old lady's ("disco queen") home. The lady gives him a disco ball. Dubs goes to No Face and starts up the disco ball, making all the moths want to dance instead of eat people's clothes. The Little Freaks stop No Face and save the town.

Ryan starts to take stuff from the set. Henry and June try to stop him, but he reminds them that the ad said he could have some souvenirs. June finds all the submissions to the contest and finds out that all of the names were Ryan's. She tells this to Henry. Henry then turns the page to a new music video called "Dr. Worm" by "They Might Be Giants."

The music video is about a worm who tries to get better at playing the drums and who tries to get a group of kids play the song with him. He makes quite a success with both things.

Henry and June show Ryan a tape of when he put a whole bunch of submissions of his name in the contest box. Mr. Foot then throws him in a trunk of a car and speeds off. Henry and June then say their goodbyes.
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