Season 1 Episode 11

What The Astronauts Drink

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 1996 on Nickelodeon



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    • Henry: That was really cheap.
      June: In space, no one can hear you whine, Henroid.

    • Loopy: (To Larry, in front of a lassoed Moon) Hey, grab your moon shoes space cowboy, I got a surprise for ya.

    • Larry: Loopy, you can't lasso the moon, it's two hundred and fifty thousand miles away.
      Loopy: You're right, I'm gonna need a longer clothesline.

    • Henry: I think June just went where no cartoon character has gone before, in her pants!
      June: I did not!

    • The Mayor: (About Justice the dog) Curses, tinkled again.
      The Flesh: Gollers, that is a lot of thrust.

    • The Chief: Justice, my poor little puppy wuppy.
      Stinky Diver: He was quite a canine Chief.
      The Flesh: And a good dog too.

    • Meltman: (While falling) I guess if man were meant to fly he wouldn't fall like a sack of batteries.

    • The Mayor: Come on in ladies, the water's fine.
      Lady: But Mayor, we don't have our swimsuits on.
      The Mayor: Neither do I.

    • Thunder Girl: (To Meltman) Leave flying to professionals, lava lips. Now get down from there, this baby's gonna go.
      The Mayor: Correction, blunder girl, this baby's gone. (Launches rocket)

    • The Chief: (About Justice in the rocket) Will you two stop that tomfoolery? My blasted dog is sitting on ten thousand pounds of thrust.
      The Flesh: Gollers, that's a lot of wee wee.

    • The Mayor: The next time Justice tinkles in a hot tub, it'll be on another planet.

    • Narrator: Dateline, Cape Crabgrass, just moments away from a space shot to the farthest reaches of the universe. And as the world looks on with awe struck wonder, the Action League looks…for a little lost doggy woggy.

    • June: This mission impossible is brought to you by (Yelling) Henry's stupid idiot boy stupidity!

    • Sniz: Fondue, you stowed away just like in the movies.

    • Green Alien: Oy, the kid was talking so much garbage, he made forget what these controls do.

    • Yellow Alien: We're looking for a cool mascot for our ship, you know, like a mascot.

    • Sniz: You guys aren't gonna turn me inside out and eat my brain with mayo, are ya?
      Purple Alien: Of course not, we'll use tarter sauce.

    • June: (After falling to the ground and noticing her tooth is chipped) Abort mission, I chipped a tooth.

    • June: (Floating in the air) Hey Henry, did you notice I've lost wait? Like all of it!

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