Kaichou wa Maid-sama

MBS Premiered Apr 02, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Bespectacled Rabbit at the School Excursion
    • First Year Class 7 Kano Sotaro
    • Idiot and Deliquent and Hero
      Shirakawa's past comes back to haunt him when a cross-dressing Yukimura is mistaken for his girlfriend and kidnapped by a troublesome student at his old middle school. As such Usui and Misaki team up with the Three Idiots in order to rescue Yukimura and in the process Shirakawa's past as the legendary delinquent the 'White Ghost of the Tornado' comes to light.moreless
    • A Maid Even in the Sports Festival
      It is the day off Seika's annual sports festival and as usual Misaki is winning at every event she enters. Some of the guys are not happy with this outcome and one even resorts to cheating in order to win; luckily Usui is on hand to step in and help Misaki out. However, there is still the famed costume race to go and unsurprisingly it s Misaki's least favourite event, especially with Usui teasing her the whole time.moreless
    • Closing in on the Secrets of Usui Takumi!
      After Usui runs into Misaki's mother in the street he ends up helping her out with a few simple chores and gets invited back to her house. Not only is Misaki outraged that Usui now knows even more about her but she realises that she knows next to nothing about his personal life. As such Misaki, Sakura and Shizuko decide to follow him; however Usui quickly realises and decides to have a little fun with them.moreless
    • Sakura`s Love is Indie
      Sakura falls for the lead singer of a local indie group and invites Misaki and Shizuko to a party to meet the band. However, unfortunately for Sakura he ends up ignoring her so that he can try to seduce Misaki. In doing so he ends up breaking Sakura's heart and alienating Misaki who refuses to do anything to hurt her best friend.moreless
    • Even the Peach Boy Becomes a Maid
      Usui prepares a special version of a Japanese folktale for Misaki to listen to while she is napping. In it Misaki is Momotaro who must save the missing women of Seika Village from a mysterious demon. On the way she meets three idiot-like animals, battles the pirate captain Igarashi and joins forces with the very suspicious circus ringmaster, Usui.moreless
    • Misaki, to Miyabigaoka Academy
      After three days of deliberation Misaki visits Miyabigaoka Academy to render her decision on Igarashi's offer. However, Igarashi uses her visit as an opportunity to embarrass, bribe and blackmail her. As such she soon finds herself in real trouble and it is only thanks to Usui's timely arrival that she is saved. Meanwhile, the students of Seika High fear that Misaki will transfer and rush to Miyabigaoka to stop her.moreless
    • Enter Miyabigaoka Academy`s Student Council President
      Misaki is deeply embarrassed about her kiss with Usui and is unsure how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, following a fight between students from Seika and the elite Miyabigaoka Academy Misaki meets Tora Igarashi (Miyabigaoka's student council president). Igarashi soon becomes infatuated with Misaki and offers her a scholarship to attend the prestigious institution. Unfortunately, Igarashi is not the gentleman he first appears to be.moreless
    • Ayuzawa's cram School for Males!
      The first year Inuyama brothers become obsessed with Misaki and her 'way of life'. They start to follow her around wherever she goes, calling themselves her 'pupils'. Unfortunately they are also intent on following Misaki to her part-time job which presents more than a few problems for her. When Misaki's secret is at risk of exposure, Usui makes a very difficult and dangerous choice in order to save her from embarrassment.moreless
    • Take Care Misaki, Stalkers are Here!
      There have been a string of recent stalking incidents against cosplay cafe staff and as such Satsuki urges everyone at Cafe Latte to take extra care. Although Miskai is confident that her skill with Aikido is enough to protect her, Usui is concerned about her safety. Usui's worst fears are soon realised when Misaki is confronted by two armed men but it doesn't take her long to turn the tables and get the drop on them, even though Usui was on his way to save her.moreless
    • Net Idol Aoi-chan
      Satsuki's cross-dressing nephew Aoi Hyodo starts work at Cafe Latte and manages to convince everyone that he is a girl. He immediately takes a keen interest in Usui and sets about trying to win him over. Unfortunately Usui is the only one not fooled by Aoi's act and spurns his advances. Meanwhile, Aoi is also becoming increasingly annoyed at Misaki's unflattering masculine clothes and decides to do something about it.moreless
    • What Color is Misaki? Natural Color?
      Cafe Latte is having a 'Little Sisters' event but Misaki has no real idea how to act like a little sister and becomes increasingly obsessed with learning how. As such she asks everyone from Shizuko and Sakura to Yukimura what it is like to have a normal sibling relationship. Meanwhile, Usui learns that Cafe Latte is also planning a 'Maid Rangers' event and tries to work out which colour suits Misaki's personality the best.moreless
    • A Maid Even at the School Festival
      It is school festival time at Seika High and the theme is to be 'Seika High: Reborn', with the aim of attracting more girls to the school. However, Misaki's reluctance to let the boys of class 2-2 have their choice of activities results in them taking over the classroom and starting a cosplay cafe without permission.moreless
    • Misaki Is a Maid!
      Misaki Ayuzawa is the strict but competent Student Council President of the formerly all-boys school, Seika High. Unfortunately the well-respected president has a secret, she works part-time at a local maid cafe and it isn't long before classmate, Takumi Usui finds out.
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