Kamen Rider

Season 21 Episode 13

A Siamese Cat, Stress And The Genius Surgeon (Shamu Neko to Sutoresu to Tensai Gekai)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Dec 05, 2010 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • Chiyoko doesn't notice Ankh's Greeed arm when he gets the urge to kill her, even though he holds it right up in front of her as she shoots him with the water pistol.

  • Quotes

    • Narrator: So far on Kamen Rider OOO... 800 years ago, Medal kaijin Greeed are created from human desire. Each of them are supposed to have nine Core Medals. Will it be the Greeed or OOO who obtain them all? Or will it be human desire? Just what lies ahead?

    • Chiyoko: Eiji said you were from out of the country, but which one?
      Ankh: What if I told you it was just a cesspool of greed!?
      Chiyoko: That's right. This is why Ankh is such a poor adult. I'm sorry for making you remember something unpleasant. Alright! From now on, this will be your home! Here!
      Ankh: (to himself, getting angry) This woman completely believes Eiji's made-up story.

    • Goto: Why are you here?
      Erika: My vacation starts this afternoon. For the next week, please take care of the president.
      Goto: Why me!?
      Erika: Because the president said "Goto has been doing great work lately. He'd be perfect!"
      Goto: That's wrong! Even if it's work... What I really want to do is...
      Erika: ...protect the world, right? It's all the same, as long as you get paid. Well, it's the president's orders. Later.

    • Ankh: Damn it! I'm being mocked by a human!
      Eiji: She's not mocking you... Well, you did a good job enduring it. You sure have matured...
      Ankh: Who are you calling mature!? To survive in this age, I just need a roosting site! I need this place to use that! (points at his phone and laptop) As well as keep this body alive! That woman pisses me off! And that Hina girl! For a mere human, why is she so strong!? It's bizarre! That's not all... My Core Medals situation is also bizarre! We've collected this many, but why isn't even one of them my Core!? Where are the other seven!? Who has them!?
      Eiji: We just have two, right? So Greeed also feel stress?

    • Maki: Did you set up a Yummy, Kazari?
      Kazari: Cell Medals are needed, after all. It's already grown quite a bit.
      Maki: It might defeat OOO.
      Kazari: The Medals that OOO collects are given to Kougami. In the end they come to you, right? And as promised, they'll be mine. There are no disadvantages here.
      Maki: I'll have you not forget your promise to me. President Kougami talks about a vessel for storing the Medals... Should it be OOO, or... the Greeed... or... (opens his case, revealing a Driver belt) For that reason... I'm letting you observe me.
      Kazari: I know that. I'm interested too. I wonder if it really can gather together all the Medals? Also... if I partner with you, I'm sure the missing Core Medals can be found.
      Maki: That is what I wish.

    • Uva: The reason out situation isn't changing is because we are not changing, right? We should become accustomed to the new human world like Ankh and Kazari.
      Mezool: In other words, a Greeed stuck in the past has no future.
      Uva: Right. I hate to admit it, but first we must build up our power and use our heads while OOO and the others are focused on Kazari's Yummy.

    • Kougami: That Goto is acting on his own again! Taking the precious job from Satonaka and giving it to his subordinate!
      Subordinate: The captain said he wishes to prioritize fighting the Greeed.
      Kougami: Fine! Being honest about one's desires... everything starts there!

    • Tamura: What is it, Director!?
      Director: What are you doing!? Starting surgeries without permission like this.
      Tamura: If I didn't do this, I wouldn't ever be able to hold a scalpel again.
      Director: And what will you do if you fail?
      Tamura: I'm confident in myself. Surgery is my life's calling!
      Director: Enough with you conceit! You haven't been able to do surgery because you aren't qualified!
      Tamura: My patients prove I'm qualified.You're a coward for keeping me from my surgery just because you're jealous!
      Director: You fool! I will never let you hold a scalpel again! Got it!?

    • (both Ankh and Goto dress as hospital patients)
      Ankh: Your disguise makes you look like a clown.
      Goto: Look who's talking. Maybe you really need to see a doctor since you can't find your Core Medals.

  • Notes

    • It is shown that when used in forms other then Gatakiriba Combo, the Kuwagata Head is able to generate lightning from its horns.

    • The Siam-Neko Yummy is created from Tamura's desire to perform surgery despite not being allowed to.

    • Ending theme: "Regret Nothing ~Tighten Up~" by Shu Watanabe (as Eiji Hino).

    • OOO Core Medal Count: 14 (2 red, 3 green, 4 yellow, 2 blue, 3 grey).

    • OOO Combos:
      (name / medals)
      Gatatoraba Combo (Kuwagata/Tora/Batta).
      Tatoba Combo (Taka/Tora/Batta).
      Sagohzo Combo (Sai/Gorilla/Zou - Grey Combo).

    • O Medals:
      (name / animal / ability)
      Tora Medal (Tiger - Tora Claw gaunlets).
      Batta Medal (Grasshopper - Batta Legs - jump high distances).
      Kuwagata Medal (Stag Beetle - Kuwagata Head - duplication).
      Taka Medal (Hawk - Taka Head - long distance vision).
      Sai Medal (Rhinoceros - Sai Head - powerful head butt).
      Gorilla Medal (Gorilla - Gorilla Arms - Gori Bagon projectile gauntlets).
      Zou Medal (Elephant - Zou Legs - create tremors).

    • This episode's opening credits feature clips from Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core.

    • This episode ends with a trailer for Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core.

    • First appearance of Kamen Rider OOO Gatatoraba Combo and the Waste Yummies.

    • Ankh notes that of all the Core Medals they have either found, taken from the Greeed or been given, not one was red and belonged to Ankh himself.

    • Erika drives a pepper white MINI Cooper Sidewalk convertible. It is a pre-2005 model based on the design of the front end, particularly the area directly below the windscreen.

    • The car damaged during OOO's fight with the Waste Yummies is a silver BMW 3 Series.

    • The Waste Yummies are similar in appearance to White Yummies but have large round holes in their faces. They are the weakest type of Yummy, formed from very few broken Cell Medals.

    • First appearance of the Birth Driver, although it is not named or used here.

    • For the first time, Maki removes the doll from his arm, sitting in the miniture chair on his desk. He puts it back as soon as he gets up, albeit on the other arm and in a position as to suggest it was clinging on to him instead of sitting.

    • Maki reveals that he has built a Driver belt which will allow someone to transform into a Kamen Rider.

    • Maki's office has sketches of OOO's Medajalibur on the wall, suggesting that he was involved in its design and construction.

    • It is revealed that Maki and Kazari are working together to obtain Cell Medals. Any Cell Medals acquired by Kazari's Yummy will go to him and, as 60% of those collected by OOO goes to Maki via Kougami for his research, he'll also have access to those too. In return, Kazari helps Maki with his research on creating a vessel for storing the Medals and finding the missing Core Medals.

    • Goto's suspension, which he was given by Kougami in the previous episode, is apparently over, as he is first seen outside using a Ride Vendor is given new orders by Erika.

    • Hina tells the hospital receptionist that Izumi has been there before. While he has a pass card, it is unknown what his prior reason for being there was (illness or police work), although Hina says he is now having his appendix taken out.

    • Unhappy with being assigned to protect Kougami during Erika's vacation, Goto delegates the job to one of his subordinates so he can continue fighting the Greeed directly.

    • As with the Neko Yummy in Episode 3-4, Kazari's Siam-Neko Yummy begins by taking over and controling the host's body like a parasite.

    • The matured Siam-Neko Yummy is able to reenter it's host's body after leaving it.

    • The Taka Candroid is able to carry other Candroids in its claws, such as Batta Candroids.

    • The Candroids are shown to be able to speak their own names.

    • Before being possessed by the Yummy, Kei had not performed surgery in over a month.

    • Kei Tamura works at the Musashikawa General Hospital.

    • To make Chiyoko feel sorry for him and allow him to live at the Cous Cousier, Eiji told her that Ankh was from an unpleasant foreign country. Chiyoko completely believes this.

    • Ankh appears to be eating steak, sweetcorn and two ice pops.

    • The Cous Cousier currently has a Wild West/Cowboys and Indians theme.

    • Monster: Siam-Neko Yummy.

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