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  • Kaleido Star is a show about dreams going beyond dreams!!!

    Here I am watching this new show and after watching 2 whole complete seasons I came to one conclusion, I will never get bored watching this show. I find the work and development put into this show to be very inspiring and moving, not just for girls out there, but for boys as well. I find the characters inside very entertaining, especially Sora Naegino who tends to go over the extreme at times (Smile). It goes to show how far dreams and talents can bring you, but Sora has proven that by working hard, and also getting support, you can achieve much more than just a good show. I personally find this show to be very moving and I am kinda disappointed that there is no continuation for this show, it really has great potential and fans across the globe are just begging for more, even to this day!!! If you come across this show, I suggest watching it and enjoying it, since it has a certain appeal to make you smile and blush out of joy. My review for 2012 : A great show, one of the best I ever saw.
  • For the young at heart. Or the hearts that just need to feel young.

    Many people lable this show as a 'Magical Girl' anime. When really, other than the Fool, there is nothing really magical about this show. It's beautiful to watch, and the performance scenes, though short, are eye-candy to the anime lovers brain. It's short enough as to only need one catch-up episode, and each episode [thankfully] leads into eachother for a nice, smooth anime. There is just something magical about this anime. Each quirky character, you just grow fond of more and more. This is truly one of the few girly animes where the main character was my favorite. Which is a major step forward for Shoujo comics and/or animes. This series is short enough to collect, so don't miss out on it.
  • This anime is relly great!!!!

    In kaleido star I find it great because it is basically about sora who gets to find her dream in keleido stage.throughout the series of season 1 the anime have bad moments with sora which can lead in leaving or not to suceed.In the last episode of season I'd never believe that sora and leyla can fly after suceeding the menoever and when leyla said she can't perform in kaleido stage sora broke into tears it effected me because her exclaim of screaming and crying was loud.Leyla came to her telling that when she decide to do it there was going to be a price and she put her faith to her believed that she has what it takes to become a true kaleido star.
  • Kaleido Star is an awesome show that never should have ended.

    Kaleido Star was an amazing show that had a girl going through her teenage years chasing after her dream while meeting obstacles along the way. The show did have a few boring episodes but for the most part was a very entertaining show with alot of good characters and subjects. Kaleido Star showed what could be achieved by believing in oneself and in each other. "The door to the future will open only for those who do not fear what lie beyond it," Fool said. That is a lesson in itself and is the main lesson behind Kaleido Star. Never give up your dreams or you may lose yourself completly. If one doesn't fear the road before them, they can do anything.
  • This show is soo good! It's a light funny and inspirating show.

    They should never have ended this show, though it could kinda get boring... But it is so sweet and it shows us how we should work hard if we really want something, belive in yourself and go, without being afraid, after what your dream. It's like if that show had some magic within it, it really moves me. Sora Nagino (don't know if it is spelled that way) is really good and talented, her problem is that she gets nervous and afraid of things, but when she realises that being afraid won't help her, just working harder will, she does her best and most times succeed in whatever she tryes to do. When she puts something in her head no one gets it off. And for last, she is not afraid of taking risks.
  • Kaleido Star to me was a good anime. Second season was way better.

    I liked watching Kaleido Star. I think it was a good show although i have to admit that the second season to me was better. Still has all the old characters plus some new ones Like Leon and Mae Wong. It's still mainly focused on Sora as she is still following her dreams of being a Kaleido Star. Although in this season she wants to do it without competion. However the people around her won't seem to let it happen. Or can it even be done. If you liked season one i am sure you will like season two.
  • sorry this fllowing review is for anthor show called full metal alchemist i made a dumb mistake and really meant for this to be on anthor show so if you want to read about anthor show go ahead sorry angin about the my dumb computer mess me up lol

    well this show about a 15 year boy named ed and his little bother al on a quest to have the bodies they were born with they live in the world were you do alchemist alchemist is when you make a circle and to a equal trade but when the 2 bother were trying to get thier mom back alive all went wrong and then al is now in a suite of armer and al lost him arm and leg its really good plus the older bother ed works for the army to try to get there info i love this show its a show you cant find every day and over all thank you for reading my review and over all this show rocks
  • It's a story that focus in believing in yourself that you can do anything you want to fulfill your dreams.It shows that you have to try and try to make your dreams come true like Sora.And when you watch you can't miss any episode.

    When you start to see an episode,you can't miss the next one because the story is so interesting! About the characters? Hmmmmmmm..... For me the characters are amazing especialy when they perform. But the best part is when you see a amazing show when the characters perform a amazing one. Because when you see one (especialy the amazing trick and the angel skill),you can feel that your their watching the show. The feeling that you think they are near you. So I guess I can't miss Sora, Layla, Mae, Roceta, Leon, Ana, Mia and all the characters!
  • its a story about the main character sora who is an aspiring star for the kaleido stage a stage renouned for its great shows and stunts she meets fool a small spirit who chosed her to become the next kaleido star and the story begins for sora

    i love this anime especially the stunts and amazing movements and the animation along with the story its great and fantastic and i love the soundtrack of this anime too plus all the characters have there own strengths and weaknesses but most of all is that all of them have their own charm and important roles for the anime sequence for the story

    too bad that some parts are not clearly complete and what happened to the last episodes after rosseta starts to see fool the spirit of the stage what happened to the stage performance of rosseta being the main character of the play

    i have watched the anime over and over agian since im an anime fan i would give this anime good points plus the meaning of the story for me is a good one which is that"any dreams can be acheived if you dont give up" and that "as long as you look at life with a smile everything can be fun and happy"
  • First season is a must see..

    I watch all of the first season it was really funny and make me cries, especially the ending. The second season has this new girl I don't like. but I want to watch more bc sora is going to practice ice-skating. the new guy I don't like him either bc he talks bad about sora's old partner. but the first season is a must see for all who love funny and dramatic anime.
  • Kaleido star is a pretty good show its good but not good. I think they should have done better but hey it is an anime and that is all. I think they could have done a bit better did they even make a manga?

    So the story is about this girl sora who wants to join this circus thing. I think that the show was going alright at first but later uh not so good. I thought they should think about changing the scenery. The thing was always about the circus and that was it. Wow I was amazed did they ever go to Hawwii are something I didnt see that. They canceled the show on anime network because of people who like nude on anime.
    I wanted to see more did the show improve? I only saw 7 episodes that wasnt fair at all they should have done something at least. But no they had to cancel it. I think they should have not done that because other shows which kept repeating themselves were on again and again.
  • so you dream

    One of my favorite shows, Kaleido Star tells the history of a girl called Sora Naegino.Since Sora was a child, she liked the Kaleido Stage. Her dream was be part of it. She grew up and joined it. Always with her best friends Anna and Mia, she did lots of amazing presentations for a huge public. But Sora didn't like the competitions between people, when they fight to win, she belivied it just would exist a perfect spectacle if it doesn't exist any competition between people.
    A sensible girl who lost her parents still when she was young but never gives up her dreams.
    who still didn't watch Kaleido Star should see it. It's really, REALLY AMAZING!
    "Remember that your dreams are the wings that let you fly" by Sora Naegino.
  • Kaleido Stage the place of dreams

    Kaleido Star from Gonzo Digimation

    i found this series to be highly enjoyable with some high and low moments, the animation and music is superb, with a great storyline

    Sora dreams of becoming the next Kaleido Star, so she travels to the Kaleido Stage to perform

    Kaleido Stage puts on various performances which quite frankly are spectacular

    this series is great, no doubt, the people who rated this series low dont deserve to call themselves an anime fan

    it will appeal to all