Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

The CW (ended 2009)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • A Dragon's Tale
      A Dragon's Tale
      Episode 40
      Maya looks back at the adventures of the Kamen Riders and their battle with Xaviax. The fate of those who saved the planet is also revealed.
    • For Ventara and Earth Part II
      The Kamen Riders make a final stand against Xaviax and the fate of both Earth and Ventara is decided.
    • For Ventara and Earth Part I
      With the transmitters preparing to transport all of Earth's people, the Riders prepare a last ditch attack on Xaviax's fortress. However, with an advent sheild stopping any Rider from entering the compound, it falls to Maya and Trent to put themselves in harm's way to aid the riders in getting in.moreless
    • The Enemy Within
      The Enemy Within
      Episode 37
      When Len and Adam are sent out to disable the final transmitter, Adam suddenly attacks Len and they battle as Kamen Riders, both using Survive Mode. Kit and Kase follow. Xaviax implements his antivirus for the transmitters, making the Riders' efforts to shut them down useless.
    • Dark Deception
      Dark Deception
      Episode 36
      Xaviax realizes that Adam is having second thoughts about betraying his friends. He disguises himself to look like Eubulon and attacks Adam in order to turn him against the Advent Master. Eubulon tells Kit and Maya about his history on Ventara and why he created the Kamen Riders.
    • A Hero's Fall
      A Hero's Fall
      Episode 35
      Len and Eubulon spar while arguing about Adam. Adam tells the other Riders his side of the story of how Xaviax tricked him into betraying his friends. Eubulon gives Adam a second chance and sends him on a mission with the other Riders to shut down a transmitter.
    • Back In Black
      Back In Black
      Episode 34
      Kit returns from the Advent Void, now fighting as Kamen Rider Onyx. When he meets his mirror twin, Adam, the two get in an argument that can only end in a battle between Kamen Riders.
    • Out of the Void
      Out of the Void
      Episode 33
      The Advent Master finds the Ventaran Kamen Riders Torque, Strike and Axe, and brings them back from the Advent Void. Adam tries, unsuccessfully, to win the trust of the other Riders by joining them in battle. The Riders plan to plant a virus in Xaviax's teleportation devices.
    • Advent Master Returns
      The Advent Master is revived from his cryogenically frozen state. Xaviax spreads teleporting devices all over the planet, and recruits Adam, the original Dragon Knight, to spy on Wing Knight. The Advent Master finds a new use for the Siren Advent Deck...
    • Xaviax's Wrath
      Xaviax's Wrath
      Episode 31
      Wing Knight hunts down Strike, determined to avenge Kase. Dragon Knight and Wing Knight must both use their Survive cards to battle Wrath, but even then Wrath proves devastatingly powerful.
    • Swan Song
      Swan Song
      Episode 30
      Strike steals the Thrust and Sting Advent Decks and reveals a new ability. By contracting with Sting and Thrust's contract beasts, Strike creates a powerful new hybrid monster. Dragon Knight, Wing Knight and Siren engage in a fateful fight against Strike and Wrath.
    • Calm Before The Storm
      The group rests up after their big fight and vows to ban together to protect Ventara and Earth.
    • A Dragon Caged
      A Dragon Caged
      Episode 28
      Len, Kase, and Maya break into the No Men's base to rescue Kit. However, Kit finds a way out on his own, only to find Wrath and Strike waiting to fight him on Ventara. Kit must take on these two powerful enemies by himself while Len, Kase, and Maya make their own escape from the No Men.moreless
    • Attack of the No Men
      Maya recruits Trent and his friends to hack into the No Men's system in order to rescue Kit from his imprisonment. Without Kit's help, Len and Kase must tangle with Wrath and Strike once again.
    • Kamen Rider Wrath
      Kamen Rider Wrath
      Episode 26
      Xaviax dons the Kamen Rider Wrath armor so he can fight his enemies hand to hand. Wrath and Strike make their attack against Wing Knight and Siren. While visiting his father in the hospital, Kit is kidnapped by mysterious agents known only as the "No Men."
    • Dropping the Axe
      Dropping the Axe
      Episode 25
      The vengeful Axe is out to vent Dragon Knight, but Strike stands in his way. Kamen Rider Onyx comes after Wing Knight and Siren.
    • Dark Temptation
      Dark Temptation
      Episode 24
      In a dream, Kit battles with a mysterious dark nemesis: Kamen Rider Onyx. Kit is feeling more and more left out now that Kase is around. Xaviax makes Kit an impossible offer to restore his father to health in return for him betraying Wing Knight.
    • Kamen Rider Siren
      Kamen Rider Siren
      Episode 23
      Kase isn't willing to accept Kit as the new Dragon Knight. JTC gives Danny one last chance to forget revenge and keep his promise to Xaviax... or else he'll be vented. Later, a mysterious Rider attacks Kit.
    • A Rider's Resolve
      A Rider's Resolve
      Episode 22
      Axe wants revenge for his brother, and goes after Dragon Knight against Xaviax's orders, only to be interrupted by a mysterious female Kamen Rider.
    • Strike's Ultimatum
      Strike's Ultimatum
      Episode 21
      Strike offers Kit his father back if he'll turn on Wing Knight and join Xaviax. Kit refuses and does battle against Strike, Spear and Axe. The battle is fierce, but Dragon Knight ulimately vents Spear.
    • Letter From The Front-Line
      Kit and Len blame themselves for Sting getting vented. Kit finds a letter that Chris wrote to his father but never got to send. Against orders, Axe and Spear continue to go after Dragon Knight. Lacey goes behind Maya’s back to help Michelle -- thinking it is in her friend’s best interest.moreless
    • Semper Fi
      Semper Fi
      Episode 19
      Chris refuses JTC’s offer to join Xaviax. Danny and Albert start a fight in the bookstore, and an all-out battle begins between Dragon Knight, Wing Knight, Sting, Axe and Spear. When Strike joins in, the result is devastating.
    • The Brothers Cho
      The Brothers Cho
      Episode 18
      Len offers Kit the job of replacing the original Kamen Rider Dragon Knight permanently. Danny and Albert Cho ambush Len, but when Len takes their decks they aren't much of a challenge. Sting continues to feel he has something to prove.
    • The Power of Three
      The Power of Three
      Episode 17
      Kit, Len and Chris vow to stick together as Riders because a team is always strongest together. Xaviax recruits Danny and Albert Cho to be his new corrupt Riders: Axe and Spear. JTC agrees to meet Maya's friends, but only on his terms.
    • The Hero of Gramercy Heights
      After learning Xaviax was tricking him all along, Chris has doubts about fighting as Kamen Rider Sting, worried that he is too weak because of his asthma. But Maya won't let Chris forget he is a true hero, and Strike won't stop coming after him.
    • The Many Faces of Xaviax
      Now that Chris has joined Kit and Len, they get him up to speed with everything that has happened since he became a Kamen Rider, as well as details concerning Xaviax's true plans.
    • Xaviax's Promise
      Xaviax's Promise
      Episode 14
      With four Riders all in one place, Drew uses the opportunity to try and vent them. Luckily, Chris decides to team up with Len and Kit and fight against Xaviax and his evil plans. Later, Maya is accused of falsifying evidence in one of her reports, and she struggles with keeping the secret of the Kamen Riders.moreless
    • Thrill of the Hunt
      Thrill of the Hunt
      Episode 13
      Len is fighting with himself over his inability to vent two Riders because he fears that he is not doing his job properly. Later, Drew appears looking for Len and Kit's help now that Xaviax is after him. When Kit hesitates, Drew flashes back to what made him join Xaviax's said in the first place.moreless
    • Kamen Rider Sting
      Kamen Rider Sting
      Episode 12
      The mysterious Rider turns out to be Sting, a disgruntled marine named Chris Ramirez. Fooled by Xaviax, Sting helps to fight Dragon Knight to restore his military honor. Meanwhile, Xaviax finds out about Drew's disloyalty and orders James to attack.
    • Vent or Be Vented
      Vent or Be Vented
      Episode 11
      After Kit detransforms, Brad realizes that being a Kamen Rider is more than just competing in some sort of game. Maya and Trent come up with a plan to find the newest Kamen Rider, just before they have a run-in with a monster. In Ventara, Kit meets a mystery Rider and together they defeat a terrifying monster.moreless
    • Battle Club
      Battle Club
      Episode 10
      On Xaviax's order, Thrust (aka Brad Barrett) reluctantly enters a tournament known as "Battle Club." Meanwhile, Kit learns more and more about the Advent Decks before visiting his father in the hospital. A confused Thrust ends up attacking Kit when he doesn't find a solution to his problems.
    • Kamen Rider Thrust
      Len returns Maya to Earth before fighting the new Rider, Thrust. Later, complications arrise between the warring factions and no one can seem to get the story straight. Thankfully, the truth is revealed and Kit now knows that Drew is working for Xaviax. After venting Camo, Drew turns his sights on Kit before Thrust runs off. Len and Kit make up, joining forces once more.moreless
    • Kamen Rider Camo
      Kamen Rider Camo
      Episode 8
      Wing Knight recovers from a battle with Torque and runs off. At the same time, Xaviax enlists the help of a powerful new Rider, Camo, to take down Wing Knight. Later, Maya is mysteriously kidnapped by a mirror monster. Luckily, Len is able to rescue Maya, but not before running into Kit, Drew and Camo (all of whom want him vented). Frustrated at their lack of teamwork, Xaviax calls upon another new Rider to finish the job.moreless
    • Friend or Foe
      Friend or Foe
      Episode 7
      When Kit finds out that his father was poisoned by Xaviax, he promises to do anything to find a cure. Kit decides to follow Drew, who says that he can cure his dad of the poison. Len informs Kit that there is, in fact, no cure, but Kit refuses to believe him.moreless
    • Kamen Rider Torque
      Kit is disheartened when he learns that the original Dragon Knight was the one who betrayed the other Kamen Riders. Then, things go from bad to worse when a new Rider, Torque, appears and explains that Wing Knight is actually working for Xaviax. Now Kit must decide where his loyalties lie and if he can even trust himself. Meanwhile, Maya and Trent head to the hospital to find Kit's father in a sleepwalker-like state.moreless
    • The Power of Two
      The Power of Two
      Episode 5
      The evil alien Xaviax concocts a plan to harvest human DNA to transport humans to his home world. Once transported there, the humans will be turned into slaves. Unfortunately, Kit is still reluctant about becoming a Kamen Rider and Len needs to set him straight. Once Kit learns of Xaviax's plan, he decides that he's ready to become a Kamen Rider and save the world.moreless
    • A Rider's Challenge
      While talking with Len, Kit discovers that the Kamen Riders were the defenders of the mirror world of Ventara. The mysterious Advent Decks were actually stolen from the Riders and given to certain people on Earth. Then, Len challenges Richie to a battle and ends up sending him to the Advent Void, where he will be trapped forever. Realizing how dangerous these battles are, Kit quits being a Kamen Rider.moreless
    • Kamen Rider Incisor
      Kit fights off against his newest enemy, Kamen Rider Incisor. It turns out that Incisor is actually a manipulated rich kid named Richie Preston. During their fight, Wing Knight appears and agrees to teach Kit everything he knows about Kamen Rider fighting.
    • Contract With the Dragon
      Upon returning to Earth, Kit and a mysterious stranger named Len must face off against a monster. When Kit's father once again contacts him, he uses the Advent Deck and unleashes the dragon to become Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Using this new power, he heads to the mirror world and saves Len, the newly transformed Kamen Rider Wing Knight. Now Kit must learn more of the secrets of Kamen Riders before it's too late.moreless
    • Search for the Dragon
      On his eighteenth birthday, Kit Taylor's life changes in unexpected ways. After mysteriously seeing his father in a mirror, he finds an Advent Deck. Upon touching it, a huge dragon bursts through the mirror and escapes into the human world. But it's when Kit is transported to the world of Ventara that things really heat up.moreless