Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

Season 1 Episode 20

Letter From The Front-Line

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 29, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Back at the bookstore, Maya begins cleaning up the mess that Albert left behind when he transformed. Trent is sitting there, stunned at what just happened, but Maya manages to shake him out of his trance. He finally admits his awe of the Kamen Riders and their existence in this world, and Maya says that that is what she has been trying to tell him ever since she got tangled in this mess. When Maya asks if he did not believe her at first, Trent tells her that it is one thing to believe her, but to see them with his own eyes, he is still in awe of it. He finally admits that when he saw Albert transform, it felt like "getting taken up by a UFO or getting stepped on by Bigfoot." Maya smiles at him in relief, knowing that now she has someone to back her up.

As they continue to clean up, Len and Kit walk in, surprising Maya and Trent. After Maya greets them, she realizes something is wrong when she sees the somber looks on their faces. She finally realizes that Chris is not with them and does not hesitate to ask the two what happened to him. The two look at each other before Len finally breaks the news to her: Strike vented Chris. Maya struggles with the news of a downed ally, unable to say anything. Trent finally speaks up after he and Maya get up from what they were doing and walk up to Kit and Len. He asks Len if Chris is gone forever, trying to understand what the word "vented" means. Len does not directly answer his question, but he does say that Strike was targeting him, but Sting stepped in between him and Strike's attack.

Kit immediately speaks up and says that he could have saved Sting if he had been able to vent Axe when he could, blaming himself for what happened to Chris. Len chides Kit while Maya looks at him sympathetically. Kit finally says that he may not be strong enough to be a Kamen Rider, but Len tries to console him by saying that it was his choice to sacrifice himself to save Wing Knight. He then admits that it is his fault for Strike venting Sting and then just walks out. While the three stare at Len as he takes off, Maya turns back and repeats Len's words about Sting sacrificing himself and Kit can only say "Yea" before he turns and leaves the bookstore, leaving Maya and Trent to take all this in.

Back in Ventara, James, Danny, and Albert return, satisfied that they were able to take down Sting, even though the intended target was Wing Knight. Xaviax asks them if they have any good news to tell him, and James tells him that they were able to defeat one of the three with the help of the Cho brothers. Danny reminds Xaviax that they are "the real deal," and Albert says that the next time they fight, he wants to finish the job since he and Danny have cards that they have not used yet. Xaviax is pleased with the brothers and their enthusiasm but then asks them what the cardinal rule is. Danny answers Xaviax, saying that no one vents Dragon Knight until Wing Knight is gone, leaving Xaviax to reprimand Albert for his thoughts of getting back at Dragon Knight, but Albert recovers, saying that it will not be a problem since they have a score to settle with Wing Knight.

Xaviax acknowledges Albert's words and then brings up the topic of baiting a trap for Dragon Knight. James chuckles before saying that he is already on it as he pulls out his phone and walks off. After he leaves, Albert asks Xaviax what they are supposed to do, and Xaviax tells them to keep an eye on Dragon Knight. As he emphasizes the word "watch," Albert acknowledges his orders as he walks over to Frank. He passes a hand in front of Frank's face and laughs when he gets no response from Frank. Danny calls out to Albert and says that they need to go. Danny leaves first, followed by Albert. Once they are gone, Xaviax turns around to Frank and calls his name as if he knows the mentally-drained man.

Back at his apartment, Kit tosses his gear aside and throws himself on the sofa. He lies there for a while, brooding over the events that just transpired. He then sees Chris' backpack across him and decides to have a look at what Chris was carrying on that fateful day. He first pulls out Chris' ID, which shows that Chris was on active duty before he was discharged for his asthma. Kit puts it down and then pulls out Chris' notebook. He pulls an envelope and a twig from the notebook. As he looks at the twig, he remembers the day that Chris finally teamed up with them. A flashback occurs, showing Len's lesson about teamwork, where Chris is trying to break a bunch of twigs and Len tells him that they are stronger as a team. Kit twirls the twig for a little bit before he finally puts it down and turns his eyes on the envelope that he pulled out from Chris' notebook, noticing that it was addressed from him to his father before he opens it and begins to read it.

As he begins to read, Chris's voice begins to read the letter. As he begins by apologizing to his father for running out on him during the situation at the doctor's office, we see Chris sitting against a tree, writing the letter. He admits that he could not face his failure as a Ramirez since his asthma was getting worse. As Kit continues to read, Chris admits that he did not know what to do after his discharge but then had the opportunity to work for what he thought was a branch of homeland security, thinking that he could serve his country with this opportunity. As he says this, we see how Chris became Kamen Rider Sting, getting his deck from Xaviax as his father is still talking to the doctor.

Chris does admit that he was doing fine at first in his new job as a Kamen Rider and tells his dad that he would have been proud to see him as we see Sting in action, defeating Xaviax's monsters and saving Earth from these monsters. As he says that he brought honor to the uniform he wore, we see Maya staring at the article that both she and Trent found after James gave her the lead on Sting. As he reveals how his asthma began to take its toll on him, the scene shifts to Sting's struggles. As we see Sting struggle in his fights with Strike, Chris' voice tells us how his father taught him to just fight and let the training come to him, but he finally says that no amount of training could heal his body and cure his asthma, and that he thought that he could control it by having a clear head.

As Kit continues to read, Chris continues on and says that a hero was someone who kept his cool when everyone else loses theirs, as told by his father. A brief flashback occurs, where Chris and Kit transform to take on the phoenix monsters before that fateful day. Kit takes a brief break from reading, trying to let everything that he just read sink in before he continues. As Chris admits that he was not determined to give up, another brief flashback occurs, showing Sting delivering a kick to the monster's chest before it shifts back to Maya, who is still trying to come to grips with what happened to Chris. She pulls out the picture of Sting that James had given her and stares at it before the scene shifts to Len, who is in Ventara, brooding over his failure to save Chris as Chris reveals another lesson that his father taught him: "When your determination is low, fill it back up with loyalty."

As Len broods over everything that just happened, Chris reminds his dad of the saying that he has always kept, Semper Fidelis, meaning "always faithful." As Len relives Sting's sacrifice, Chris tells his dad that he would never betray his friends, but then says that he could and probably would not be able to bounce back from his problems with asthma and that no amount of loyalty can change that fact. As Maya looks back on her day when she got to sit down with Chris and tell him everything, she smiles as she continues to look at the photo while Chris continues on and says that he thought about courage and reveals that his father had taught him that courage was facing one's fears and that the proof of courage was in the risks that one takes and the sacrifices that one makes.

As the scene flashes back to Sting's second fight alone with Strike, Chris sighs heavily before he continues on, saying that his heart was sore but his lungs were not. As the scene shifts to Chris' transformation and then back to him writing the letter by the tree, he finally says that he was helpless and cannot do anything about it. He admits that he spent his whole life trying to be the hero that his father thought was the highest achievement possible. As Maya and Len continue to brood, Chris apologizes to his dad. The scene shifts back to the letter in Kit's hand as Chris says the final phrase of his letter: "I'll never be that hero." Kit nods in disagreement to Chris' final statement, saying that he was that hero. Kit folds the letter and grips it tightly, unwilling to break his bond of friendship with Chris.

Back in Ventara, Len continues to grip Chris' Advent deck and finally says to himself that it was his fault. Another voice begins to speak up, chiding Len heavily for ordering Chris to leave. Len turns around and see his alter ego in the mirror nearby. As he walks to the mirror to confront himself, he says that his order was not enough and that he should have forced Chris to leave. Another image of himself appears in a nearby telephone booth, forcefully saying that he was a soldier that knew the risks of his actions, but Len asserts that Chris was a soldier under his command, a soldier that he let down. As the image disappears, the alter ego tells Len that this is war and that a leader has to expect everything. Len stops his other self and claims that he is not the leader and that he never was the leader since he never wanted this responsibility in the first place, but his alter ego stresses that there is no one left besides him that can be a leader. When Len asks what would happen if he just quit, his alter ego just disappears, frustrating Len to the point where he tries to break the window, but instead of breaking it, his fist goes through it. Len forcefully pulls his fist back out and then hears a portal open, so he decides to transform and says to the monsters that just came through that they picked the wrong day to fight before he takes off.

Two minion monsters are wandering around when Wing Knight leaps in from above. He takes down one as he lands and kicks another into the nearby wall. He readies his visor for the next set, sliding his hand up his visor. A minion monster leaps from above while other minion monsters mobilize from around him. They charge at him, but Wing Knight smartly sidesteps the nearest attack and takes a minion down, flicks his visor around and slashes the minion behind him. In one motion, he takes out the final minion and then slides his hand up his visor again. As the defeated minions disappear, more rush down an embankment. He begins to fight them, taking one out as he eludes the other attacks. The minions rush to a nearby construction ladder and begin to move between it. One of the minions deflects Wing Knight's attack, only to get sent flying to the ground after Wing Knight attacks the ladder that it is standing on. He then uses his final vent card and destroys the last 3 minions. As he leaves, Len says that this was what he was meant to do.

Back on Earth, Kit takes his motorbike out for a ride. As he rides, the Cho brothers follow him from behind, but they quickly catch up to him. As they surround him on both sides, Albert greets him, calling him a school boy. Kit manages to speed up and make some ground on them, but Danny signals to Albert to go a different way and corner him. Danny manages to force Kit into a narrow street, and Albert stops him right outside a local bookstore. Kit takes off his helmet as Albert asks Danny his opinion of Kit, revealing his opinion of Kit being a school boy who is going to get hurt going out alone. Kit confronts them, saying that he is not scared, which prompts Danny to try and scare him.

Unfazed, Kit asks them where his dad is, which prompts an immediate response from Albert saying that they are taking care of his dad. When Kit asks where his dad is, Albert laughs and tells him that the last person they took out was a marine and that Kit is going to get beat, which disgusts Kit. Albert and Danny continue to toy with Kit about Chris until Kit shoves Danny to the ground. Albert stares in horror as Kit admits that he should have taken Danny out before and now he will finish what he started. As Albert helps Danny up, Kit takes out his Advent deck and asks them: "You guys like card games, right?" This prompts Albert and Danny to assault Kit verbally for assaulting them, calling him violent beyond means. The three transform and move into Ventara to begin their battle.

Dragon Knight and Axe begin battling first, with Spear coming in a little bit after Axe pins Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight escapes down an alley, with Spear and Axe in pursuit. Spear manages to catch up to the fleeing Rider and after a little scuffle, lands a clean blow to Dragon Knight's lower body. As Dragon Knight recovers, Axe asks him what the matter is, since he thought that Dragon Knight was going to try and finish him off. Spear taunts Dragon Knight about needing Wing Knight to help him before he goes on the offensive. Dragon Knight eludes all the attacks that Axe and Spear are throwing at him, even jumping up on a ledge to avoid Axe's sweeping low kick. Spear realizes this and tries to pull him off, only to get booted in the face. As Dragon Knight tries to use the ledge to his advantage, Axe catches his kick and throws him off the ledge. As Axe taunts Dragon Knight about the fight not being easy alone, Dragon Knight gets up and uses his sword vent card. Upon seeing this, Axe and Spear use their strike vent cards to even the odds.

Spear makes the first move, but Dragon Knight easily repels Spear's slow attack, which enables him to block Axe's attack and temporarily stun him. Dragon Knight tries to advance on Axe, but Spear blocks the attack. Dragon Knight slashes Spear's weapon away and cleanly slashes Axe. As Dragon Knight tries to get them to take him to his dad, he attacks Spear and corners him against the ledge. Spear calls out to Axe for help, and Axe punishes Dragon Knight with a slash to his backside, freeing Spear. As Dragon Knight gets up, Spear attacks again. Again, Dragon Knight manages to deflect both Spear's and Axe's attacks before Spear's attack stuns him. Axe leaps and deals a glancing blow to Dragon Knight. As Dragon Knight struggles to recover, Axe calls him a stupid boy scout, and Spear readies one of his cards to vent Dragon Knight, but Axe stops him, reminding Spear of Strike's words. Spear gets frustrated but they take off, leaving Dragon Knight to reel in pain.

Back on Earth, Lacey is stunned at what she saw at the bookstore. She finally realizes that what Maya has been saying to her was true. As she apologizes to Maya, Michelle walks up to her and asks if she is Lacey. Lacey glares at her for a few seconds and then turns away, prompting Michelle to ask if she is okay. Lacey puts the tissue down and tells her that she is fine and then asks what she wants with her. Michelle tells her that Maya probably has been telling her bad things, which Lacey denies and says that Maya is only telling the truth. When Michelle says that Maya wished she knew the truth, Lacey turns away again, prompting an apology.

Michelle then tells Lacey that she did not know who to talk to as she hands Lacey a tissue, which she accepts. Michelle then reveals that she is worried about Maya's safety, surprising Lacey as Michelle says that she is concerned about the guys that she hangs out with, calling them dangerous. Lacey agrees with her and then goes on to say that one of them turned into a robot right in front of her, which gets Michelle interested. Michelle consoles Lacey, saying that she knows about it and that is the reason why she came to see Lacey. Michelle then asks if she wants to see Maya hurt, but Lacey shoots it down and says that Maya might already be hurt and cannot believe that she just left Maya there. Michelle consoles her again, saying that she has friends who can help her.

She then moves into her plan, asking Lacey to see what Maya knows about these "robots." When Lacey says that she thought that Michelle knew all about them, Michelle tells her that she does not know the specifics. When Lacey suggests that Michelle ask Maya herself, Michelle laughs while telling her that Maya would never tell a thing to her, but since Lacey is her friend, maybe Maya can tell her about it. Lacey then brings up a point that it would look suspicious if she all of a sudden became interested in them, which prompts Michelle to ask if she has a journal. Lacey tells her that Maya has one on her laptop, but then she refuses to look through it or steal it, even thought she wants to help Maya. Michelle gives her a flash drive and instructs Lacey to just plug it into Maya's laptop. Lacey reluctantly takes it as the scene shifts to the bookstore.

Maya finally comes out of the back room and snaps out of her trance, looking very happy when she talks to Trent. Trent asks if she will be okay, and Maya reassures him that she will be fine. Kit comes in, breathing hard, which prompts Maya to ask what happened to him. Kit explains that Axe and Spear attacked him, which prompts Trent to wonder why he would try to fight both of them alone. Kit then repeats that if he had vented Axe, then Chris would still be alive, but Maya chides him, telling him that venting him now will not bring Chris back. Kit continues to blame himself for Chris' venting and says that he needs to fix this when the phone rings.

Trent picks it up and finds out that it is JTC on the line, but with the static, he cannot hear the voice well. When Trent tells Maya that it might be JTC, Maya immediately takes it and tries to talk to JTC, she silently tells Trent to put him on speakerphone so Kit can hear it too. JTC instructs Maya to tell Kit that he thinks he knows where Kit's dad is and reveals the location to them: Rosedale Industrial Park. He also says that he does not know what kind of danger Kit's dad is in, but he repeats the location again before hanging up. Kit immediately tells them that he is going to go there, which gets Trent all concerned about it being a trap and Len's words about JTC being Strike is correct. Kit tells him that it will not matter, since they have his dad and that he owes one to Chris. Maya suggests to Kit that he should wait for Len, but Kit tells her that he does not have much time, according to JTC.

Maya then tells him that she is going with him and instructs Trent to tell Len where they went if he stops by. Trent tries to stop her, obviously concerned for her safety, and so is Kit, but Maya brings up the point of how Kit is going to try and take his dad on his bike. Kit mulls it over for a little bit and then nods to Maya. The two take off, leaving Trent very concerned as they leave, only telling them to be careful. What is Xaviax up to, now that Kit's dad is with him? What is Len doing that forces Kit to take on Axe and Spear alone? Is JTC's news real or is it a trap?