Kaleido Star

Season 1 Episode 13

The Amazing Competition Calls Up A Storm

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 2003 on
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Episode Summary

Sora and Layla continue to practice but keep having problems. Layla suggest the two live together for a while and try to become in sync. Progress is made, but with only one day remaining, Layla suggests they try something different. She takes Sora out into the ocean at night and they practice over a rope tied to a ship in the rain In addition whomever falls, plunges into the ocean below. Can Sora and Layla get it right? And, will they be successful at the real thing?moreless

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  • This truly is an amazing episode

    Sora and Layla have to learn to work together and succeed at a dangerous and challenging fight scene if they hope to not only impress the audience, but to ensue their safety during the performance. This episode is brilliantly done. In the past, Sora is the only one attempting to get better and overcome challenges. Now, Layla is in the same boat. This is truly a crucial turning point in the series. Layla, for the first time, must work together with Sora. They have to overcome their greatest challenge yet, while at the same time they unknowingly form a bond. This is a must see episode for any fan of the series.moreless
Cynthia Martinez

Cynthia Martinez

Sora Naegino (Eng.)

Illich Guardiola

Illich Guardiola

Yuri Killian (Eng.)

Jay Hickman

Jay Hickman

The Fool (Eng.)

John Swasey

John Swasey

Ken Robbins (Eng.)

Keiji Fujiwara

Keiji Fujiwara

Kalos Eido (Jap.)

Kira Vincent-Davis

Kira Vincent-Davis

Anna Heart (Eng.)

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    • (Sora and Layla are praised for their performance in Arabian Knights)
      Layla: It's been a really long time since I've heard the audience applaud like this!
      Sora: I'm so happy, I don't know what to say! I don't want this moment to ever end!

    • (Sora and Layla's fight on the tightrope rages on during the storm)
      Layla: (pants heavily) Are you ready to give up yet?
      Sora: No way!!
      Layla: Oh, really?!
      (their fight continues)

    • (Sora and Layla spar on the tightrope over the sea; Sora almost loses her balance)
      Sora: She's really serious about this! If I drop my guard for one second, she's gonna toss me into the ocean!
      Layla: Make that mistake again, and you're gonna be shark bait!

    • (as Layla comes out of the shower, Sora blushes at the sight of her in a beautiful nightgown)
      Sora: Look at that!
      Fool: (also dazed) Ooh...
      Sora: (quickly shuts the drawer in which Fool is hiding) Layla, wouldn't you be more in a pair of my pajamas?
      Layla: What's that?
      Sora: You know, so you can get in touch with my rhythm.
      Layla: But how would that...?
      Sora: (extracts a spare pair of her pajamas from her closet) Here. I'm pretty sure this one'll fit you.
      Layla: But I don't...
      Sora: Look! If you're gonna stay in my room, you've gotta follow my rules! Okay?!
      Layla: (stunned) Whatever you say.

    • Charlotte: If they wanted a new face for a co-star, they should've chosen one of us.
      Julie: That fight would be perfect if I'd done the show.
      Layla: (comes up behind them) Could you keep the line moving, please?
      Julie: I'm not finished making my salad yet.
      (she and Charlotte suddenly squeal and move over upon noticing Layla)

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