Season 1 Episode 13

You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 30, 1996 on Nickelodeon
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You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best!
Aired on Nicktoons Yes
Sniz And Fondue
The Borrowers: Sniz and Fondue owe two gangsters two hundred dollars, while the two ferret brothers have their own plans on how to use the money.
Action League Now!
In the Belly of the Beast: In another sinister plan, the Mayor traps the Action League in a vacuum.
Life with Loopy
Mother Nature Bowl-Off: Loopy and Mother Nature play bowling during a storm.
The Offbeats
Robo-Dog, Plays-4-Ever: August buys a robotic canine while his real dog September takes the day off.
Henry & June Theme
June has the giggles, June returns the things she "borrowed" from Henry, Henry and June make tapioca pudding and June erases everything.moreless

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    Billy West

    Billy West

    voice of Various Characters

    Noah Segan

    Noah Segan

    voice of Henry

    Jim Krenn

    Jim Krenn

    voice of Stinky Diver/Flesh/Narrator/Mayor

    Mark Wagner

    Mark Wagner

    voice of Tommy

    Mo Willems

    Mo Willems

    voice of September/Grubby Groo

    Cris Winter

    Cris Winter

    voice of Thunder Girl

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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      • August: Nobody else's dog gets a day off.
        September: It's in my contract.

      • Mother Nature: Why don't you come back when you're all grown up?
        Loopy: Go gargle on a gutter ball.

      • Loopy: (Watches Mother Nature miss the pins) What'd you call that, a natural disaster?
        Mother Nature: Eat an avalanche, kid.

      • Mother Nature: (Knocks the pins down) You shouldn't have messed with me. I'm Mother Nature. I make the sun come up and the pins go down.

      • Mother Nature: I call this my typhoon toss. (Knocks the pins down)
        Loopy: Well, I call this my pastrami on rye. (Knocks the pins down)

      • Mom: (To Loopy about thunder) It's just the sound of Mother Nature bowling, honey.
        Loopy: Bowling, while people are trying to sleep? Now that's not good sportsmanship.

      • Larry: Hi, I'm Larry. This is my sister Loopy and this (Points to the window, revealing that it's raining) is my summer vacation. A total washout.

      • Chief: Why'd you do it Mayor?
        The Mayor: Would you believe I'm a neatnik?

      • The Mayor: (Aiming the vacuum hose at Meltman) Suck it up Meltman, you're going down the tubes.

      • Stinky Diver: (As the vacuum bag fills with toilet paper) Lu paper, robbing us of precious oxygen.
        The Flesh: At least it's squeezably soft.

      • The Mayor: (To Meltman, running on a toilet paper roll) You can run, but you can't wipe.

      • Narrator: We last left our heroes vacuumed sealed in a dusty tomb. Their only hope, the spurned Meltman who takes the kind of action he's famous for.
        Meltman: (Runs away from vacuum) Don't hurt me.
        Narrator: Evasive action.

      • Meltman: Ninety-nine, one-hundred, my final paycheck. Well, I guess I better put this in a safe place. (The money gets sucked up by the vacuum) What the, hey! Give me back my money. I want to see the bank manager.

      • The Flesh: (Gets sucked into the vacuum) Look guys, I found the Chief.
        Chief: You muscle headed moron, don't you get it?
        Stinky Diver: We've all been Hoovered.
        Thunder Girl: And only Meltman can save us.
        Everyone: We're doomed!

      • Meltman: They ditched me. That's it I quit. They won't have Meltman to kick around anymore. (Kicks a soda can but is sprayed backwards)

      • Meltman: (To the rest of the Action League) Okay you creatons, that's enough. The Chief's not here so as senior member, I'm in charge. (Gets knocked down by a paper airplane thrown by The Flesh)
        The Flesh: Yeah, in charge of getting sodas.

      • Chief: (On a date, as Justice the dog tries to warn him about the vacuum hose behind him) Quiet Justice, get your own blasted girlfriend.

      • Henry: (Sees June operating a crane lift that's holding boulders) What's this?
        June: It's your irregularly shaped boulder collection.
        Henry: But I don't have an irregularly shaped boulder collection.
        June: (Releases the boulders on top of Henry) Uh, wanna borrow one?

      • Henry: I didn't let you borrow all of this stuff.
        June: I was just keeping it warm.

      • Sniz: Hey, how about some cruisin' tunes?
        Loan Shark: Sure, why not. Crazy kids and your Rock 'N Roll.

      • Loan Shark: This da way, uh huh, uh huh, I likes it.
        Fondue: (Shuts door) Oh no, oh no.

      • Fondue: The coast is clea- hey! (Sees Sniz putting towels in his briefcase) What are you doing? Put 'em back. We don't steal, they do.
        Sniz: It's hardly stealing, they put so many in your room.

      • (June erases Henry's head)
        Henry: Hey!
        June: Time to disappear! See you next time, Kablamoids!

      • Flesh: Nice going, Melty.
        Stinky Diver: We owe you an apology, mate.
        Thunder Girl: And our lives. You really should be in charge.
        Meltman: You think so?
        Chief: Absolutely. In charge of getting us pizza.

      • Sniz: Well, how was I supposed to know your answer was right?
        Fondue: 'Cause I've seen the film 47 times!

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