Season 1 Episode 5

It's Flavorific

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1996 on Nickelodeon
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It's Flavorific
Aired on Nicktoons: Yes
Henry & June Theme
Henry & June read fan mail, June races a chair and thinks up of a cool superhero, Henry and June try on different helmets, and June is tricked into turning the last page.
Sniz and Fondue
Sniz performs dangerous stunts on a motorcycle.
Action League NOW!
It's up to Thundergirl to save two kidnapped kids. Unfortunately, the Mayor causes her to lose her ability to fly.
Prometheus and Bob
Tape 25: Clothing/Tape 17: Wheel
Life with Loopy
Loopy tries to stop her dad's bills from coming in the mail.moreless

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      • Henry: Bye kablamoids.
        June: Bye? Hey, you tricked me.
        Henry: That's right.
        June: I'm gonna cream you like corn, Henry.
        Henry: June, no, put that down. Help!

      • Loopy: (Dressed up as a zombie while the house looks like a haunted house) Go back. Go back. Leave this evil place at once, or suffer the curse of (Takes her head off) the living dead.
        Mailman: Soon as I get your signature on this pal.

      • Loopy: (Singing) Hey there friendly mailman, there's something I got to say. You're such a lovely person-
        Mailman: Mostly bills today.
        Loopy: Grouch bag.

      • June: (Puts her head in a jar) Look, I am jar head.
        Henry: (Puts a sheep on his head) Sheep head.
        June: (Puts a piano on her head) Piano head! (Throws the piano up, but it falls back down on her) Oh, that was not very smart.

      • Stinky Diver: (Sees the kids torturing the Mayor) Looks like we're just in time, to save the Mayor.

      • The Mayor: (Hears Thunder Girl singing) What the? (One of the kids steals his arm) Hey, give me my arm back.

      • Chief: (After finding out that Thunder Girl can't fly) Blast it. The mayor knows that without Thunder Girl, we've got as much chance as a dogsled at a demolition derby.

      • Chief: Thunder Girl, report!
        Thunder Girl: I was squirted with an evil liquid, and crashed!
        Stinky: She was probably singing that stupid song again.
        Meltman: Evil liquid?! What fiend would do such a thing? (gets hit by a flying brick with a note)
        Flesh: Maybe the guy who threw that brick.
        Thunder Girl: Look! It's some kind of message.
        Chief: (reads note) "Dear Action Morons, I've got the kids, and unless you deliver $2.3 Jillion to my eagle landing estate by 3:00, they will suffer a nasty end. Diabolically yours, the Mayor." Blast it!
        Stinky: Don't look at me. I didn't vote for him.

      • June: (on her motorcycle) Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

      • Henry: Remember motor heads, don't try this at home. June is a professional comic book character.

      • Fondue: You'll never believe this! (Hands a bandaged Sniz a newspaper with his picture in it)
        Sniz: Oh Fondue, I'm famous. Hold me. (Fondue goes to hug him) Ow, other side, other side.

      • Reporter: Any final words to your shallow and uncaring fans?
        Sniz: Yes, I rule!

      • Fondue: I just want to say, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.
        Crowd: Boo!
        Fondue: You people don't care if Sniz mutilates himself. This is sheer exploitation.
        Merchant: Stunt bike Sniz shirts and caps here. Shirts and caps.
        Fondue: Ooh, got that in a medium?

      • Snuppa: The second Sniz becomes famous, he's got to buy us all new beds.
        Fondue: And new doors, he used them all for this idiotic ramp.

      • Fondue: You stupid show off. What's next? Maybe you want to jump our house?
        Sniz: Oh Fondue! You're the meaning in my life, you're the inspiration! Hey everybody, I'm going to jump the house!
        Fondue: (While tackling Sniz off the motorcycle) Oh no you're not!

      • Fondue: (About Sniz driving a motorcycle) We can't advocate three tons of vibrating metal death.
        Snuppa: (Videotaping Sniz) Ooh, three tons of vibrating metal death. Thanks Fondue, I needed a title for my documentary.

      • Sniz: I need eight pistons, reverse throttles minimum, and a self cleaning gear shaft.
        Merchant: Uh, what exactly are you talking about?
        Sniz: I'm talking about raw speed baby.

      • Sniz: (Sees a motorcycle) Whoa, snap me down. I do believe I found my road momma, and her name is Gretchen.

      • The Mayor: With Thunder Girl grounded, no one can touch me up here. (Gets kicked in the butt by one of the kids held hostage) Oh, you shouldn't have done that.

      • June: (Reading viewer requests) Here's one. It says: Henry, put your hand over your face.
        Henry: Okay, I'll do it. (Puts hand in front of his face, but June slaps it)
        June: I sent that request in myself.
        Henry: Funny.

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