Season 4 Episode 8

The Kablair! Witch Project

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2000 on Nickelodeon



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    • (The group is lost in the woods; Mr. Stockdale's cell phone rings, he answers it)
      Mr. Stockdale: I'm in a meeting! (Throws it a rock and it breaks) Darn thing. Always going off at the worst possible time. (Everyone stares at it as it sets on fire)
      Henry and June: Mr. Stockdale! We could've been rescued.
      Mr. Stockdale: Rescued? Are we lost or something?

    • (Planning to buy a washing machine)
      Loopy: I'll take that one.
      Man: A fine choice, madam. Will you be paying by debit or major credit card?
      Loopy: Uh, how about a Junior Membership to the yo-yo club? (Gets kicked out of the store, she huffs) Guess he's not a big yo-yo fan.

    • Flesh: You strike me as a sporting man. May I propose a wager? If I win, you set us all free.
      Smarty Pants: And if I win, all the knowledge is mine! You're on, Mr., uh...
      Flesh: Dr., Dr. The Flesh.

    • Todd: Nice going! How often do I get to be a cool giant moth? Next time don't be so quick to spoil my fun.
      Melanie: Fun? You were about to cremate yourself.
      Todd: Oh yeah, that. But I could've been your sidekick Moth Boy!
      Melanie: My mindless, useless sidekick Moth Boy.

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