Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

Season 1 Episode 17

The Power of Three

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 08, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

In Ventara, Sting is losing the battle against Strike. Every single blow he delivers is either blocked or is not affecting Strike, and as a result, he is losing his strength as well as control over his asthma. Strike stretches his neck as he looks on and then taunts Sting about his asthma problem. This gets Sting back up on his feet and tries to go on the offensive, but Strike intercepts his attack and as he continues to taunt Sting about his asthma, delivers a shocking blow to Sting’s back and kicks him high into the air. As Sting is falling, Strike prepares his sword for the final blow, but Sting smartly uses the wall to deflect the attack before he hits the ground hard. Strike continues to taunt him and strikes him with his sword.

Kit and Len arrive at the scene where Sting and Strike are fighting and run in to save him. Meanwhile, Sting is trying to control his asthma as Strike advances on him. Sting pulls a card from his Advent deck but is not able to put it in his card holder, since his asthma’s really bad now. Strike sees this act and effectively combos a kick and an attack from his sword on Sting and knocks him down to the ground, leaving him helpless. But before Strike can make his final move, Kit and Len arrive in time, forcing Strike to run, but not before grabbing Sting and commenting on how his “big brothers” came to save him. As Kit and Len try to chase him, Sting de-transforms and is trying to get control of his asthma. Kit and Len run over to him and help him out of Ventara.

Back on Earth, Chris has finally got his asthma under control, and the three are walking when Chris brings up how pathetic he was during his fight against Strike. As Kit and Len glare at him, Chris just says that he is going to step back and let them continue fighting, but Kit stops him right in his tracks, saying that they need him. Chris denies Kit’s words, saying that they do not need him, but Len sharply repeats Kit’s words. Len hands Chris a twig and asks him to try and break it. Chris breaks it easily, but then Len asks him to try and break three twigs at the same time. Chris is unable to break them, despite him putting all his strength into it, which prompts Len to teach Chris a lesson: “A team is always stronger together.” Chris looks down in shame as the other two look on, but Len shatters the silence by welcoming Chris to the team. They put their hands together as a team, and then Kit jokingly asks if Len wants them to “wax his car.” As they laugh, Len tells them that they need to make a visit to Maya and ask about JTC. They all take off for the bookstore.

Back in Ventara, James returns and tells Xaviax that it is incredibly difficult for him to separate Sting from Dragon Knight and Wing Knight. Xaviax acknowledges Strike’s failure to vent Sting and shows him what might help him in his quest to vent Sting: two thieves in the act of stealing motorcycles. James asks if those are the new recruits, and Xaviax introduces him to the Cho brothers. When James asks him how he is going to recruit them, Xaviax tells him that it will not be difficult to get them on his side, although not bright, they will be enthusiastic to do anything for what Xaviax is going to offer them.

Back on Earth, the Cho brothers are about to succeed in stealing the bikes and selling them for money without anyone noticing when a police officer spots them. The brothers look at each other very enthusiastically, and then the younger brother knocks the officer out cold with a hard kick to the midsection. Xaviax comments on their success and is going to pay them a visit. James is certain now that the other Kamen Riders will be very surprised about these two, and Xaviax agrees as the brothers leave with the stolen bikes.

Meanwhile, at the bookstore, Trent asks Maya if she was able to bring Chris around to joining Len and Kit in their mission to take down Xaviax. Maya tells him she does not know since she got interrupted by Strike. Lacey walks in and asks Maya if she can talk with her one-on-one. Maya is about to agree when Kit, Len, and Chris walk in. Kit and Len ask if they can talk to her about JTC. Maya agrees and takes them to the back room, leaving Lacey behind. She gets mad and after a comment from Trent over seclusion, storms out of the bookstore.

Maya asks whether they were able to find him, and Chris tells her no. Kit tells her that it was a fake address, prompting a concerned look from Maya. Len then asks her how JTC knows so much about the Kamen Riders and asks who in the world he is. Maya proceeds to tell them JTC is the expert when it comes to the UFO conspiracy stuff she has been working on before and somehow has the inside scoop on everything. After exchanging a glance with Kit, Len asks if he can meet him one-on-one. Maya tells him that he is a bit skittish but she will try. She messages JTC and everything is going fine until Michelle walks into the bookstore, which catches Trent’s attention. Maya and the others notice while Trent heads out to ask if he can help her. Michelle coldly tells him that he probably will not be able to help. Upon noticing Michelle, Maya quickly closes the laptop and tells the trio to leave through the back door, reassuring Len that she will let them know of JTC’s reply. She takes her laptop in her hands and begins her walk out of the back room to face Michelle.

Michelle is looking at some stuff when Trent wishes Maya good luck in whatever she is going to do. Michelle notices Maya and comes up to apologize to her about getting fired, but Maya does not buy it. Maya snaps at Michelle that it was her fault in the first place that she got fired. Michelle tries to plead her case, saying that she did not expect it to happen and that she needed a lesson in trying to fake evidence. Maya begins to lose her temper and almost reveals why she did it, stopping herself after saying that she was setting a trap. Michelle gets interested with what Maya just said and asks her for more details, but she smartly tells Michelle that she is researching a story that is so hot that even Michelle would die for it. Michelle tells her that if the story is that great, maybe she can persuade the editor-in-chief to reinstate Maya, but she refuses, saying that she has more important stuff to do now. Michelle is taken aback by the response, but she is fine with it and tells her not to complain about her offer. She tells Maya that she will see her in the headlines before she leaves, leaving Maya confused and suspicious.

Kit, Len, and Chris are walking when Len brings up something that he needs to talk to them about. Kit thinks that it is another one of Len’s speeches about teamwork, but Len surprises him and says that they need a training session. He tells Kit and Chris that they are to meet him early tomorrow morning, and when Kit asks how early, Len just smiles and only repeats the word “early” as he leaves. Chris acknowledges Len’s offer while Kit mockingly repeats what Chris said, surprising Chris as Kit leaves.

Back in Ventara, Xaviax prepares himself for his meeting with the Cho brothers, closing the briefcase he will be bringing with him. Before he leaves, he instructs James to feed the minions while he is gone. James sighs heavily as Xaviax leaves, but then he gets a text message from Maya, asking if she can talk to him. He responds to her, telling her he will meet with her tonight. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Kit visits his dad and tells him that he thinks everything is going well. He then has another vision, where his dad asks if he thinks so. Kit looks over in surprise, but his dad tells him that while it is good to help others, do not forget to take care of himself as well as the family. Kit nods almost absently and tells him that he would never forget about his dad. Frank smiles at him before asking about the sticker that he gave him and what it said. Kit replies that “blood is thicker than motor oil,” and he laughs about it before admitting that Frank is right. He looks up, expecting to see his dad looking at him, but instead, he is surprised that his vision has ended and that Frank is back to the way he was.

Meanwhile, Chris leaves the post office and is looking through some letters when he comes across a letter from Dr. Heath, the doctor who told Chris that he could not serve in the Army. He opens the letter and reads it. Dr. Heath tells him that any strenuous activity is very dangerous to him and that he wants to Chris to call him as soon as possible to talk about the situation. He crumples the letter in anger as he reflects on what he just read. Meanwhile, the Cho brothers are beginning to disassemble parts of the stolen motorcycles so they can sell the parts. The younger brother gives the older one a part, but the older brother tells him to find another part that is worth selling. They go back to work when Xaviax approaches them and asks if they are the Cho brothers. They acknowledge that they are and think that he is a cop, but Xaviax reprimands them for their accusing words. He comments on how sad it is that two “bright” brothers have to resort to stealing. The younger brother reveals that they had a disadvantaged childhood, which prompts Xaviax to comment on them being deprived. The older brother tells him that they just want their part of the American dream, but his brother tells him that it is pie, not dream. Xaviax is surprised that they are living it out by stealing motorcycles, which prompts confused looks from the two.

Xaviax offers them a chance to be a part of the biggest heist in Earth’s history. All they have to do is “subtract” the person that stands in their way, and if they successfully take him out, then they can have anything they want. The brothers accept the offer and Xaviax reveals to them a briefcase full of spending cash as well as two Advent decks. They pick up the decks, which begin to glow in their hands, and Xaviax welcomes them to the team. Meanwhile, at the bookstore late at night, Maya is doing some work when James walks in with some food. Maya is pleasantly surprised by James’ sudden appearance without letting her know in advance, but James tells her that he wanted to surprise her as he takes out some spring rolls.

Maya is speechless at the sudden arrival, which prompts James to move onto the next topic and asks her if she has had any success with the pictures. Maya tells him that she is having some success but not a whole lot. She then asks him if he knows what a Kamen Rider is. He smartly denies knowing it and is impressed that Maya found witnesses who also saw the mirror monsters. When Maya tells him that these people want to meet him, he gets upset that Maya told them about him, but Maya defends herself and says that they want to know how he is getting those pictures. James gets suspicious and asks if they are government officials, which Maya denies right away and even goes to say that one of the witnesses is not of this world. James agrees to meet with them but on the condition that he sets the terms, and Maya agrees to it.

Back in Ventara, the three Riders begin training. Dragon Knight gets knocked down easily and complains to Wing Knight that it is too early for this type of training. Wing Knight chides Dragon Knight for that and then calls Sting out for training. They begin fighting, with Sting knocking away Wing Knight’s sword before Wing Knight intercepts Sting’s punch and knocks him back into Dragon Knight. He proceeds to attack the two, but Dragon Knight manages to kick the sword away and then crouches to let Sting come across and attack Wing Knight, but Wing Knight smartly uses the hilt of his sword and jabs Sting back. Wing Knight tells them that he is training them to win, not to wear themselves out. He gives some words of wisdom to Sting, telling him that if he does not have the lung power, then he has to make every attack count. Sting readies himself for another spar, and when Wing Knight attacks, he deflects the sword with one foot and uses the other foot to deliver a kick to Wing Knight’s midsection. Dragon Knight taunts Wing Knight about the earliness of the training session and how much it hurts, but he brushes it aside and tells the two that they are ready to go meet JTC.

They arrive at the spot that Maya said that JTC would meet them. Kit finds JTC on the roof of a nearby building, but a minion monster kidnaps him, prompting the three to transform and go after JTC. Sting goes off and tells him that he is going to try and cut it off from the left. Dragon Knight tries to stop him, but Wing Knight tells him that they should go to the right and try to meet up with Sting. The two manage to find the minion monster and begin fighting it, but the minion seems to have the advantage over both of them. Meanwhile, Sting is looking for the monster when he gets ambushed by Strike. Strike is happy that he now can fight Sting again one-on-one. They begin fighting, with Strike having the advantage.

Meanwhile, the minion takes its shuriken out and begins to fight Wing Knight and Dragon Knight, still having the advantage. After delivering a blow to Dragon Knight, it leaps out into an open field, followed closely by Dragon Knight and Wing Knight. Sting, on the other hand, is trying to get his asthma under control. Strike taunts him about being tired already, but Sting tells him that he is tired of waiting and motions to Strike to attack. When he does, Sting manages to elude all the attacks. Wing Knight and Dragon Knight seem to have the upper hand in their battle against the minion now, and when the minion charges straight at them, they use their swords and slash the minion, successfully defeating it. Sting continues to elude all of Strike’s attacks but then begins to wheeze. Strike then taunts him to attack first, but Sting remembers Wing Knight’s words and then counters Strike’s words by telling him to come and bring the fight out of him. Strike falls for it and charges straight at Sting. Sting uses the same maneuver that he did on Wing Knight and succeeds in landing a glancing blow on Strike, knocking him back and forcing him to double over.

Strike then gets serious over the whole matter and begins to fight Sting with no mercy. Sting manages to stop Strike’s sword with his visor, deadlocking the weapon for a while before Strike breaks it and smartly slashes at Sting while he is off balance. As Sting struggles to get his asthma under control, Strike comments on how he has the will to fightm but not the lung power. He raises his sword to deliver the final blow, but Wing Knight and Dragon Knight intervene again and knock him away from Sting. Strike is forced to flee again, with his mission unfinished. After making sure that Strike is gone, Dragon Knight and Wing Knight help Sting to his feet and leave Ventara.

Back in Earth, Kit comments on how slippery JTC is. Chris then apologizes for running off on his own. Len chides Chris for not remembering what he said: “Together we’re stronger.” He tells Kit and Chris that the only way they are going to be able to defeat Xaviax is if they all work together as a team. Chris takes those words a bit hard but he apologizes again and makes up with Len for his mistake, and the three take off for some pizza.

In Xaviax’s lair, Xaviax returns after his successful mission and is surprised to see James holding an ice pack to his head. Xaviax thought that James was going to wait for reinforcements before going after Sting, but James tells him that he did have Sting separated, but Wing Knight and Dragon Knight intervened again, despite using the minion as a distraction. Xaviax reassures him that he will not have to worry about them intervening again, getting James’ attention. Spear and Axe step out of the portal, and Xaviax introduces James to the two. James likes the two new Riders and Xaviax is happy with James’ reaction. What is James’ plan for venting Sting now? How will the Kit, Len, and Chris deal with the new Riders? Are Kit and Len ever going to finally meet JTC in person? What does Michelle have in store for Maya, now that she knows that Maya definitely is hiding something?