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  • There's always something worth laughing at

    This show is like a hybrid of a comic book that you watch and variety show of various sketches with each one being unique and special sort of like the Animaniacs. There's hardly anything like it since. Totally a classic. My favorite were the shorts about the Action League. Truly and memorable for the Nickelodeon shows.
  • Best comedy ever

    Love it
  • A pretty decent show

    Looking back on it, I think this show is a bit underrated. It's no masterpiece by any means, but it definitely could be entertaining at times. Plus, it was neat seeing a show use several different styles of animation as part of their shorts.

    Even Henry and June could be funny at times. Ironically, it's a style that I wouldn't mind seeing again on TV. It definitely was one of a kind. Sad it petered out at the end.
  • Okay show

    Kablam is a show that was wasn't just ONE show. It was like multiple short shows put into a show. This show had great cartoons. I had always loved Promethius and Bob and Sniz and other than that the rest of the cartoons just didn't fit my wasn't it wasn't the best Nick had to offer.
  • It's like Robot Chicken

    except it's 90s.
  • Top Shows - The Variety, Meta Cartoon

    Various ep (00)
  • Cartoons and comics are two of my favorite things and now they are combined together for this classic hit

    If there is any show that should make a return on TV with new episodes, Kablam! would be one of the top 5. The show combined 2 of kids favorite things, cartoons and comics and was perfectly executed. The show stars Henry and June, 2 comic characters who show a variety of segments to viewers and do their own segments as well. Henry and June are really funny with the segments they do. They always do wacky and off the wall comedy antics that never failed to make me burst out laughing. The segments themselves are really creative and are just as funny. Action League Now is a parody of Justice League. It follows the group of super heroes who mess up a lot, but end up saving the day anyway. I loved The Flesh, he was not only super strong, and super naked, but super funny as well with his antics. Then there is Life with Loopy. Loopy is a little girl who constantly gets into wild adventures with her brother Larry going along as well. Finally, Prometheus and Bob is about an alien teaching a caveman about how stuff works like plumbing, camping, baseball, and so on. There are many more, but I just wanted to give some of the best segments out to show. Out of all of them, Prometheus and Bob was my favorite. Bob and Prometheus would always get into funny things and they always cracked me up. As for the animation, it varies. Action League Now was live action but did puppet works. Life with Loopy was paper animated. Finally, Prometheus and Bob was clay animated. All the animation and artwork in this show and the segments are supremely well done and is really impressive and has not aged bad at all. My only problem was that the show was never finished and ended on a cliffhanger. The "last" episode was Henry and June were security guards, but in the end, they get their old jobs back. We are even told to come back and see it same Kablam! time, same Kablam! network! and what happens? the show ended. The least Nickelodeon could have done was released the first 4 seasons on DVD as well as the other 2 seasons it was supposed to air as well. Should this show ever come out on DVD, get it ASAP. This show is just hilarious and a great show that should be brought back.
  • Cartoons and comics collide--and it was awesome.

    "Wake up the masses! Assume the crash position. Hold on tight, take a deep breath for a new kind of cartoon show. It's KaBlam! Where cartoons and comics collide."
    -the show's Opening Monologue

    And they did it perfectly. How I loved to sit on my keister all day and watch Kablam...or try, because by the time I tuned in, the show was already over. I had done my reading for the day and watched TV. And who told us that it couldn't be educational and fun at the same time? No one did. Now all we're left with is Dora, Barney, and Spongebob, the three kingpins of "education" nowadays. Education consisting of, "The Knicker-Bocker song", "Say, "burromuerto"! *five minute pause* Good! Say it again!" and, *Annoying laugh* "Let's go to Squidward's house!"
  • While I loved this show as a child and in middle school, I re-watched it, and the magic is...gone

    So, I used to be obessed with this show when I was a little kid, and when I was a preteen. I opened up a freaking forum (closed due to lack of use and spam), made fan videos, and watched it nonstop.

    But a few months ago, I got sick, and watched an episode to kill time, as I wasn't in school, and...this show is extremely nostalgia-filter heavy.

    Henry and June were cute, but they were also pretty undeveloped, and June's constant switching of personalities got old. It's like she's freaking Lola Bunny, but backwards (Instead of being a smart mary-sue (Space Jam) to a brat (Baby Looney Tunes) to a ditz (the Looney Tunes Show), she's been a ditz (season one) to hyper and eccentric (season two) to bratty (season three) to being the only sane person (Season four). Henry was kind of...bland. His only real traits were that he was either the only sane man until June took over, the moron, the narcissist, and the show's punching bag. The animation was also very choppy, but I'll handwave that, since it's one of the earliest shows to use flash, and it was still new at the point. Also, while their constant `90s refrences are nostalgic, if it was rerun and a kid born in say, 2001 saw it, they'd be confused. The idea of them being "animated actors" was okay, but I perfered the way they did it in Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. The storylines weren't really "up there" with the other Nick shows at the time. Also, whenever a "sweet" moment was put in Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, or Doug, it would be really sweet. In KaBlam!, whenever they have one, it's usually sacchrine or not even played strait.

    Sniz & Fondue was pretty good. I wish it was picked up for a TV show. Plus Sniz and Fondue are so cute. Hey, they're ferrets! And geeks!

    Action League Now! was pretty good, too, but the TV show was unecessary, as it only used previous episodes. To me, the mid-season one ALN episodes were the best ones.

    Prometheus and Bob was funny the first time, and then got extremely formulatic (even moreso than seasons 10 and onward of Pokemon). They didn't even play with it like Phineas and Ferb. It was all: Prometheus tries to teach Bob something. Bob doesn't get it. Monkey makes it worse. Abort plan.

    Life with Loopy was another short that deserved it's own series, and was the launch of Danielle Judovits' voice acting career (Naruto, Wolverine and the X-Men, Hey Arnold!). The only real flaws it had were that the animation was really cheap, as you could see all the strings and everything controlling the puppets (this may or may not have been intentional, and remember that Nickelodeon's a pretty cheap company to begin with), and it could be downright FRIGHTNING at times.

    The Off-Beats was pretty good, but extremely short-lived. I really like Mo Willem's work (I know him), so it's no surprise that I loved this. From the adorkable characters to the jazzy background music (I love jazz), this was a winner.

    The one-shot shorts usually sucked, with a few exceptions. One of them, "Patch Head", was suppossed to go on longer, but Nickelodeon hated it.

    Now, I'm not saying KaBlam! is a BAD show, but it's definetly not up-there, and probably not worthy of a DVD release, like Doug or Rugrats (Really Nickelodeon, those two are going to be 21 in August). I have fond memories of watching it, but it couldn't stand the test of time.

    Final grade: C
  • This show rules! Kablam!!!! This show is funny in all its ways, it's so awesome!


    This show is about guys who go in a comic world, and do stuff in there, and do some fun stuff like go in a science lab and one of the guys catch the other guy having it. This show is much better than those crappy shows like iCarly, victorious, big time rush, f*****-boy and *** ***, and mighty B.

    My rating: 10

  • A show about two kids in a comic book. Wow.

    If you actually go back and watch some of the episodes of this show or catch it on Nicktoons, youll realize that this show had nothing special about it. It was an assortment of half-bit shows that couldnt make it to television alone, so they all grouped up and they made Kablam! so they could air all the shows that couldnt make it on there own. They gave the show two, very stupid hosts in my opinion, kids trying to be funny. I never found the show funny, and the only thing I was ever interested in the show was Prometheus and Bob and Sniz and Fondue. The other shows they ever showed helped me along with understanding why they needed Kablam to get on TV. Most of them I couldve made myself with sock puppets and alot of time on my hands. You would honestly, have to be brain dead to truly enjoy this in todays world. It tried to act adult, but still falling short being that it was a kids show it turned out to be one of those shows that fails misrebly.
    Theres a reason its cancelled folks, I havent shed tears or lost sleep over it either. If your bored, this still isnt worth it.
  • Just a another stupid show

    All this show is a comic book style series made up of several different styles of animation, ranging from liveaction, claymation and stop motion all done in shorts. KaBlam! aired on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2000. Everything is from Nickelondeon which now they don't have any good shows. Good thing this show is now over maybe they're come up with something good to replace it.
  • Nothing!

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  • a really great show!

    man, i miss this show soo much! kablam was awsome! i'm sad that nick took it off
    =( the kids of this generation dont know what they're missin'. at least i found a website where i can watch it all the time. every short was hilarious!! i'd be sad whenever it went off & then be excited when it came on. my fav short would hav to be Sniz & Foundue(sp?). it was a one-of-a-kind show! this show's wayyyy better than the crap that's on nick now. all of the characters on this show were absolutely hilarious!=] Kablam! pwns!! l8r
  • "Classification final, a 10 out of 10", that was the comment I used to hear when I was a boy. Kablam! was the greatest show i've seen thus far in my life, along with Everybody hates chris and the simpsons.

    "Classification final, a 10 out of 10", that was the comment I used to hear when I was a boy. Kablam! was the greatest show i've seen thus far in my life, along with Everybody hates chris and the simpsons. A decent show it was until 'The adventures of Jimmy Nuetron' arrived. The show was AUFUL when it started, compared to Kablam!.'The adventures of Jimmy Nuetron' did put people to make them to change the channel. That's not the point but I was tring to say is that why did Nickalodion took Kablam! off air? The truth is out on wikipedia, the free encyclopedia in the internet.
  • Kablam is Ka-rific!

    Henry and June grabbed my attention when I was young. They provide some of the strangest cartoon sketches ever made on television. Sniz and Fondue have some funny puns and trademark phrases. Action League Now are in the same stop-motion animation comparing to any clay animation. Promethus and Bob are quite edifying. Life with Loopie is better than Life with Louie. A comic book come to life? That's rare!

    Please bring them back so my life with Kablam will be complete. Henry and June should return to Nickelodeon. Nothing can replace these two hair-colored characters. Who would want to replace them?
  • kablam a really big cartoon classic back in the good old days of nick

    the cartoon show kablam was show that was about henry and june they were the host of the show that showed about 7 diffrent kinds of animation it was a really cool show that i miss watching and it had alot of cool moments with like monster like charters destroying things and other stuff and to show that many diffrent kinds was cool. and it hought this was show that is from the good old days when nick was on top of things. i loved watching this show when i was in elemenry school and this is why i gave the show 8
  • One of Nick's best shows....

    Kablam is my second-favorite Nicktoon, (with Rocko's Modern Life being my first!) Kablam was a show I could never get bored with. I also like how its not a plain-old cartoon; it had like 4 or 5 different cartoons in one 30 minute show! My favorite would have to be Sniz and Fondue. It was a crazy and funny sketch with very good animation, characters, and storylines. Life With Loopy was pretty good, too. They should come out with a Kablam DVD, or put it back on Nicktoons Network, along with all the other 90's Nicktoons back on there! :)
  • The Best Show nick ever had.

    Kablam!, - Kablam! was one of the best shows Nickeldeon ever had on it's network. This show was very funny and brought forth an interesting sort of characters. The show was about a comic with two kids living in side of it. They were named Henry and June to kids having fun on the fake set of the comic book. As the flipped pages to a short feature that week. One short that always appeared was Action League Now. A very funny spoof on a team of superheroes. To life with loopy to the off beats to the alien and the caveman. The show was very funny and a great loss to the nickeldeon network.
  • Very good.

    This show is not one of my favorites,but it's awesome.It's got a load of shows that are pretty cool like the tight Action League Now show.The animation looks tight since it looks like that they are made out of chalk.I say this show is pretty good and another of those fine shows that is not one of my favorite shows.I have Hey Arnold,Rocko's Modern Life and Action League Now.All of those shows including this one is one of them.I give this show the same grade:a B because it was not horrible and it was fine to me on Nickelodeon too.
  • I loved this show the whole time it was out, It will be missed.

    Where do I begin? The mix of Mini-cartoons was brilliant. Action league had to be my favourite, and Loopy wasn't so bad either. I feel bad for kids of todays generation, they don't understand what a great mix there missing. The show consisted of two young boy's in a cartoon form rolling clips of different Mini-cartoons throughout one single show. Almost like Cartoon Networks "Fridays". I see no good reason to cancel this awesome show, but everything must come to an end, unfortunately for this show, It came to soon :[ (well for me anyways :p)
    Kablma ftw! - Pirate Chower!
  • The best show that entered Nickelodeon.

    KaBlam! was the best show around back in the 1990s. It had everything that a cartoon/variety show needed. Every segment was perfect, Henry and June, Sniz and Fondue, Action League Now!, all of them. I watched KaBlam! just when I was a little kid and I loved it a lot and today I still do. I miss the show and wish it'd air again. I don't see how anyone who was a fan couldn't miss this show. I can't say it enough on how perfect and awesome this show is. This show is just amazing. It deserves a perfect 10/10.
  • Perfect

    Kablam is probably one of the one of the best cartoons ever made. Its unique style of story lines makes it very addicting. Its star or hosts or basic part of the show stars Henry and June. Their comedic ways are very funny. Some of the mini parts of the episodes include Action League Now, Prometheus and Bob, and Life with Loopy. Action League Now is my favorite. It stars real life action figures controlled by strings. I think Kablam should be brought back because it was very funny had good mini shows. The main story line was also very good.
  • A show with a few great shorts and the greatest hosts ever.

    I miss this show a lot! It was one of the shows where I would stay up late to see. I've watched this show since I was born. Sniz & Fondue and Life with Loopy were 2 of my favorites. Sniz & Fondue: ferret brothers that go through life getting in trouble (mostly because of Sniz). Life with Loopy: Paper animation that was about an older brother having to deal with his little sister, Loopy and her imagination. My absolute favorite was Prometheus and Bob: a short about an alien trying to teach a cave man different events and a monkey that usually messed everything up.
  • A few shows in 1. Action League NOW is about 5 superheroes and 1's crazy antics get the team in trouble and only 1 surviving can help. Sniz & Fondue: two brothers Fondue is the one always getting in trouble with his brother Sniz to take car

    The only reason why to bring it back is because of its just to funny. You get varieties of AWESOME! shows like Action League NOW, Life with Loopy, Sniz & Fondue. Just the best show on Nick until Back at the barnyard came. Back to KABLAM. I have wondered what it would be like to bring it back for about another 2 to 3 years. I remember coming home from school sitting on the couch watching a new episode of KABLAM. I laughed about every minute of 20 minutes. KABLAM is on youtube but they have been found by youtube's copyright of some channel thats not even Nick.

  • An old Nicktoons classic

    I miss this show alot.I remember when I first got Nicktons 5 years ago,I watched it.I used to watch it on Nick just before it got canceled.This show got canceled to quickly.It should have lasted a couple of more years.Nicktoons does not even air it.C'mon Nicktoons,bring it back!I also miss the old shorts such as Life with Loopy and Action League.I also liked Henry and June.It was a great ide to make it like a comic book.I enjoyed this show alot.This show was great,and it should have lasted more seasons.I never even see it anymore.It is truly one of Nick's classic shows.
  • Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's KaBlam! Man, I still remember the theme song.

    This show was totally awesome! I remember watching it with my older sister when I was like four years old. I always danced to the theme song and the end credits. I always loved that brassy tune. Anyway, KaBlam! was about two kids, Henry and June, who were the hosts and they were inside a comic book always having thier little moments, then turning the page to a cartoon short/skit. It sounds really stupid, BUT IT ISN'T! It's really funny. My favorite skits were Henry and June's moments, and Prometheus and Bob. Man, those were so hilarious. But sadly, this show was cancelled, ending with a great four year run. (R.I.P. KaBlam!
  • Awesome Show dont know why it was cancelled in both Nick and Nicktoons.

    Kablam was an Awesome show truly one of my favorite Good Nick shows though nowadays Nick is run by some Moron who comes up with Bad Show Ideas such as The Naked Brothers Band and whatnot but I digress. Henry and June were funny and all the Shorts on the Show I liked such as Stevie the Dog which later became Teachers Pet. The one I liked the most was Action League Now which made me Laugh my A** off and Promethius and Bob was awesomely Funny I really wish they would release it on DVD.
  • Kablam for ever!

    Kablam! is about henrey and june as they to crazy antics and host the show.Kablam! shows range from claymation to regular animation the shows that i remember are:

    Promethius and Bon: an alien tries to educate a caveman

    Life with Loopy: A boy's younger sister does strange things and they both fix it.

    Action League NOW!: About action figures who fight crime
    The flesh:A naked action figure(strong)
    Lighting girl:simaler to the "flash" but flies
    Stinky Diaper:HE smells really bad!
    Melt Man:With the power to...Melt!

    Thats all i canrmember of this show but this show was part of nick when nick made awsome shows and not crap like today!
  • Awesome! Bring it BACK!!!!!!!

    I used to love this show sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    much! I wish they would bring it back! Much better than what they have nowadays! I saw it on Nicktoons, but now they are not shoing it again. It's alot better than crap like Martin Mystery, 6teen, and My dad the rock star.
    I still wish I knew why all our shows are going away.

    But anyways, Henry and June were funny. June was really my favorite character in Kablam. I also liked shows like Life with Loopy and Prometheus and Bob.

    And the animation was also cool. I like the theme of a show that has comic books and cartoon colliding together.
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