Kamen Rider

Sunday 8:00 AM on TV Asahi Premiered Apr 03, 1971 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 21
    • Kamen Rider OOO: The Movie (Kamen Raidā Ōzu: Za Mubi)
    • OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go, Kamen Rider (Ōzu Den'ō Ōru Raidā: Rettsu Gō Kamen Raidā)
      "Let's Go Kamen Riders""These are Japan's Heroes!"
    • Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & Double Featuring Skull: Movie War Core (Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā Ōzu ando Daburu
    • Kamen Rider OOO: Nobunaga's Ambition (Kamen Raidā Ōzu Nobunaga no Yabō)
    • The Grasshopper, The Father And Son, And The Ally Of Justice (Batta to Oyako to Seigi no Mikata)
    • The Decoy, The Qualifications, And The Blazing Combo (Otori to Shikaku to Honō no Konbo)
    • The Red Medal, The Detective, And A Betrayal (Akai Medaru to Keiji to Uragiri)
      Eiji finds Goto working at the Cous Coussier. Later, he meets with Kougami, who gives him the Condor Medal, which is one of Ankh's. Kougami says that OOO needs to become stronger to keep up with the Greeed. Eiji refuses to take the Medal. Meanwhile, Kazari creates a new Yummy using Toichi Yamagane, who escapes prison to seek his revenge. Eiji goes back to the Cous Coussier, meeting Yasuji "Yasu" Okumura, who is looking for Shingo. Yasu is laster confronted by Yamagane, who wants revenge for putting him in prison. Eiji becomes OOO to protect Yasu but Yamagane escapes. Yasu recognizes Ankh as Shingo, who saved him from Yamagane three agos before the pair were arrested. Yasu acts as bait to uncover Kazari's plan, with the White Yummy emerging to become the Lion-Kurage Yummy, a hybrid. OOO is unable to fight this new Yummy. OOO uses Takakirietar Combo to catch the Lion-Kurage Yummy before using Lakirietar Combo, but it is unhurt by the attack. Akira arrives and becomes Birth but Kazari appears. Kazari reveals that he absorbed Mezool's Core Medals to create the Lion-Kurage Yummy. Both OOO and Birth are defeated. Yasu steals the O Medal Holder from Ankh, giving it to Kazari. He absorbs OOOs Cheetah and Lion Medals, giving him nine Core Medals and his full complete form.moreless
    • Destruction, Motives, And The Eel Whip (Hakai to Riyū to Unagi Muchi)
      Akira and Ankh end up in competition over the rights to collect the Cell Medals after the Kuwagata Yummy is destroyed. Later that night at the Cous Coussier, Eiji and Ankh talk about how the Kuwagata Yummy was created. The two realize that Rei has two desires, both represented by the split of the Kabuto Yummy into the Kuwagata Yummy. Goto introduces himself to Date, but doesn't learn anything about him except that he hates Maki's doll. After training hard, Goto collapses in the now Egyptian themed Cous Cossier. Eiji and Ankh go to the dojo to ask Rie why she wants to be stronger and what she was going to do. Akira arrives and reveals that she has a crush on Sensei Masaru and wants to get rid of anyone who steals him from her, including his soon-to-be wife. Uva appears with several Waste Yummy. While Eiji, Ankh and Akira fight them, Rie runs off to find the Yummy herself. Rie tries to fight the Kuwagata Yummy but Kamen Rider Birth saves her. Eiji soon follows and becomes OOO. The two Kamen Riders fight the Yummy with Uva evening the numbers. While Birth takes some of Uva's Cell Medals, OOO uses the Unagi Medal to transform into Takautar Combo to fight the Kuwagata Yummy. Birth then destroys it with his Breast Cannon, only to find Ankh trying to steal Cell Medals from his container. Rie is relieved that the Yummy is gone and Masaru is happy. Akira refuses to work with Eiji and Ankh, although he is impressed by them.moreless
    • The Kendo Girl, Oden, And The Separating Yummy (Kendō Shōjo to Oden to Bunri Yamī)
      Eiji and Ankh meet the man behind Kamen Rider Birth: Akira Date. He gives Eiji some Cell Medals before leaving. At the Cous Coussier, Chiyoko and Hina return from their trip to Egypt. Meanwhile, Rie Shiratori is failing in kendo class as her desire to be stronger attracts Uva. He creates a White Yummy that attacks everyone who is good at kendo. Eiji fights the Yummy as OOO but it escapes. Ankh finds a present Hina got him: the O Medal Holder. The White Yummy transforms into the Kabuto Yummy. Eiji fights it again as OOO Takagoriba. However, the Kabuto Yummy spawns the Kuwagata Yummy, which overwhelm OOO and Ankh. Date eventually arrives and transforms into Kamen Rider Birth, using the Cell Medals in his tank to defeat the Yummy. The Kuwagata Yummy escapes, but Birth and OOO destroy the Kabuto Yummy. Birth then takes all the left over Cell Medals for himself. Date explains to Eiji and Ankh that he is getting paid to collect Cell Medals.moreless
    • An End, The Greeed, And A New Rider (Shūmatsu to Gurīdo to Shin Raidā)
      Gamel achieves his full Greeed form after absorbing Mezool's Core Medals. However, before Maki can add Uva's Medals, Kazari refuses to give up his own and takes the Kujaku Medal as payment. Ankh confronts Kougami about Maki, but he refuses to do anything about him as his research is in the Kougami Foundation's desire for Cell Medals. When Ankh leaves, Kougami reveals to Eiji that fifty Core Medals were created by humans 800 years ago in an attempt to create life. Removing one Medal from each 10 Medal set gave the Greeed their desire to be whole. At night, Uva sends Waste Yummies after Mezool. Eiji and Ankh save her, not knowing who she is. At the lab, Goto questions Maki about Hina's kidnapping, but Maki tries to tempt him with the Birth Driver. The next day while searching for Mezool, Gamel's body begins to emit destructive energy. Eiji and Ankh see him meet Mezool, who absorbs him so she can regain her Core Medals. However, Maki also arrives and adds the Cell Medals from the truck and Uva's Core Medals, causing Mezool to be transformed into a Giant Greeed. Eiji fights it as Kamen Rider OOO but is unable to defeat the monster until a new figure attacks Mezool, causing her to lose Uva's Core Medals. With these Medals, OOO assumes Gatakiriba Combo to destroy the monster. Ankh tries to get the other Core Medals, but Uva and Kazari snatch most of them with Ankh only getting one of Mezool's Unagi Medals and one of Gamel's Gorilla Medals. Ankh tells Eiji that he just wants a stronger complete body with his Core Medals. Later, they meet the new figure who introduces himself as Kamen Rider Birth.moreless
    • The Medal Struggle, The Transport Truck, And The Container (Medaru Sōdatsu to Yusōsha to Utsuwa)
      At the Cous Coussier, Eiji helps set up for Christmas before Ankh calls him away. Ankh was spying on Kougami during a meeting about the transportation of 5000 Cell Medals to Dr. Maki along with a red Core Medal. Eiji refuses to help him steal his Core Medal back, but Kazari arrives and gives him a reason; Hina is trapped in the transport truck. Eiji uses a Ride Vendor to follow the truck before it is stopped by Uva and Mezool. OOO fights the two Greeed while Ankh deals with Gamel. Hina escapes the truck but Gamel knocks her out. OOO loses most of his Medals to Kazari. Uva and Gamel take the truck as Kazari steals Mezool's Core Medals. After a brief fight, Eiji promises Ankh a year's supply of ice pops for saving Hina and a promise to get the Core Medals back. Kazari attacks Uva but he gets away. Ankh and Eiji save Hina from Kazari using OOO Sagohzo Combo. Gamel is tricked by Kazari into creating the Rikugame Yummy from his desire to kill OOO. During the fight, OOO loses the Sai, Gorilla, and Zou Medals. Kazari and Gamel leave in the truck, OOO is forced to fight the Yummy and destroys it with Goto's help. Later at Maki's lab, Kazari tricks Gamel into ingesting Mezool's Core Medals so Maki can see the full power of the Core Medals when all contained in a single Greeed.moreless
    • Pride, Surgery, And A Secret (Puraido to Shujutsu to Himitsu)
      Shingo has emergency surgery after Ankh abandons him. The hospital director suffers a heart attack, but Eiji tells him that Tamura was possessed by a monster created from her desire. The director reveals his reasons why he stopped her from performing surgeries. Eiji uses all of the Cell Medals he has to find Ankh and Tamura using the Candroids and saves Ankh from the Yummy possessing Tamura's body. Ankh returns to Shingo after giving Eiji some Core Medals to fight the Yummy. The Siam-Neko Yummy and Kamen Rider OOO fight. OOO manages to free Tamura from the Yummy, allowing her to return to the hospital to see the director, actually her father, and learn why he stopped her operating. Meanwhile, Kazari joins the fight against OOO, taking back his Tora and Cheetah Core Medals. Ankh arrives with spare Tora and Batta Medals, allowing Eiji to fight using Tatoba Combo. As OOO fights Kazari and the Siam-Neko Yummy, Ankh finishes two Waste Yummy as Shintaro arrives. The Siam-Neko Yummy is destroyed, but Kazari escapes. When Shintaro leaves, Ankh scolds Eiji for losing two Core Medals. Back at the hospital, Eiji learns that Tamura saved her father. Elsewhere, Mezool uses a conman to grow several Piranha Yummy, the Waste Yummy from before revealed to be a distraction to keep them safe. As the three Greeed consume the Piranha Yummy's Cell Medals they plan to get more Core Medals back from OOO. At the Kougami Lab, Maki finishes his analysis of the red Kujaku Core Medal.moreless
    • A Siamese Cat, Stress And The Genius Surgeon (Shamu Neko to Sutoresu to Tensai Gekai)
      Erika tells Goto that he is is to take over for her as Kougami's secretary while she is on holiday. At the Cous Cousier, Ankh is forced to resist the urge to kill Chiyoko when she annoys him but is also frustrated at not being able to find any of his own Core Medals. Meanwhile, at the hospital, surgeon Kei Tamura is constantly kept out of surgery. She attracts the attention of Kazari, who uses her as a host for a Yummy, causing her to perform operations on her own. Sensing the Yummy, Ankh takes Eiji to fight the Yummy, but they are attacked by four Waste Yummies. Eiji destroys them as Kamen Rider OOO Gatatoraba Combo. At the hospital, Ankh uses Shingo's memories to enter the building as a patient while Eiji goes to find the Yummy. He finds Tamura as the Yummy takes over her body and attacks the hospital's director. Ankh encounters Goto who is also posing as a patient. Ankh separates himself from Shingo to attack Goto. He them finds Eiji fighting the matured Siam-Neko Yummy. OOO fights it using Sagohzo Combo and nearly destroys it, but Tamura gets in the way, allowing the Yummy to reenter her body. Fed up, Ankh flies off, leaving Shingo's body near death...moreless
    • An Eel, The World, And The Heavy Combo (Unagi to Sekai to Jūryoku Konbo)
      Kamen Rider OOO is overpowered by the Ageha Yummy after being shot by Goto. The Yummy flies away. Later, Eiji learns that Goto sees him as an unworthy hero. Eiji says he'll give Goto the OOO powers, but Ankh explains that Shintaro cannot be OOO. Meanwhile, Gamel gives Mezool her Tako Medals back and Uva offers to work with him to defeat OOO. Goto is suspended for his earlier actions but Maki provokes him again. Ankh thinks about getting Gamel's Core Medals to defeat the Ageha Yummy. Tsukuba arrives at the restaurant and asks Eiji if he can use his story as his own. Tsukuba reveals that he only travelled to prove himself to everyone. As Eiji fight the Ageha Yummy again, Hina shows Tsukuba the consequences of his desire. Eiji gives Keisuke permission to use his story. Tsukuba admits that he never travelled the world. Goto gives Eiji the Denki Unagi Candroids, allowing OOO to hold the Ageha Yummy at bay until Uva and Gamel arrive. Fighting the two Greeed and the Ageha Yummy, OOO manages to take three of Gamel's Core Medals. Using the Sai, Gorilla, and Zou Core Medals, Kamen Rider OOO assumes Sagohzo Combo. He drives the Greeed back, allowing Ankh to take Uva's Kuwagata Medal as well. OOO destroys the Ageha Yummy with Sagohozo Combo's gravitational powers. Ankh later admits that he is impressed with Eiji's tolerance to the Medal Combos and Eiji and Goto become friends. Later, Tsukuba decides to travel on his bike, so Eiji gives him a pair of boxers as a present.moreless
    • A Traveller, A Swallowtail, And A Celebrity (Tabibito to Agehachō to Yūmeijin)
      Eiji meets his old friend and world travel writer Keisuke Tsukuba who has come back to Japan to find a publisher for his book. Keisuke is rejected in favour of another writer called Koutarou Sawada. Uva uses Keisuke to create a White Yummy, which extracts Sawada's talent, transforming into the Ageha Yummy and transferring the talent to Keisuke. Eiji tries to fight the Ageha Yummy as Kamen Rider OOO but it flies away. Goto reports OOO's failure to defeat the Yummy to Kougami, who gives him a new Candroid to pass on to Eiji. Outside, Goto meets Dr. Maki, who tells him to prove that he is better than OOO. Keisuke decides he wants to outdo the Meguro Masaji comedy duo, so the Ageha Yummy attacks them and extracts their talent. Following the Yummy's trail, Eiji and Ankh are ambushed by Gamel who wants Mezool's Medals back. Eiji fights him as OOO Takatorartar, but abandons two of Mezool's Tako Medals to him to fight the Yummy instead. Goto fights the Ageha Yummy to protect the comedians, until OOO arrives and damages the Yummy's wings. As OOO prepares to destroy the Yummy, Goto attacks them both. Meanwhile, Hina goes to see Keisuke at a talk show, but sees Uva there. He attacks her to assure her silence...moreless
    • A Fist, An Experiment, And A Super Bike (Kobushi to Jikken to Chō Baiku)
      At the Kougami Biological Research Lab, Maki tells Kougami that he doesn't see the point in celebrating the lab's 10th anniversary. They decide that OOO will be well suited to utilize the Medals' true power. Maki then resumes his observation of his lab technician Tadano, seeing him build several bombs. Eiji follows the Taka Candroid to the lab just as Tadano leaves. Ankh identifies him as the Yummy's host. A Same Yummy appears, but Eiji uses OOO Takatorartar Combo to destroy it. Maki locks down the lab, trapping everyone inside with several Same Yummy. Maki asks OOO not to interfere in his observations of the Yummy nest, but Eiji tells him that human lives are more important. Eiji leaves to stop Tadano planting more bombs as Goto tries to fight the Same Yummy. Tadano is arrested as Eiji With takes his notebook, allowing him to find and deactivate the bombs. The Same Yummies escape the lab, so Maki gives Eiji the new Tora Candroid for OOO to test. Though grateful, Eiji warns Maki to stay away from him. Kamen Rider OOO then uses the Tora Candroid with the Ride Vendor form the Toride Vendor. Unable ride the vehicle, OOO uses Latorartar Combo to gain control, with the Vendor taking his excess power. With the Toride Vendor, OOO destroys all the remaining Same Yummy.moreless
    • Soaking Wet, The Past, And The Burning Hot Combo (Zubunure to Kako to Shakunetsu Konbo)
      Hina forces Ankh to feed Shingo's body during a Halloween party at the restaurant. Erika arrives to collect Kougami's fee for his Cell Medal loan. An explosion ends the party with Eiji going to investigate. He finds a destroyed car before another bomb explodes with an unusual splash. Eiji sees a strange man with a puppet on his arm before he is alerted to the presence of the Same Yummy. OOO fights the Yummy, realizing it's connection to the explosions, before it escapes. Ankh later tells Eiji that this Yummy is feeding on someone's desire to destroy things. Meanwhile, Kazari is upset that OOO has the Lion Medal and comes to suspect that someone else is collecting Medals. The next day there is another bomb attack as Eiji admits to Hina that he has a personal connection to it, revealing how he was unable to save a girl killed in an explosion during a civil war. OOO fights the Same Yummy, but Mezool and Gamel intervene. Eiji uses Latorartar Combo, allowing Ankh to steal four of Mezool's Core Medals before she and Gamel retreat. A weakened Eiji then sees the man with the puppet again. The man reveals that he knows who the bomber is and has been trying to see OOO's power first hand. Later, the man is revealed to be Dr. Kiyoto Maki of the Kougami Biological Research Lab as the real bomber builds a new bomb...moreless
    • Sabotaging, Having No Greed, And Being In A Break (Sabori to Muyoku to Kyūkeijū)
      Gamel and the Bison Yummy fall back so Eiji tries to keep Takeshi and Momoko from killing each other. Momoko throws the scratch card into the river, forcing Takeshi to go after it. Momoko tells Eiji that Takeshi was once an award winning photographer before becoming money mad. Ankh, weak from his fight with Uva, finds himself unable to heal after intentionally discarding the Kuwagata and Cheetah Medals to escape. Mezool stops Uva and Kazari fighting, making them trade their respective Core Medals. Later, Eiji goes to Kougami for a favour as Gamel and the Bison Yummy come up with a plan to get back at OOO. The next day, Takeshi and Momoko reconcile their differences, and the Bison Yummy returns. Ankh senses the attack, but it takes Eiji and the Cell Medals be borrowed from Kougami to heal him. Kamen Rider OOO then fights the Bison Yummy before assuming Takakiriba Combo. To Ankh's shock, OOO uses the Lion Medal to use Lakiriba Combo to destroy the Bison Yummy, with only a single Cell Medal remaining. Momoko and Takeshi have made up, with Takeshi returning to photography. Hina follows Eiji to Ankh's location, confirming that he is why Eiji is not accepting Chiyoko's job offer. She convinces Eiji to reconsider the job and housing at the Cous Coussier so she can keep an eye on her brother's body.moreless
    • A Bad Landlord, A Trap, And A Jackpot (Dame Teishu to Wana to Ōatari)
      Kazari tells Mezool that he is using Gamel in his plan to get his Core Medals back from Ankh. In the city, Gamel is inspired to create the Bison Yummy after seeing a couple arguing. At the Cous Coussier, now with an Edo theme, Hina finds Eiji working there. Chiyoko offers him a job and a room, but he refuses. The woman Gamel saw, Momoko, comes in looking for her husband, Takeshi. Eiji goes after her with a apir of shoes as she forgot her own. Eiji finds Momoko beating Takeshi, who has spent all their money on scratch cards. Eiji tries to appease them, but the Bison Yummy attacks just as Takeshi wins one million yen. Eiji as Kamen Rider OOO fights the Bison Yummy before Gamel joins in too. Shintaro arrives with a cake from Kougami, which Eiji finds is decorated with the Lion Medal. Using the new Medal, OOO uses Latoraba Combo, blinding Gamel and the Yummy with the Lion Head, but the escape. Meanwhile, Ankh learns that a green medal has been found and goes to investigate, believing it to be one of the nine missing Core Medals. However, he finds that it was a trap set up by Uva. Uva attacks him, releasing the Cheetah and Kuwagata Medals...moreless
    • Fashion, A Contract, And The Strongest Combo (Oyōfuku to Keiyaku to Saikyō Konbo)
      Uva is forced to retreat after losing three Core Medals to Ankh. Ankh explains to Eiji about the three types of Core Medals and that Kamen Rider OOO can use all three of Uva's Medals, creating a Medal Combo. So he can go look for Kougami again, Ankh gives Eiji three Core Medals so he can transform if he needs to. Haruka becomes more desperate over her family's bankrupcy, feeding the Egg Yummies. Hina tries to convince her not to go shopping, but she doesn't listen. Haruka's greed soon causes the Egg Yummies to hatch into a swarm of Piranha Yummy. Eiji transforms into Kamen Rider OOO to save Haruka. Meanwhile, Ankh finds Kougami who tells him that his life is tied to the Medal System, and his will is preventing OOO from accessing a Ride Vendor. Forced into accepting Kougami's deal, Ankh agrees to give him 60% of all Cell Medals they get. The Ride Vendor transforms, controlled by Shintaro's remote control. Ankh gives Eiji the Batta, Kuwagata and Kamakiri Medals, allowing him to become Kamen Rider OOO Gatakiriba Combo. Using his new powers of duplication, OOO manages to destroy most of the Piranha Yummy, but the rest gather into a giant swarm which is destroyed with a Gatakiriba Kick. Later, Eiji collapses from the strain of using Gatakiriba. Haruka gets a job at a bakery to pay her own way.moreless
    • A Game Of Tag, A Den, And A Celebrity (Oikakekko to Su to Serebu)
      Kougami negotiates with Ankh via his video screen to form a partnership sharing Cell Medals and armaments. Erika gives Eiji a box of Candroids. Ankh refuses to accept the partnership. The Greeed now have human forms to allow them to move around more easily. Mezool uses a rich girl called Haruka Yamano to create an Egg Yummy which begins to multiply using Haruka's greed for shopping. The next day, Hina meets Haruka, who gives her a scarf. Ankh tries to find which Kougami Foundation building Kougami himself resides in, but he senses something. Mezool appears as he has Eiji transform into Kamen Rider OOO. Mezool soon retreats. Ankh resumes his search for Kougami as Eiji goes off to find the Yummy himself. Approaching the building where Haruka lives, Eiji is forced to fight Uva withous his OOO powers as Ankh has the Core Medals. Eiji tries to flee on a Ride Vendor, with Ankh joining him on another. Haruka gets a call from her father in America, learning that they are bankrupt. Eiji is finally able to fight Uva as OOO. Uva tries to retrieve his Batta Medal, but Ankh distracts him by telling him that Kazari has his Kamakiri Medal. OOO transforms into Takatoratar, injuring Uva such that Ankh is able to collect more of his Core Medals, including the Kuwagata Medal.moreless
    • Doubt, A Picture Message, And A Helping Hand (Utagai to Shame to Sukui no Te)
      The Neko Yummy returns to Monta's body with Kazari offering Ankh the chance to join him in finding their respective Medals. Ankh agrees that it would be easier, but asks for time to think about it. Ankh tells Eiji about the other Greeed. Eiji gets a call on Shingo's phone, but Hina sees him with it before he collapses. Hina takes him to the Cous Coussier, where he reveals the truth about Shingo and Ankh. He promises to save Shingo, because he must help people when he can. Ankh learns how to use Shingo's new phone. Monta, controlled by the Yummy, continues to gorge on food, attracting a large crowd of bystanders who upload his picture on the Internet. Ankh sees the photos, allowing him to track it's growth and know when it is ready. Eiji goes to fight the Yummy, but Ankh is met by Kazari again. Ankh rejects the offered partnership, saying that he could never trust Kazari, but he can with humans. Eiji fights Kazari as Kamen Rider OOO, stealing three of the Greeed's Core Medals, but losing his own Kamakiri Medal in the process. The Neko Yummy consumes Monta's body, so Eiji uses his new Cheetah Medal to become OOO Takatorata Combo. Using the Cheetah Medal's speed, OOO is able to pull Monta out of the Neko Yummy's body before destroying it. As Eiji and Ankh leave the hospital after seeing Monta, they are met by Erika Satonaka, who shows them a video message of Kousei Kougami. He tells them that they are to celebrate the birth of their meeting.moreless
    • A Cat, Evolution, And A Glutton (Neko to Shinka to Kuishinbō)
      Ankh tries to strangle Hina, but she rips his Greeed arm off before fainting. Ankh. Ankh still wants to kill her so she can't interfere, but Eiji threatens to drop the OOO Driver in the river. Eiji takes Hina to the Cous Coussier restaurant where Chiyoko looks after her. She then sees him in the background of a photo taken in India.The Greeed attack the police before Kazari uses the glutton Monta Fukuji to create a White Yummy that begins to take over his body, making him eat constantly. Ankh explains to Eiji that this Yummy is a parasitic type. Eiji tries to fight it as Kamen Rider OOO, but can't do much damage as it would hurt Monta as well. Ankh isn't bothered however, and is only stopped by Eiji reminding him of his promise. Shintaro arrives with a Ride Vendor, allowing OOO to use a Taka Candroid to track the Yummy. Ankh goes to Shingo's home to research the Greeed and the humans using the Cell Medals. Soon, the Taka Candroid takes Eiji to the Cous Cossier, where Monta has forced himself inside and is eating all the food. Eiji uses a Tako Candroid to lue him back out. Eventually, the White Yummy emerges from Monta's body, becoming the Neko Yummy. Eiji becomes OOO and nearly defeats the Yummy before Kazari appears...moreless
    • Desire, Ice Cream, And A Present (Yokubō to Aisu to Purezento)
      After seeing Ankh possess the body of Shingo Izumi, Eiji demands to know what is going on, as Goto's Taka Candroids gather the leftover Medals and take them to Kougami for his collection. Later, Ankh reveals how he is keeping Shingo alive and explains that as a Greeed, he needs Cell Medals to rebuild his body, while the Core Medals give him life. Eiji reads a text message on Shingo's phone, and learns that the caller is Shingo's sister Hina, who he met earlier. Hina gets a job at the Cous Coussier restaurant after passing owner Chiyoko Shiraishi's test. Elsewhere, Uva finds the two museum thieves and creates a White Yummy from one of them. Ankh senses the new Yummy and takes Eiji to witness it feeding on greed. Ankh refuses to give Eiji the OOO Driver until the Yummy has grown so they can get more Cell Medals. Eventually, the White Yummy becomes the Otoshibumi Yummy, which nearly destroys a building. After Eiji is nearly killed trying to fight the Yummy, Ankh promises to allow him to transform whenever he wants to save lives. After transforming, OOO is given the Medajalibur sword and his own Ride Vendor motorcycle by Goto. With the Tako Candroids, OOO destroys the Otoshibumi Yummy, with Ankh feeding on the Cell Medals left behind. Later, Eiji tells Hina in a text message that Shingo is on a secret mission to give himself time to save him. However, Hina finds Shingo, still possessed by Ankh, who prepares to kill her...moreless
    • Medals, Underwear, And A Mysterious Arm (Medaru to Pantsu to Nazo no Ude)
      Start of Kamen Rider OOO.

      "I'm transforming!"

      Two thieves posing as security guard rob the Kougami Art Museum. The third guard, Eiji Hino, is drugged. During the robbery, a pile of coins form an arm, which opens the seal on a sarcophagus, releasing four monsters. The Kougami Foundation sends the Ride Vendor First Platoon to destroy the museum, hoping to trap the Greeed monsters inside. However, they escape and kill all but one of the platoon, while Kougami Foundation's leader, Kousei Kougami, decorates a birthday cake for the Greeed. Later, Eiji finds a strange red coin. He takes the coin thinking it is his pay before the wall falls down and he finds himself stood in his underwear in front of several rescue workers and police officers. He is questioned by Detective Shingo Izumi, Eiji leaves, followed by the arm. He soon passes a vending machine and tries to use the red coin in it. He drops the coins and helped to recover it by Hina, but she is scared off by the arm. The arm demands the coin back and chases Eiji. Meanwhile, the Greeed Uva creates the Kamakiri Yummy using a woman in a jewelery store. He sends the Yummy to find Ankh, the arm, and retrieve the Core Medals he stole. The Yummy finds Anku, with their fighting killing Izumi. Eiji tries to fight the Yummy, so Ankh gives him the OOO Driver belt and three Core Medals, which he uses to transform into Kamen Rider OOO. Eiji fights the Kamakiri Yummy as OOO Tatoba Combo and eventually destroys the monster. Afterwards, Ankh possesses the lifeless body of Izumi in order to move more easily. Nearby, Shintaro Goto, the sole survivor of Ride Vendor First Platoon, sends a group of hawk-like robots at OOO and Ankh while Kousei Kougami decorates another cake, this one for Kamen Rider OOO.moreless
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