Kaiser Aluminum Hour

NBC (ended 1957)


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  • Season 1
    • A Passion for Revenge
      A young man is gunning for the businessman who double crossed his father and is responsible for his death.
    • Article #94: Homicide
      A detective is involved in a case of two young attractive office girls found murdered. He has to find the killer and fast or there will be a third victim.
    • The Deadly Silence
      The Deadly Silence
      Episode 23
      Marcus Sandor is a man who has worked his way to success. His two sons are total opposites, Paul is agressive like his father and John is quiet-natured and a serious laboratory scientist. Paul asks his brother John to deliver a package for him. When John reaches the appointed place, the police are waiting to arrest him for passing illegal goods.moreless
    • The Man Who Vanished
      Victor Santo is a World War II frogman, who is approached by the U.S. Navy to take underwater pictures of a foreign ship. He is warned that no publicity can appear about the government's part in it, if he is caught.
    • A Man's Game
      A Man's Game
      Episode 21
      The New York Titans' pennant chances are less than spectacular. Following up a lead, manager Lew Daniels travels to Alabama to look over Chub Evans, a farm boy who has been touted as a future major leaguer. Lew's eyes nearly pop out of his head when he sees Chub warm up with his pretty sister Josephine. It isn't Chub that impresses Lew, it's Jo. She's just about the greatest pitching prospect Lew has ever seen. Lew promptly offers Jo a contract, and Jo is eager to accept. But her fiance, Tom Watts objects to the idea of becoming a bridge playing 'baseball wife'.moreless
    • Murder in the House
      An ex-convict hired by mobsters to kill a college professor to prevent damaging revelations of their activities, encounters a sudden dilemma.
    • The Hollywood Award Winner
      An obscure author wins an award and his life changes overnight.
    • The Story of a Crime
      The police are baffled by the robbery of an industrial firm, a TV commentator announces that he will reveal the thief on his evening interview show. A firm accountant confesses to the crime on the televised interview, but police investigators are not convinced that the case is closed.
    • Whereabouts Unknown
      A young man from San Francisco society is engaged to a proper, retiring and lovely young girl, Louise Marden. During their engagement party Louise suddenly disappears and the search for her begins.
    • So Short a Season
      So Short a Season
      Episode 16
      A pudgy buffoon is the butt of jokes around his hometown even though he is amazingly fast on the draw. When he kills two crooks and the sheriff, things aren't quite so funny anymore.
    • Throw Me a Rope
      Throw Me a Rope
      Episode 15
      A middle-aged man is suddenly assailed by fear when he loses his job and for the first time faces insecurity.
    • A Real Fine Cutting Edge
      Master Sergeant Debb, savage to the point of tyranny bestows Pvt. Gillis with his wrath, in order to give his platoon some backbone.
    • Mother
      Episode 13
      Laura Thatcher has always been a guiding light behind her husband Harland's career. Now that he is successful, she feels unneeded and unwanted. She tries to compensate by finding a young protege.
    • Gwyneth
      Episode 12
      Gwyneth, a beautiful soprano singer divides a close-knit Welsh family and spreads gloom over a small mining town after she becomes the obsession between two brothers, willing to do whatever it takes to win her love.
    • Cracker Money
      Cracker Money
      Episode 11
      An overworked and underpaid high school teacher compromises his principles to earn more money for his hard pressed family.
    • The Rag Jungle
      The Rag Jungle
      Episode 10
      In New York City's garment center, Charlie Correlli, a young garment maker, defies the thugs who demand protection money from clothing manufacturers. Charlie refuses to pay this tribute, and when his father is beaten up by thugs, Charlie fights back by organizing other clothing makers for a showdown with the underworld.moreless
    • The Big Board
      The Big Board
      Episode 9
      An inexperienced runner working at the New York Stock Exchange causes major havoc at the Big Board.
    • Angel's Ransom
      Angel's Ransom
      Episode 8
      Sam Blake is the captain of a luxurious yacht, the Angel, owned by wealthy American playboy Freddy Farr. Just prior to the yacht's sailing, a Belgian baroness claims that Freddy had given it to her, the regular crew is tricked ashore and the boat is hijacked by a trio of gangsters. Kidnapped with the Angel, Blake, Freddy, three guests, and Marian Ellis, unwitting accomplice of the hijackers, are faced with a dangerous ultimatum, assist in the ransoming of the Angel or die.moreless
    • Carnival
      Episode 7
      The theft of some money from a small-time carnival outfit threatens the romance of Kathy Jo and Pauly, two members of the troupe. Kathy Jo loves Pauly, but when he is accused of stealing the money, she must make a difficult decision.
    • Mr. Finchley Versus the Bomb
      Finchley refuses to move from an old ghost town he calls home. The Army has planned to test the atom bomb at the site but Finchley will not budge.
    • Antigone
      Episode 5
      Creon, a powerful ruler is weakened by Antigone, the maiden who wishes to bury her beloved brother. She tells Creon that her brother was not traiterous and in an order to get his body sanctified by holy rites instead of lying unburied on the battlefield as prey for carrion animals, she pleads her case to him.moreless
    • A Fragile Affair
      A Fragile Affair
      Episode 4
      The wife of a delicatessen owner takes a shine to a young man about to enter the army. Her husband eventually suspects the worst, but it really hasn't happened yet. The young man, to the distress of the wife, has been in love with someone else all the time.
    • Roar of the Lion
      Roar of the Lion
      Episode 3
      When Dora and her son Matt move into the ranch home of Mr. Crandall, she finds she has alot more to contend with than Crandall's less than friendly disposition, there are Indians as well.
    • The Man on a White Horse
      When Dan Royal is hired by the town's good citizens to aid them in getting rid of the town villain. He is hired to wear the Sheriff's badge and shoot bad guys in the name of the law, but he proved to be a killer who believed that the gun upheld the law and not the townspeople. The townspeople who asked for a savior are now saddled with a dictator who is more oppressive than the eradicated villain.moreless
    • The Army Game
      The Army Game
      Episode 1
      A young man who's a small-town sports hero is drafted by the Army. His inability to meet the needs of the military, along with his attitude that he's too good for the service, leads to his eventual downfall. When he resorts to faking injuries, his fellow soldiers begin to turn on him.moreless