Kamen Rider

Season 21 Episode 4

Doubt, A Picture Message, And A Helping Hand (Utagai to Shame to Sukui no Te)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Sep 26, 2010 on TV Asahi



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    • Narrator: Kamen Roder OOO. The three things that happened last time: One, Hina Izumi encoutered Ankh who is possessing her brother's body. Two, a man who can't control his appetite is infected by a Yummy. And three, a new enemy appeared before OOO and Ankh. A member of the Greeed appears!

    • Ankh: Kazari... it's you, isn't it?
      Kazari: Long time ne see, Ankh.
      Ankh: Sneaking around in the shadows... that's just like you. Speaking of which, aren't Yummy parasites your speciality?

    • Ankh: (to Eiji) be careful! He's come to take it back. One of those Core Medals is his.
      Eiji: Core Medal!? Then he's a member of the Greeed!
      Kazari: No need to be so guarded. I do not wish to fight.
      Ankh: What?
      Kazari: Listen. Though I'm missing Core Medals, I really don't believe you have all of them. After all, look at yourself.
      Ankh: So?
      Kazari: Dump OOO. As a fellow Greeed, why don't you join me?

    • Kazari: I'm sure you know, but OOO was originally the one who sealed us. It's not possible for you to work with him. Ankh! In the past, you really stood out to me among the Greeeds. If you join me, the Medal-gathering would be more efficient.
      Ankh: I'm only using OOO because I have to. After all... (holds up his arm) ...only this much of me has revived. But humans really are a nuisance. Maybe things would be better with you.
      Kazari: It's decided then. OOO is no longer needed, right?
      Ankh: Wait! There are demerits to joining the Greeed, too. Give me some time to think.
      Kazari: Fine, but don't take too long. I can't be too careful around you. You're a smart guy, so I expect a good answer.

    • Eiji: The Greeeds are on a totally different level than the Yummys, aren't they? It's not just raw strength... it's the quality of their power.
      Ankh: Of course! There are three others besides Kazari. Uva. Gamel. Mezool. If they obtain all of their Core Medals, what do you think would happen?
      Eiji: If I recall, you said they'd devour the world?
      Ankh: Well then... thanks to Kazari's great news, that means I no longer need OOO. What'll you do? How about shutting up and just gathering the Medals?
      Eiji: I can't.
      Ankh: Fool! You saw, didn't you!? Humans are nothing more than a mass of greed. Save as many of them as you want, but there'll be no end to them.
      Eiji: Sometimes we lose to greed, but in the end, we properly...
      Ankh: "Lose to greed"? Think that over carefully! While you do that, I'll be studying this. (holds up Shingo's phone)

    • Kougami: This is unbelievable, Satonaka. We can't be straightforward in dealing with this Greed named Ankh. We need to consider out future plans depending on whether he leaves OOO or not.
      Erika: We have quite a few choices.
      Kougami: There's only one. There is only one path for me to choose!

    • Hina: Is that story about my brother true? An arm monster has taken my brother?
      Eiji: Yeah. Sorry about the fake e-mail. I couldn't think of anything else.
      Hina: Why my brother? How can we save him? Call the police? Take him to a hospital?
      Eiji: I don't know how many casualties there will be. Ankh has no problems with dumping your brother's body. He's different. Even if the surface looks the same, the inside is completely different. Right now, he's not your brother, Hina. But I haven't given up. Someday I'll save your brother. Until then, stay away from him. Okay?
      Hina: Just who can I trust? You? I want to believe you... but you're a complete stranger. It's not like you're my brother's friend, right? Despite that... why are you...? Even the nicest guy wouldn't do that...
      Eiji: It's not because I'm nice. That's why I can't tell you to trust me. It's not like I can save everyone, right? But if I don't reach out my hand when I can, the regret would make me wish I were dead. I reach out my hand because I don't want that. That's all.

    • Ankh: Do you have your answer, Eiji? (holds up the phone) I've completely mastered using this.
      Eiji: The answer is the same. I will not be your tool.
      Ankh: Damn it!
      Kazari: Then... Ankh's answer is decided. You will abandon OOO. And join me.
      Ankh: Looks like it.
      Kazari: (to Eiji) You will die here.

    • Ankh: In the past, you were always distrustful. Looks like you're the same even after reviving. You were following Eiji and me around sniffing things out, weren't you? (holds up the phone) This is the current human tool. You can gather information even without saying anything. All of your actions were seen... by humans.
      Kazari: It can't be! Humans can do that!?
      Ankh: They've changed while we were sealed. A distrustful Greeed will betray you someday because of that distrust. And he'll take your Medals. Humans may be stupid and a nuisance... but they're still preferable.

    • Eiji: (Monta is consumed by the Neko Yummy) That man is in the kaijin!
      Ankh: You can say the greed consumed him. That ugliness is the true nature of man. Is that really worth saving?
      Eiji: It's not for me to decide other people's worth.
      Ankh: Well, I will. The moment you are worthless to me, I will abandon you.
      Eiji: I'll find an opening in you and save Hina's brother. Even if that means defeating you.
      Ankh: I'd be impressed if you did.

    • Monta: (to the paramedics) I won't gorge anymore. I'll have proper self-control.
      Eiji: (to Ankh) See. Even if they lose to their greed, humans can recover. After going through all that, he should be fine.
      Monta: (to the paramedics) Um... if possible, can you take me to a hospital with good food? Like if they have hamburgers or pizza. Hey, you listening?
      Ankh: (to Eiji) That's how it is. Humans can't control their greed. It's just as I said. I win.
      Eiji: It's not really about winning or losing.

    • Kougami: Yo, Eiji Hino. And the Greeed, Ankh, right?
      Eiji: Eh?
      Ankh: What?
      Kougami: First let us celebrate our meeting. The meeting of people is a portent to an upcoming birth.

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