Season 1 Episode 12

Your Real Best Friend

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 23, 1996 on Nickelodeon
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Your Real Best Friend
Aired on nicktoons Yes
Sniz and Fondue
A Toxic Tail: Sick and tired of Sniz breaking into his room, Fondue gets a scorpion as a "room guard" to keep him out but the scorpion escapes from the cage!
Action League Now!
Road To Ruin: The Mayor is littering and the League chases him to try and stop him.
Life With Loopy
Hi-Fi Frankenstein: Loopy literally creates a new friend, but she soon learns of his plans to take over the world.
Prometheus and Bob
Tape 17: Art/Tape 25: Bowling: Prometheus attempts to teach Bob art and bowling.
Henry and June Theme
Henry and June parachute in at the beginning, Henry is attacked by a black-widow, Henry explains what chuckimation is, Henry and June stuff their faces with melon, and they say the "Pledge of Kablam-legiance" at the very end.moreless

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    Billy West

    Billy West

    voice of Various Characters

    Noah Segan

    Noah Segan

    voice of Henry

    Jim Krenn

    Jim Krenn

    voice of Stinky Diver/Flesh/Narrator/Mayor

    Cris Winter

    Cris Winter

    voice of Thunder Girl

    Burt Pence

    Burt Pence

    voice of Announcer

    Danielle Judovits

    Danielle Judovits

    voice of Loopy

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      • (A black-widow spider has sprung a web on Henry, trapping him)
        June: And this is the part of the show where I, um...what is it I do? (Spider moves toward Henry)
        Henry: You save me from a painful death!
        June: No, that's not it. (Spider gets closer, Henry screams) Now I remember, this is the part where I say, they're plastic, they're spastic, they're fantastic! They're the superheroes of Action League Now! coming up next.
        Henry: June!
        June: Okay, okay, but you better start being nice to me.

      • (The League is freefalling from their car)
        Thunder Girl: Uh, this is my stop. Thunder Girl, away! (Flies out)
        Flesh: I hate it when she does that.

      • Fondue: If Sniz won't stay out of my room, I'll find a way to keep him out!
        Bianca: Huh, that's exactly a billion times he's said that.
        Snuppa: A billion and three, actually.

      • Henry: That's all the time we have for today KaBlamoids.
        June: But before we leave, we've got to say the pledge of KaBlam-legiance.
        Henry: (As they take their heads off and put them over their hearts) Everybody put your head over your heart and repeat after us.
        Henry and June: I pledge allegiance to KaBlam! and the excited snakes of America. (Snakes appear as their heads; they fall down) And to the cartoonists who make us stand, (Hand stands them up) one comic book irreplaceable. Liver-free (They take their livers out of their body) with jet packs for all. (Put their heads back on and put jet packs on and fly off)
        Henry: See ya.
        June: Catch ya later.

    • NOTES (2)

      • The end title sequence was slightly different than the rest of season one. Some differences include the backround being black instead of a colerful pattern, the song had a voice over, instead of showing the logo at the end, it was the part of the theme song going to the logo, and it was longer.

      • This episode was meant to be the first episode of Kablam!, but the show was aired out of order.

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