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  • Kamen Rider Dragon Knight one the best action show

    I got to say this one of best action out there on on quest about it.
  • put Kamen Rider Dragon Knight back on CW

    This show is really good one of the best show ever made I say job well done to the cast and crew Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
  • Better than power rangers, but still sucks through a straw

    Let me begin by making one fact abundantly clear: this show sucks. Badly. No euphemisms or tone-downs. It had a few good episodes, but still.... I had some fairly high hopes after seeing the first few episodes. But then the producers started to recycle and cut together stunt scenes. That was the begining of the end. Then, somewhere along the way, the series protagonist, Kit Taylor, was turned into a weak, whiny, messy-haired baby who needed his mentor, Len, to hold his hand and talk to him gently in order to give up mentioning his lost father every three seconds. Then, the heroes were given some sort of sacred life complex which halted them from actually progressing the series by venting any of the "misguided" villains that tried to take THEM out. Most unforgivably, the series protagonist was vented with ten episodes left to the end of the series. This was perhaps the worst move that any show could have made. If you ask me, the hero and titular character ALWAYS carries the story. He can't go before the end. The only reason that yu-gi-oh! managed to get away with it was that the hero actually had two personalities that were equally important. Even then, I was skeptical. And finally, the hero did not get the girl; the nicer double of a key bad guy did. Once again, the hot girl ALWAYS goes to the hero. However, despite all of these flaws, KRDK was still admittedly better than several incarnations of the power rangers franchise and I suppose that counts for something....
  • This episode can defeat power ranger,but......

    This episode can defeat power ranger,but kamen rider ryuki is way better.

    You know why?
    1.Kamen rider Torque vented
    Kamen rider Zolda(Torque)lasted very long. But Kitaoka (The first Kamen rider Zolda) died because of the cancer. So Goro took his place and Ohja(Strike) vented him. But in Kamen rider Dragon knight,Torque didn't lasted very long! He was vented by Strike. (Come on! I like

    2.Stupid vented effect
    The vented effect sucks (It looks like water or something). Could them add something like the advent deck broke?

    3.OMG! A leader?!
    There is not leader in Kamen rider Ryuki.The "leader" was Yui and his brother. They created the mirror monster. But Steve Wang and Mike Wang (Possible) created General Xaviax. How stupid is that? (Or maybe
    Maya young created the mirror monster?)

    The end. And don't give me bad score.
  • This show sucks !

    This show sucks because to make droagon knight they censored all unmasked japanese actors from kamen rider ryuki. To prove it look up ryuki on youtube. They should have just dubed and subtitle ryuki. The only reson why they would censor they must think we american only watch tv shows that have a white male as lead characters. This show is a test to see if they could sell it like the power rangers that too is censor. If you want to see more of kamen riders and super sentai (power rangers) titles, pictures reviews check out japanhero.com. Then check them on youtube. All this just to sell toys.
  • Way better then the Power Rangers

    This show is great with a good story, great gadgets, and fighting. to be honest the whole card thing i thought was stupid but everything else makes up for that minor tackiness. I simply canot thank the writer for not boring me like the power rangers have been doing to me lately. The cast is great they have great graphics and I think this show is starting to grow on me. I look forward to what is to come in this series and hope they don't let me down in the action department. Thanks Kamen Rider Dragon KNight for filling the void in my heart.
  • Quite a show, I have to say...

    This show has certainly surprised me. I've missed every single episode that has been aired on the CW4Kids, but I managed to catch up thanks to Veoh and 4Kids.tv. A little on the slow side at first, I thought that this was not going to be a very good show to be wasting my time watching, but after all the action in the first episode, I've gotten hooked onto it. Thanks to the fact that TV is going to HD in another couple of months, I can't do my trusty timer records with my VCR anymore, but no matter. This is going to be a great show, even if it was originally a Japanese show and has a lot of similarities to the Japanese original series, it still packs quite a punch. I do hope that Adness Entertainment is thinking of a second season.
  • Interesting and dark. Getting better

    I have always been a fan of Power Rangers and while at times the show can be seen as a kids show with light hearted plots, I have always liked the darker stories. Now the only real knowledge I had of Kamen Rider was from the old Masked Rider series which span off from Power Rangers so I was a bit skeptical about Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight. Above everything, i thought that it was a risky show due to the failures of other shows like it years ago like Masked Rider, Mystic Knights, VR Troopers, and Super-Human Samurai Cyber Squad. But I decided to give it a chance and I must say that i am impressed. While the special effects seem to be a bit lower than normal due to the japanese version being from 2004, and some of the dialogue and acting need a bit of polishing, the storyline is decent and the show does not pull many punches. The storyline is darker than Power Rangers has been in years. The missing father and the corruption of Humans into evil Kamen Riders is interesting and as we have seen so far these humans don't lose their powers and go back to normal lives, they get sent to a void. Human beings mind you, not monsters. and the fact that these creatures are stalking and taking humans and no one but the riders can even see them until it is too late is a bit scary even.

    Besides a bit of work being needed on the acting and things such as that, the show is shaping up pretty well. The only problem is that since the show is using footage from the japanese version, it runs the risk of hitting the same problem Power Rangers did, running out of footage. Either the show would have to end or new costumes and footage would have to be taken from another Kamen Rider series.
  • Plot fantastic the costumes are brilliant. Seen the pilot cant wait for the series to start. I'm sure I'll love it. :)

    Driven to find his missing father, KIT TAYLOR discovers a mysterious ADVENT CARD that gives him the power to transform into a Kamen Rider, an armored warrior who exists only in the Mirror World, a dimension opposite of our own reality. Kit joins forces with LEN, the leader of the Kamen Riders, after he learns that his father may be a hostage of the evil GENERAL Xaiviax, a renegade warlord who gains his power by kidnapping people from this world. Kit, now Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, must quickly learn to use his newfound powers to battle General Xaviax and his evil army in the hopes that he will one day find his father. Little does Kit realize that if the remaining 10 ADVENT CARDS should fall into the wrong hands, it could pose a even greater danger... Dark Kamen Riders.

    Took this from imdb.com
  • The next Power Rangers?!

    When I saw the first episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, I was blown away of this new show. The plot was excellent. I was started with an 18 year old boy that he discovered by a dragon spirit, until his father was passed away the dragon gives the boy the spirit and the fight was just begun. By that time, a man riding a motorcycle (look like Arnold from Terminator movie series) fights evil coming from the time portal. I wonder if the next episode would be? Anyway, if you like Power Rangers, you love Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. It's the best new show of 2009 right now.