Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

Season 1 Episode 16

The Hero of Gramercy Heights

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 01, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

In Ventara, Xaviax is browsing through people in his lair when James returns and proudly tells him that he got rid of Torque and Thrust. Xaviax congratulates him without even turning from his work. But when James mentions that they are short-handed on allies now, Xaviax finally turns from his work. James tells him that Sting has betrayed him and turned to Dragon Knight and Wing Knight as his new allies and is unsure if he can take them all out at once. Xaviax tells him that Sting is the weakest link and that if James can separate Sting from the others, he may have a chance to defeat the traitor. He also reassures James that he is looking for reinforcements, and James happily takes off after Sting as Xaviax resumes his browsing.

Back at Kit�s apartment, Kit is looking at his Advent deck while Len stares off into the distance. Kit then suddenly begins to tell Len his thoughts: if the Earth riders were the mirror twins of the Ventaran riders, then they should go and find the riders, since Len would know what they would look like. But Len stops him and tells him that even if he did recognize them, he would not know their names or where to even find them. Kit is disappointed but then realizes that there is only one person that can help them: JTC. Len is surprised and asks what Kit is talking about, which prompts Kit to tell him that JTC is one of Maya�s friends who had given her information about Frank and Sting. When Len questions how this JTC person knows all about this, Kit brushes the question aside and tells him that he would have information about the riders. Len chides Kit, telling him that it is important and wonders who on Earth would know about the Kamen Riders. Kit is taken aback at the sudden reprimand, but Len continues and tells Kit that he wants to meet this person. They both agree and take off for the bookstore where Maya works.

Trent is working hard sorting books out when he sees Kit and Len walk in. Surprised at their presence, he quickly tells them that Maya is not in right now, but Kit tells him that they want to talk to him, not Maya. Kit asks him about JTC coming here once and asks if he remembers what JTC looks like. Trent asks why they want to know stuff like that, and Len just tells him that they want to ask him some questions. Trent begins to describe him, ending on the note that Maya now calls him James. Apparently, it is not helping Kit and Len with their search, so Kit asks if he has a picture of him, but Trent laughs and tells them that JTC is a wanted criminal and that a photo would give him away. Getting a bit frustrated, Kit asks if he knows where JTC lives, which prompts another laugh from Trent. He tells them that the government has been looking for him for years and asks how he would be able to find out.

Len steps in and asks Trent sternly if he even tried to find JTC, and he says that he has not tried it yet and asks why he would need to, prompting a stern look from Len. Trent then admits that he did get the license plate from JTC�s bike, and Kit asks if he can try and get the address using that information. Trent tells them that he has not done it yet and proceeds to tell them how wrong hacking is if there is not a problem, prompting double glares from the two riders. Trent assumes that there is something wrong and tells them to come with him.

Trent hacks into the DMV database and types in the license plate that he wrote down. An address comes up, but Trent tells them that it is not registered to James. Kit thanks Trent for his work as Trent gives him the address, but Trent quickly pulls the address back and asks if they are going to turn him in, and Len reassures him that they will not turn �his hero� in to the police. The two leave the bookstore with the address, leaving Trent to wonder what else could JTC be other than a hacker. The two take off on their bikes toward the address that Trent gave them.

In Gramercy Park, Maya finally finds Chris sitting alone, fiddling with his tag. Maya gets his attention and asks if he is all right. When she does not get a response from Chris, she tries again, but before she can even say two words, Chris stops her and tells her that he is too weak to fight and is no good to anyone in his condition. Maya sits down right next to him and chides him for calling himself weak and tells him that he�s got heart, but Chris interrupts her again and asks what good is having heart when lacking strength and power. Maya reminds him that he is the hero of Gramercy Park, but Chris brushes that aside, calling it a setup from the beginning by Xaviax to trick him into becoming a Kamen Rider.

A flashback scene begins: back at Xaviax�s lair, Chris is looking at the cards when he finally comes across a contact card. Xaviax stops him there and tells him that they need to talk before he chooses that card. Xaviax then proceeds to tell him that the contract card will bond him to his Advent beast and that it is the point of no return should he decide to use it. When Chris asks what an Advent beast is, Xaviax tells him that it is the power that he will need in order to defeat the monsters, but once he contracts with a beast, then it is for life. Then he begins to persuade Chris into saying that once he uses the contract card, then he will be helping out the United States of America defend itself from an alien invasion. He also gives him the choice to just put the card down and return to his �normal� life. He leaves the decision to Chris, and then afterwards, Chris finally transforms to Sting, indicating that he chose the contract card over a �normal� life.

Back in the present, Chris reveals that his first fight was amazing because he thought that he was a real-life superhero. As Maya smiles at him, another flashback scene occurs: as Chris tells her how he threw the monster like a rag doll, we see a red beetle monster is getting thrown into a stack of wood, with Sting, whip in his hand, ready to destroy it. As he tells Maya how he got stronger and faster, we see him fighting two minions and destroy them easily. The scene then shifts to a bull monster dragging away an innocent man. Sting successfully separates the man from the monster. After he tells the man to run, he turns his sights back onto the monster only to see it charge at him, giving him no time to brace for the impact. He gets thrown into the mirror world, followed closely by the monster. The monster continued its relentless charges and knocked over and threw Sting like a rag doll. When he got back up, he managed to elude the next couple of attacks before getting hit with a blast from the monster. He uses his swing vent card and begins his counterattack, landing a clean hit on the monster with his whip. The monster quickly gets back up and desperately fires a shot at Sting, but the shot deflects off Sting�s card reader and hits the monster, destroying it.

Back in the present, Chris savors that moment, thinking that he was doing something good. When Maya tells him that he was actually doing something good, Chris immediately shoots it down, saying that he thought he was doing something good. He even admits that Xaviax even made him good. Maya again tries to tell him that he was doing something good, but this time she gets no response from him, as another flashback scene occurs: back in Xaviax�s lair, Xaviax congratulates Chris for defeating the monster. Chris relishes in the honor of serving his country and only wishes that he would have been able to tell his father about this, but Xaviax tells him that this war must remain a secret to everyone, even his father, since if the people knew about the monsters, then they would panic. Xaviax reassures Chris that his father would be very proud, even though he can never know about this. Chris comments on how that moment was the turning point for him, the point where Xaviax had total control over him indirectly.

Back in Gramercy Park in the past, a boy is stumbling his way through a parking lot, running from something when Sting comes into the picture. He helps the boy up on his feet and tells him to run. The scene shifts to him fighting a purple gazelle monster. As he gets knocked down the stairs, Chris comments on how deception is Xaviax�s best trick, making him feel like he was the world�s last hope when he really was a puppet of Xaviax. As he says this last part, Sting successfully knock the monster off and then kicks a cart, taking the monster straight into a wall, disorienting it. He quickly closes the gap on the monster and begins hand-to-hand combat. It begins as a stalemate, with neither fighter landing a clean hit, but then Sting manages to land a spiral kick to the monster�s back, prompting it to run after taking a blow like that.

While Chris is talking to Maya about how he was making a difference by roaming the streets at night, protecting its citizens, James watches the scene from Ventara. Then Chris moves on to how Xaviax told him that he was ready. Another flashback scene occurs: Xaviax is telling Chris that he has been a good and reliable agent and that the government and the people thank him for his hard work, but now Xaviax tells him that he is ready to graduate to the next level: facing the masterminds behind these monsters. After Chris tells Xaviax that he is ready for the challenge, Xaviax reveals to him that it is Wing Knight and �his henchmen� that are behind these alien attacks and that they are stronger and more cunning than the monsters that he has faced, saying that they will do anything to manipulate him. Chris reassures Xaviax that he will not be fooled by Wing Knight or his henchmen, and then Xaviax sends him off on his daunting mission to take down Wing Knight. After Chris leaves, Xaviax reverts to his true form as he returns to his work.

Back at Gramercy Park, Chris calls himself an idiot for falling right into Xaviax�s trap, which prompts a reprimand from Maya, but he cuts her off. He tells her that no matter how she tries to put it to him, he just is not a real Kamen Rider and when Maya gives him the glare, he also tells her that he is not a hero. Maya steps in and tells him that he is a real hero. She explains to him that although Xaviax may have sent those monsters, the people he saved were real. As she says this, James has had enough of the talk, takes out his Advent deck, and transforms. Maya continues on and says that he was a hero to everyone that he saved, and then her last statement hits home with Chris: �You�re a hero to me.� Chris then asks if he really was, and Maya reassures him with a warm embrace. But the conversation is cut short when Strike enters the scene, ready to fight. Chris quickly tells Maya to stay behind him as he confronts Strike. As Strike taunts Chris, Chris turns around and tells Maya to get out of there. When she clears the scene, Chris takes his Advent deck and transforms. Both Sting and Strike leave for Ventara to settle the score.

Back at the bookstore, Trent is engrossed in a book when Lacey gets his attention. When Lacey asks if Maya has been here, Trent annoyingly says no. Lacey thinks that she is out playing superheroes and monsters, but Trent reprimands her and says that Maya is out saving the world, which prompts Lacey to retaliate and call him a bad influence on Maya, filling her head with extraterrestrial junk. When Trent tries to defend himself, Lacey brushes it aside and decides to stay at the bookstore and wait for Maya to come back. She picks up a magazine and begins to read it, not realizing that it is upside-down, but after a shrewd comment from Trent, she finally turns it right-side up and turns away from Trent.

Back on the road, Kit and Len finally arrive to the address that Trent gave them. They arrive at an abandoned warehouse. Kit senses that something is not right, but Len says that this is the address where JTC�s motorcycle is registered under. They decide to check out the place instead of going back. They look around and find absolutely no one, but unknowingly as they are about to walk out, a robot activates and comes out to confront the two. As they look at the robot, Len makes a comment about how coincidental this scenario is. The robot begins to charge up and begins to fire lasers, forcing the two to separate and take cover. After its laser barrage ends, the two glance at each other and nod. Still shielded, Kit takes his Advent deck out and transforms. Len, on the other hand, takes out his sunglasses and puts them on. As he walks out of his cover, he takes out his Advent deck. The robot notices him and fires a laser beam just as Len is about to transform. The blast deflects off the deck, forcing Len to jump back, and after a second blast, he finally manages to transform.

Together, they try to take down the robot, but it gets the advantage in this fight, dodging the attacks and knocking the Riders down. The robot quickly takes off and goes to a different part of the warehouse, prompting a chase from the two Riders. As Wing Knight looks for the robot, he nearly gets ambushed by the robot, but he manages to turn around in time and deflects an attack, only to get knocked down again. As he scrambles to get up, he deflects a couple attacks and gets back up, drawing its attention away from Dragon Knight, who manages to sneak in and land a direct hit with his sword to the robot�s back. Together again, they ready themselves for battle. The robot reinitiates the battle with a laser blast, prompting the two Riders to take action.

Dragon Knight makes the first move and overshoots his attack, going past the robot. Wing Knight manages to keep it in one place, but as it neatly avoids Wing Knight�s aerial kick, it sends Dragon Knight to the ground with a sweeping kick. The robot uses two laser blasts to distract Wing Knight as it makes its escape again. The two Riders chase it again. As Dragon Knight looks for the robot, it pops out of its hiding place and begins to charge its attack but then two electrical pulses force it to leave the scene. Wing Knight drops back to where the robot fled the first time, not knowing that it was right behind him, readying to blast him, but Dragon Knight manages to intercept it in time and forces the monster to flee again, with the two Riders in hot pursuit. Dragon Knight manages to catch up and tries to attack, but he gets kicked out of the way. Wing Knight has a bit more success, and as the robot is about to fire off some laser beams, Wing Knight quickly uses his sword vent card and deflects the blasts with his new sword. It then tries to fire at Dragon Knight, but he uses his guard vent card and summons two shields to deflect the blasts.

Together, they advance on the monster. Wing Knight manages to land a glancing blow to the monster�s leg, allowing Dragon Knight to advance and ram the robot with his shields. Seeing that it is outnumbered, the robot quickly leaves through a mirror and returns to Ventara. The two Riders do not pursue. Kit comments on how that monster seemed to be waiting for them, which prompts Len to express his interest in finding JTC, getting attacked while looking for him. They both leave the warehouse and begin coming up with a plan to lure JTC out of hiding. But who is this JTC person? What was that monster and why was it there, waiting for the Riders? How will the battle between Sting and Strike turn out?