Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

Season 1 Episode 26

Kamen Rider Wrath

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 03, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

While Michelle and her cohorts watch in on Kit's actions, they see Kit forming an alliance with Len and Kase. Kase welcomes him to the team and apologizes to him for being so harsh when she met him for the first time. Kit laughs about it and tells her not to worry about it since he did probably deserve it. Len speaks up and agrees with Kit's statement, causing some small laughter between the three. Kit then tells them that he has to go visit his dad in the hospital and tell him his decision. Len and Kase reassure him that they will be waiting for him in his apartment. Kit affirms that he knows before picking up his gear and taking off. As he leaves, Len turns to Kase and comments on Kit not being a disappointment, prompting Kase to chuckle as they embrace. Meanwhile, some cohorts ask Michelle whether they should move in and arrest Len and Kase, but Michelle shoots it down, saying that they are too strong and that the target is still Kit Taylor and orders them to arrest him when he is alone. Michelle sighs after giving the order and saying that this is the plan for now.

Back in the bookstore, Maya asks Lacey why she would steal her journal and give it to Michelle as Trent is surprised that Lacey was the one who backstabbed Maya. Lacey pleads that she was scared for her, explaining that she did it after she saw Albert push her and then turn into a "robot." Maya angrily tells her that she already told them about the Kamen Riders, but Lacey tells her that she did not know how scary they were until she saw them with her own eyes. After she gets no response from Maya, Lacey goes on to say that all she knew at that time was that she saw Maya in trouble and did not know how to help and tells her that Michelle said that she could help, but she needed to know what she was doing. She then spills out how she did it: asking Trent if she could use Maya's laptop.

Trent is surprised about it, thinking that Lacey only wanted to check her email, and Lacey continues on, saying that Michelle promised her that giving her all the stuff that Maya was doing to her was going to save her. Maya sternly tells her that it is Michelle, which upsets Lacey again into guilt. As Maya sternly stares at her friend, Lacey apologizes again, feeling guilty over what she did. Maya then eventually calms down and says that she believes that Lacey had a reason for doing what she did, but now they need to figure out a way to fix the situation. Trent speaks up, saying that there is no way of fixing it since the government is going to come and arrest them for helping aliens. Maya says that she is more worried about them catching the Kamen Riders before they could stop Xaviax.

She then realizes that if Michelle was watching them, then they might also be watching Kit's apartment. She is about to pick up the bookstore phone to call Kit when Trent stops her, saying that the FBI might have bugged the phones as well. Maya acknowledges Trent's comment and says that they might have bugged the whole store as well. As Lacey looks at Maya and Trent looks around for all the possible bugged places, Maya pleadingly says that she has to tell Kit somehow. Trent says that if she tries to leave, then they will follow her, which prompts Lacey to say that they will not follow her, which gives Maya an idea.

Back in Xaviax's lair, James is walking around Wrath, asking him what his story is. After getting no response, James tries to solicit a response, which prompts Xaviax to say that he will not be answering to him. As James looks at him, confused, Xaviax explains that he has been drained of his energy in the same way like Kit's dad. James asks Xaviax what good will a Kamen Rider who is just an empty vessel be to them, and Xaviax reveals that he is not bad at fighting, but that he just needs "a little personal attention." He then walks up and stands in front of Wrath as James asks him if he really knows what he is doing. Xaviax sarcastically says that he is touched by James' concern for him as he prepares to stimulate Wrath. James watches in awe as Xaviax fuses himself with Wrath, taking over the Rider's body. Wrath steps out and faces James as Xaviax's voice rings out from inside Wrath, saying that he has total control over Wrath.

James voices his awe as Wrath clenches his fist. Xaviax then says that Wrath's body is a bit stiff and that he will need to warm up before going out. He asks James to step aside as he warms up. Xaviax summons some minions to fight him, and immediately three minions appear and begin attacking him. Wrath stops one minion with a powerful punch and then low spin kicks the second minion to the ground. As it gets up, it transforms into a cocoon-like monster. Wrath holds his position as the other two minions have transformed as well and the three are circling him warily. One of the monsters jumps at Wrath, but he easily dodges the attack while kicking another one in the back as it charges at him. As it lands on its back, the third monster attacks him from behind, sending him stumbling a couple feet, but he recovers just as the other monsters surround him.

He pulls out his sword vent card and uses it to summon his dual blades. He grinds the swords against each other, prompting the monsters to attack. With the blades, he toys with his minions, dodging attacks as he slashes the monsters. After he sends a monster down to the ground, he grinds the swords again before resuming the battle with the two remaining monsters. But before the monster can even attack after they charge in, he effectively slashes them into the portals, finishing the sparring session. As James claps in awe, Xaviax says that he is now ready to go fight, somewhat upset over letting other people fight for him and fail. He then comments on how it would have been much easier had he drained the energy out of all the other Riders like he did with Wrath, of course excluding James. He commands James that they need to go and they both take off through the portal.

Back at the bookstore, Maya comes out of the bookstore, wearing clothes that Lacey would wear and wearing a blond wig. She asks Lacey and Trent how she looks, and Trent says that she looks hot. But Maya brushes that comment aside and asks if she does look like Lacey. Lacey and Trent say no and yes, respectively, at the same time. Maya does not take Lacey's response too lightly, but Trent says to ignore Lacey's ego and says that it is a great disguise. Maya comments that it will have to do as Lacey gives her a folder with some stuff in it. Lacey and Trent tell her to be careful as she puts on some sunglasses. Maya acknowledges the advice and takes off. Before she steps out the door, she says "Bye, Maya!" Both Lacey and Trent say "Bye, Lacey!" as she leaves, and then Lacey turns around to ask Trent about his comment on Maya being hotter than her, which surprises Trent. As Maya takes off, one of Michelle's cohorts notices her leaving and taps Michelle to get her attention. As Michelle looks, she thinks that it is Lacey that is leaving and wonders where she is going.

Maya successfully gets away and runs into an abandoned alley. She makes sure no one is following her before she takes off her sunglasses and takes out her phone from the folder. She immediately calls Kit, hoping that he will pick up, but instead, Kit's voicemail comes up. Maya leaves a message only asking him where he is before she hangs up. She then realizes that there can only be one other place that he can be and rushes quickly to there. At the hospital, Kit is sitting beside his lifeless dad and tells him that he came by to make sure no one else sees him. He lets out his frustrations, saying that even though he is making the right choices, it is hard on him. He then promises his dad that if they win, then he will do everything to bring him back and shows some love for his dad. When he gets up, one of Michelle's cohorts restrains him as another sprays something that knocks Kit out. They both take him away, leaving Kit's sunglasses behind.

Back at the bookstore, Trent is worried about Maya and wonders what is taking Maya so long, since it is not far from the bookstore to Kit's apartment. Lacey then admits that if anything happens to her, the she can never forgive herself, prompting Trent to say that if anything happens to Maya, then he will never forgive Lacey for backstabbing her best friend and getting her into this mess. As they are talking, a nearby window begins to ripple. Wrath emerges from the window, getting the attentions of Lacey and a surprised Trent. But Trent recomposes himself and boldly asks him what he wants. Wrath tells him that he only wants Kit and his friends. When Trent tells him that they are not in the bookstore, Wrath says that they will be here, since they always come to help people in trouble. Trent asks who the people in trouble are, and Wrath only advances on him, making him realize that he and Lacey are the ones in trouble. As Wrath commends Trent for being "a smart human," Lacey tries to back into the back room, but she is stopped by Strike. He roughly pushes Lacey to one side as he says that they are not going anywhere. As Lacey and Trent back up, Lacey has her phone behind her. She quickly moves her fingers and calls Maya.

Maya arrives at the hospital and calls out Kit's name as she enters the room where his father is residing in. She looks incredulously at the empty chair next to Frank, wondering if he even came by to visit. She then sees his sunglasses on the bed, picks them up in horror, and finally realizes that she was too late to tell Kit and that the government now have him in custody. She drops the sunglasses when she gets a call on her phone. She picks up and immediately asks Lacey if there has been any word from Kit, but instead of getting a response to her question, Lacey's voice rings over the phone, telling her that she and Trent are being held hostage by some Kamen Riders, but she never completely finishes her statement, as the conversation ends abruptly when Strike crushes Lacey's phone with his hand. Maya is shocked to hear this and tries to call out to Lacey and Trent to no avail. Lacey angrily tells Strike that he owes her a new phone and calls him "snakeboy." Strike only rolls his neck and laughs as he and Wrath watch over the two hostages.

Meanwhile, back at Kit's apartment, Len and Kase are standing on the balcony just outside Kit's apartment. Kase notices that Len is worried and asks him what is troubling him. Len tells her that Kit has not returned yet, but Kase says that that was not what she meant. Len admits that she is right and tells her that even though Kit has the genetic code for being a Kamen Rider, he still does not have enough training. But much to Len's surprise, Kase says that he has been all right so far without the intensive training that Len wants to give him. Len looks at her and nods in agreement, then goes on to say that the biggest battles have yet to come, prompting Kase to say that they will be there to help him and Len to agree. They then hear a portal open and both take off after the source.

They arrive to see Wrath and Strike holding Trent and Lacey hostage in the bookstore. They lay their eyes on Wrath as they enter, finally showing himself. Wrath admits that Kase is right, but with something extra, which Len picks up right away as Xaviax in Wrath's body. He immediately asks what he did to the Rider who is supposed to be Wrath. Xaviax just says that he was not using his body, so he decided to borrow it for a little while and comments that it compliments him nicely, making him a little taller. Kase then harshly says that he is a disgrace to that armor, with Len backing her up and saying that he is "a disgrace, period." After Xaviax thanks them, Len orders Trent and Lacey to get out of the bookstore and to safety, which Trent promptly follows. He pulls Lacey out as she vehemently yells that Strike still owes her a phone. As they leave, Michelle notices them leaving, now figuring out that it was not Lacey that left the first time but still not realizing that it was Maya who had left. Michelle nods in disapproval as she tries to figure out how to handle this situation, now that Maya got away from her.

After Trent and Lacey leave, Wrath and Strike turn their attention back to Len and Kase as Wrath wonders how he is going to handle this. Len and Kase do not reply, but instead take out their decks and transform. As they prepare for battle, Wrath says that they are the cause for all this, since they escaped him, and that none of this would have happened if they were gone. Wrath immediately uses his sword vent card and summons his dual blades. A battle begins, with Wing Knight getting the first strike, deflecting Wrath's and Strike's attacks and sending Strike into the counter after deflecting his attack. Strike quickly turns around and tries to attack Wing Knight with his visor, but he smartly moves away, and Strike ends up attacking Siren, who deflects his attack. Wing Knight immediately continues attacking Wrath without looking over to his partner, who seems to be doing well against Strike. As Strike advances on Siren, Wrath squarely kicks Wing Knight back and deflects Wing Knight's attacks while pinning him down onto a bookshelf. He drags Wing Knight across it and tosses him down, knock over some stuff in the process.

Meanwhile, Siren tries to attack Strike, but he deflects every blow and hits her with his visor, knocking her back into a nearby bookshelf. She then looks up in time to see Strike lunging at her, so she quickly turns away and dodges the attack, letting Strike destroy the bookshelf as he misses Siren with his sword. Siren then notices that she is corner and immediately holds out her visor as a means of defense. Strike laughs as he sees her corner and immediately goes on the offensive, forcing Siren to dodge while Wrath continues to toy with Wing Knight. As he says that he is going to enjoy this, Wing Knith tries to attack Wrath, but Wrath smartly deflects the attack with his swords rather forcefully and tries to land a blow of his own on Wing Knight, but he smartly moves out of the way, allowing Wrath to destroy some nearby pillows and sending a huge amount of feathers in the air. Wing Knight takes this chance and lands a blow to Wrath, but Wrath turns around as if that blow did nothing to him.

Siren notices that she is at a disadvantage as Strike charges at her, so she gets up on the mini-bookshelf and lands a blow to Strike's chest, sending him back into the same bookshelf that he just destroyed. He comments that she is "not bad for a duckling." Siren, who is acrobatically balancing herself on the nearby bookshelves while still standing on the mini-bookshelf, says that she thought that he was the "snake charmer." The battle resumes, as Siren jumps off the mini-bookshelf and begins deflecting Strike's attacks and manages to pin Strike's visor against a bookshelf with her foot as Wing Knight continues to dodge Wrath's attacks. He barely dodges Wrath's roundhouse kick by ducking, and Wrath ends up destroying a stationery rack. Wing Knight continues to dodge Wrath's attacks, eventually getting his chance to counterattack when Wrath tries to undercut him with his sword. He jumps over the attack and kicks him in the back, sending Wrath into a bookshelf, but he quickly turns back around and uses his dual swords to push Wing Knight back into a shelf.

Siren continues dodging Strike's attacks, flipping back to avoid an attack and then dodging underneath and getting behind him to dodge a second attack. They eventually lock visors before Strike knocks her into a bookshelf when he breaks the lock. Strike tries to attack her before she can recover, but she smartly kicks him square in the chest, sending him back into a bookshelf. Strike then makes his move, faking his kick to Siren and kicking a bookshelf. It turns into her and knocks her into a bookshelf, which in turns knocks her down along with a couple of books. Meanwhile, Wing Knight is not having much success, getting knocked down by Wrath as well. As they both get up, Wing Knight resumes his attack on Wrath, but already terribly weakened, he gets sent over a bookshelf from Wrath's kick as Siren kicks the same bookshelf that Strike kicked and sends it back into Strike, knocking him into another bookshelf. Wing Knight quickly gets back up and is breathing heavily as he leans on a bookshelf when Siren asks if he is okay. Wing Knight says that he is okay as Strike grabs her and tosses her into a bookshelf. Strike quickly grabs her again and tosses her into the back room, to which he follows closely behind.

Wing Knight resumes his attack on Wrath after that momentary break, but like before, Wrath sends him flying over a bookshelf with a hard hit from the sword hilt. Wrath quickly sets his sights back on Wing Knight as he struggles to get up. As Wing Knight gets up, Siren flies out of the back room. Wing Knight hurries over to her and asks her if she is all right. Siren affirms that she is okay, and as Strike walks over, Wing Knight tells Siren that they have to get out of the bookstore. They both escape into Ventara, which prompts Wrath to order Strike to stop them. They both chase after the two fleeing Riders into Ventara and try to find the two, but they lose their trail when they come upon a gate. They both slash their swords out of frustration, turn around, and continue looking, going past where Len and Kase are hiding and going through the windows. Len and Kase come back out of hiding, and Kase immediately says that Xaviax in Wrath's body is too strong and asks Len how they are going to defeat Xaviax if he continues to use Wrath's body. Len only says that they have to find Kit.

Meanwhile, Michelle's cohorts drag in an unconscious Kit back to the FBI headquarters, going through the same white room that Michelle walked through when she was giving the information that Lacey gave her to the head of the FBI. As they take him down a different corridor, he begins to wake up, but by the time his head clears, the men have already thrown him into a jail cell. They immediately close the cell, much to Kit's dismay. They walk away, ignoring Kit's pleas that he is on their side. He continues telling at them about him being on their side and that he has not done anything wrong. He vents his frustration to no avail and pleadingly tells them that they have no idea what they are doing. How will all this turn out for Kit? How is Maya going to find Kit, now that Michelle and the FBI have him? What are Len and Kase going to do, now that Wrath has finally surfaced? How are they going to take out Xaviax if he is using Wrath's body?