Season 2 Episode 11

Tastes Like Paper

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 19, 1997 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

June tells us about the new Director of Research and how he's been making some new "tweaks" to the show. Some of the changes include Henry being put in a ladybug costume and June being put in a fluffy, woodland creature costume. June is not happy about this, but Henry just turns the page to "Sniz and Fondue."

Sniz tries some of Fondue's shrimp cocktail and loves it. But Sniz soon becomes obsessed with it and demands Fondue to make it. Fondue, being pushed over the limit, yells at Sniz and tells him he isn't going to make any more shrimp cocktail. Sniz, upset, goes out to find some shrimp cocktail, and he does, but the shrimp cocktail was bad and Sniz ends up in the hospital. Fondue visits him. To apologize, Fondue brings over shrimp cocktail for Sniz, but Sniz pukes.

While they're still in they're costumes, June is still upset about the director of research's "tweaks." Henry tries to tell her it can be good. June agrees, but still doesn't like it. Henry shows us that the director of research wanted a live band. June and Henry think this is good, until a marching band comes by, running them over. June is very angry with Henry. Then, a member of the marching band turns the page to "Action League Now!"

The Chief leaves his house to go for a drive. But then, Bill the Lab Guy gets crushed with a toolbox dropped by a villian named Hodgepodge, who steals Bill's voice box. Hodgepodge tricks each member of the Action League into a trap. Thunder Girl and Melt Man get wood collapsed on them, Flesh is crushed by a punching bag and Stinky Diver's toilet gets invaded by toilet cleaner. Hodgepodge kidnaps all of them and gets ready to crush them by closing a garage door on them. (But it's the garage door to The Chief) The Chief comes home and opens the garage door and runs over Hodgepodge. (He doesn't notice it though) And since he didn't notice any of it, he closes his garage door, accidentally crushing the Action League.

Henry and June are now enjoying the new director of research's "tweaks" because now they're superheroes. The director of research wanted more pumped-up action. Henry and June love it until a UFO appears and shoots a laser at them, turning them into dust. An alien comes out from the UFO and turns the page to "Prometheus and Bob."

Prometheus is trying to teach Bob how to row a canoe. After many mess ups,(Because of the Monkey) Prometheus and Bob end up accidentally destroying Prometheus's space ship.

Henry and June (in their regular clothes), are sitting at a table and are very unenthusiastic about "KaBlam!" because of the "tweaks." Henry tells June the director of research wants them to arm wrestle. They start to, but then realize that the table they're sitting at is on a board that's across a gap with a river full of snapping alligators, a UFO is above them shooting a laser at them, and the marching band is coming, about to run them over. June yells "Cut!" and takes Henry to go see the new director of research. They find out it's the Mayor from "Action League Now!" June asks him why he's been putting her and Henry through their "torture." The Mayor says because he wanted to turn the page. June says he can turn the page as long as he leaves her and Henry alone. He agrees and turns the page to "Life with Loopy."

Larry tells us a story when he had the flu. Loopy had asked how he got it and her mother tells her he has the "flu bug." Loopy refers this is an insect who carries and passes the flu. She goes out to find it. She saw some strange creature go down a sewer pipe. She followed it down the sewer and realizes it's the Flu Bug. She talked to it. Loopy tells it to take a vacation. The Flu Bug agrees. The next day Larry wasn't sick anymore and Loopy received a postcard from the Flu Bug and a present that holds the flu, which gave Loopy the flu. Larry ends his story.

The Mayor starts to tap dance to some music that Mr. Foot is playing. June tells Henry that they've got to do something since the Mayor is ruining the show. Henry blows a whistle and the marching band comes by, running the Mayor over. Henry and June say their goodbyes and end the show.

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