Season 2 Episode 13

Won't Stick To Most Dental Work

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 02, 1997 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Look Closely: While June is doing her musical number, she is seen swinging on a set of horizontal bars. However her dress does not flap up.

    • This is the first time that it's hinted that June has a crush on Henry.

    • Clips fcrom "All Purpose KaBlam!", "Built for Speed", "Comics of Champions", "A Little Dab'll Do Ya", "Why June Refuses To Turn Page?", "Not Just for People Anymore", "Resistance is Futile", "Your Real Best Friend", and "You've Tried the Rest! Now Try the Best!" were seen in this episode.

    • Bob looks a little pale in Prometheus and Bob

    • Henry and June run through several panels, but we saw a few minutes before how many panels there were between them. There was only one!

    • When one of the characters of Sniz & Fondue knocks "the cursed doll" with a paint bucket, none of the paint spills.

  • Quotes

    • Loopy: Boy, this glamour thing is a pain in the thorax.

    • Mom: My baby's a butterfly. What are we going to do?
      Dad: I'll get the camcorder.

    • Larry: Hey squirt, what's the small idea.
      Loopy: Making a cocoon. It's my shortcut to stylishness. Smell you in a week booger breath.

    • Loopy: Mom, when am I going to start looking beautiful and glamorous?
      Larry: When everyone else starts looking really ugly.

    • Chief: Amazing what a difference a clean diaper can make.
      The Flesh: (Wearing a diaper) Boy, I'll say.

    • Stinky Diver: (Going to change Big Baby's diaper) I've heard of doing one's duty, but this is revolting.

    • Meltman: Who can think with that stench?
      The Flesh: Really, who wafted one?

    • Bill: My precious Corky, my little lab assistant. She was all I had, and she worked for free.

    • Stinky Diver: Hey, you Big Baby mutant! Time to learn your first words, Bye Bye.

    • Mom: More wholesome milk, dear?
      Daughter: Mom, you know I'm lactose intolerant.

    • Stinky Diver: Smash it, crush it, destroy it.
      Bill: No, Big Baby is a rare creature to be studied, not destroyed. Let us use reason, not violence.
      Chief: Say um, Bill, there's something we've been meaning to tell you.
      Thunder Girl: Uh yeah, Big Baby sort of grabbed your daughter Quarkey and ran off with her.
      Bill: That thing has my daughter, ah! Smash it, crush it, destroy it.

    • Stinky Diver: (To Big Baby) Come on, you want a piece of me? (Big Baby gets closer) You've got to catch me first. (Runs away)

    • Thunder Girl: (About Big Baby) Aww, it's a witsy, bitsy, baby.
      Stinky Diver: Blimme, it's a grotesque parody of human life.

    • June: (About Henry) Fine, who needs him? I hope he chokes on his Action Fries!

    • Henry: (To June) Can I take a joke? That's all I do is take your jokes!

    • Fondue: I waited all my life for this.
      Sniz: Ooh, you got it all. Cassette, CD, buttons all over the place, and speakers.
      Fondue: And a leather listening recliner.
      Sniz: (Goes to sit down in the recliner) Ooh, kinder on the hinder.

    • Announcer: If you like music, get a pencil right now and we'll tell you how to get one hundred CD's for only a buck.
      Sniz: Ooh! (Runs out of the room for a pencil)
      Announcer: And then you'll only have to buy one hundred more disks at prices we decide.

    • Henry: (June has been mimicking him) That's it. I quit. (Walks off)
      June: Boy, somebody got up on the wrong side of the page today. I'm sure he'll cool off after a little Sniz and Fondue. (Turns the page to "Sniz and Fondue")

    • Henry: Greetings, and thanks for choosing KaBlam! I'm Henry.
      June: (Mimicking Henry) I'm Henry.
      Henry: (Confused) And this would be June.
      June: (Mimicking Henry) And this would be June.
      Henry: That's cute, June.
      June: (Mimicking Henry) That's cute, June. (Henry is annoyed; Then gets an idea)
      Henry: I smell.
      June: You smell. (Laughs)

    • Sniz: Ha! Made ya smile!
      Fondue: No you didn't...

    • Sniz: Who needs a fancy stereo?

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