Season 4 Episode 8

The Kablair! Witch Project

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2000 on Nickelodeon
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The Kablair! Witch Project


I Was a Grade School Were-Moth: Todd plans to help Jetcat defeat a villain, but he accidentally gets turned into a moth.

Action League Now

A Flesh of Brilliance: Smarty Pants steals all of the world's knowledge so the League puts the rest of it in Flesh'd mind.

Life with Loopy

Bargain Hunters From Beyond the Stars: Loopy accidentally sells her father to two aliens.

Henry & June Theme

Henry, June, Henry's mom, Mr. Stockdale and Jimmy McGee get stranded in the woods.


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  • Not like any other ep.’s they’ve had. Camping? That’s a first! It’s completely an original.

    Now, I’ve seen A LOT of episodes of Kablam!, and none of them are like this! Completely original. I’ve never seen Henry and June camp…...along with their boss, Jimmy McGee and Henry’s MOM. Kablam never makes any episodes alike, and that’s why this show is one of a kind. Period.
Billy West

Billy West

voice of Various Characters

Noah Segan

Noah Segan

voice of Henry

Julia McIlvaine

Julia McIlvaine

voice of June

Burt Pence

Burt Pence

voice of Announcer

Scott Paulsen

Scott Paulsen

voice of Meltman

Jim Krenn

Jim Krenn

voice of Stinky Diver/Flesh/Narrator/Mayor

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    • (The group is lost in the woods; Mr. Stockdale's cell phone rings, he answers it)
      Mr. Stockdale: I'm in a meeting! (Throws it a rock and it breaks) Darn thing. Always going off at the worst possible time. (Everyone stares at it as it sets on fire)
      Henry and June: Mr. Stockdale! We could've been rescued.
      Mr. Stockdale: Rescued? Are we lost or something?

    • (Planning to buy a washing machine)
      Loopy: I'll take that one.
      Man: A fine choice, madam. Will you be paying by debit or major credit card?
      Loopy: Uh, how about a Junior Membership to the yo-yo club? (Gets kicked out of the store, she huffs) Guess he's not a big yo-yo fan.

    • Flesh: You strike me as a sporting man. May I propose a wager? If I win, you set us all free.
      Smarty Pants: And if I win, all the knowledge is mine! You're on, Mr., uh...
      Flesh: Dr., Dr. The Flesh.

    • Todd: Nice going! How often do I get to be a cool giant moth? Next time don't be so quick to spoil my fun.
      Melanie: Fun? You were about to cremate yourself.
      Todd: Oh yeah, that. But I could've been your sidekick Moth Boy!
      Melanie: My mindless, useless sidekick Moth Boy.

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