Kamen Rider

Season 19 Episode 11

555 Faces, 1 Treasure (Faizutsu no Kao, Hitotsu no Takara)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Apr 05, 2009 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

555 Faces, 1 Treasure (Faizutsu no Kao, Hitotsu no Takara)
Tsukasa recovers the Faiz Gear before Takumi takes it back, allowing him and Yuri to escape on Autovajin. Exposed as an Orphenoch, Takumi attempts to throw the Faiz Gear into the river. Tsukasa gets it. Daiki later attacks Takumi to get the belt, eventually taking the Ride Booker as Narutaki takes Tsukasa to another dimensio to be killed by Kamen Rider Ryuga. Daiki soon intervenes while claiming it was to get the Faiz Gear as he gives him back the Ride Booker. The Lucky Clover members attack the school with Takumi trying to stop them. Decade, Diend and Faiz destroy the Orphenochs with Decade gaining Faiz's powers. Later, Daiki steals the Orga Belt as the portal to Agito's World opens...

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    Masahiro Inoue

    Masahiro Inoue

    Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade

    Ryouta Murai

    Ryouta Murai

    Yuusuke Onodera/Kamen Rider Kuuga

    Kanna Mori

    Kanna Mori

    Natsumi Hikari

    Kimito Totani

    Kimito Totani

    Daiki Kaito/Kamen Rider Diend

    Renji Ishibashi

    Renji Ishibashi

    Eijiro Hikari

    Tatsuhito Okuda

    Tatsuhito Okuda


    Ryosuke Miura

    Ryosuke Miura

    Momose/Tiger Orphenoch

    Guest Star

    Yurie Midori

    Yurie Midori

    Yuri Tomoda

    Guest Star

    Ayasa Hanagata

    Ayasa Hanagata

    Shukawa/Lobster Orphenoch

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Daiki: (on the Faiz Gear) What I really wanted what that!
        Tsukasa: What are you going to do with Faiz's belt?
        Daiki: Faiz Gear, it was developed by a certain company. It's a precious treasure.
        Tsukasa: Treasure?
        Daiki: Sleeping in the worlds are treasures that are beyond our imagination. I want to obtain them all!
        Tsukasa: So you're a thief?

      • Natsumi: (looking at photos of Takumi) He has a nice smile.
        Yuri: But, this was also a lie.
        Natsumi: A lie?
        Yuri: I didn't know that he was Faiz or an Orphenoch. The face of the Takumi that I know... wasn't his real face.
        Tsukasa: (taking a photo of Yuri) The real face can't be taken by anyone. You can take hundreds of photos, but a different face will appear. You can never take the same face twice. Isn't that why we take photos?

      • Takumi: I took the belt and threw it away.
        Daiki: You're lying. It's too valuable.
        Tsukasa: What he's saying is true. (holds up the Faiz Gear)
        Daiki: Are you going to give him the Faiz Gear?
        Tsukasa: I just want to take a picture of his face. (on the Faiz Gear) And he threw this away. He has something more important than this. Something much more valuable than the Faiz Gear. There's no way he can throw that away!
        Daiki: Something worth more than the Faiz Gear? That doesn't exist! Hand that over, Tsukasa!

      • Genda: You bastard, who are you!?
        Tsukasa: Just a passing-through Kamen Rider. Remember that!

      • Narutaki: How interesting, Diend! You and Decade will never get along! You guys will destroy each other in the end!

    • NOTES (16)

      • This episode ends with a trailer for Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade NEO Generations The Movie: The Onigashima Battleship.

      • Yuri's use of Tsukasa's camera to get perfect photographs confirms that it is Tsukasa, and not his camera, that prevents him from taking decent pictures.

      • Daiki finds the Gears for Kamen Riders Orga, Delta, Psyga and the Riotroopers, in the rubble of the Smart Brain High School. He takes the Orga Gear with him, presumably leaving the others as they are less valuable.

      • The only Gear not seen in the rubble of the school, other than the Faiz Gear, is that of Kamen Rider Kaixa. Interestingly, Kaixa is the only 555 Rider to have already appeared in Decade, suggesting that the Gear was not present as it is already in use by an as yet unknown user.

      • This is the first episode in which a Final Form Ride card is used for a second time. In this case, the Kiva Arrow.

      • Diend's summoning of Kiva is the first of three occasions where he summons a main Heisei era Kamen Rider.

      • The picture portal to Agito's World depicts the tapestry seen in the opening titles of Kamen Rider Agito.

      • With this episode, the opening titles are changed to include Kimito Totani (Daiki Kaito/Kamen Rider Diend).

      • Kamen Rider Ryuga previously appeared in Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final, but was the only Rider not to appear in the Decade episodes on Ryuki's World. His real identity is not revealed.

      • Guest Riders:
        Kamen Rider Ryuga.
        Kamen Rider Faiz.

      • Decade Rider transformations:

      • Diend Riders:
        Kamen Rider Kiva (stolen from Decade).

      • Advent Cards:

        Dragblacker - summons Dragblacker.
        Final Vent - performs Dark Dragon Rider Kick.

      • Having stolen Tsukasa's Decade cards, Diend is able summon and use the power of all the Riders he has previously encountered. Diend's use of the cards however still results in Riders being summoned, not his transformation into them, meaning that this is a function of of how the card is used, either with the Decadriver or Diendriver, not which deck it came from.

      • Daiki/Diend acquires the Kamen Rider Orga belt.

      • With this episode, Decade gains the ability to become Faiz and use his attacks. Faiz is the fifth Rider power acquired after Kuuga, Kiva, Ryuki and Blade.

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