Kamen Rider

Season 20 Episode 16

F Afterglow/Reclaim Your Partner (F no Zankō/Aibō o Torimodose)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Jan 03, 2010 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

F Afterglow/Reclaim Your Partner (F no Zankō/Aibō o Torimodose)
Saeko tries to take Phillip by force. After resisting the temption of the Fang Memory, Phillip escapes in RevolGarry, leaving Shotaro and Akikoas hostages of the Arms Dopant. Phillip receives a call from Kurata telling him to surrender or Shotaro will die. Learning that Fuyumi was released, Phillip saves her from the police as he needs answers. She gives Phillip the courage to save Shotaro as he encounters the Fang Memory again. As the Arms Dopant tortunes Shotaro and Akiko, Phillip arrives and transforms into Kamen Rider W FangJoker. Phillip is unable to control himself and W flies into a rage attacking the Masquerade Dopants. Just before Akiko is hurt, Shotaro finds Phillip in a burning Gaia Library and snaps him out of his rage. Together they defeat the Arms Dopant. Shotaro takes over as W to chase Saeko, but she is saved by the Nazca Dopant. W saves a girl as HeatMetal in front of Jinno and the police, restoring W's reputation. Shotaro worries that the return of the Fang Memory is a bad sign. Meanwhile, the Fang Memory encounters a strange new Memory Gadget...moreless

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  • FangJoker returns... if you've seen the movie.

    The summary pretty much sums up the one and only problem I had with this episode. If you've seen the movie, Begins Night, this episode forms a nice continuation of many of themes and events from that and integrates them into the series, which is refreshing as so many toku series gone movie have been completely seperate. However, if you haven't seen the movie, as I haven't, you could easly get lost in all the references. That said, things are explained such that you can follow but there's always the feeling, quite rightly perhaps, that you're missing something. Now, as an episode, the second part of the story started in the previous episode, this episode is great. We get some more information on Phillip's past. It was nice to see Phillip taking center stage and carrying the episode without Shotaro and Akiko for most of the time instead of him just being the brainy backup who stays in the base while the others get all the action and glory. I commented in my review of the last episode that the little dinosaur thing, the Fang Memory, wasn't explained, and not hvaing seen the movie, it wasn't surprising. It was nicely explained here however, although where it's been all this time goes unanswered. Once we get to the fight, we're in for a treat. W FangJoker, in which Phillip, as mentioned before, is in control and Shotaro joins in in conciousness only, a neat reversal of the usual way W operates. The white/black design looks really good. Finally, the forshadowing of what the Fang Memory represents for the future and indeed Phillip's past, should be interesting as it unfolds.moreless
Tomomi Kasai

Tomomi Kasai


Rin Asuka

Rin Asuka

Wakana Sonozaki/Claydoll Dopant

Yuki Kimisawa

Yuki Kimisawa

Kirihiko Sudo/Nazca Dopant

Fumihiko Tachiki

Fumihiko Tachiki

Narrator/Doubledriver/Gaia Memory (voice)

Zennosuke Fukkin

Zennosuke Fukkin


Masaki Suda

Masaki Suda

Phillip/Kamen Rider W (voice)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • It is not explained where, after being programmed to protect Phillip at all costs, the Fang Memory has been until now, one year on since it's last appearance, given the number of times that Phillip has been in danger since then.

    • For a detective, Jinno fails to notice that W rides the same motorcycle as Shotaro, even after he wonders how W knew his name.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Phillip: Raito!? My name is... Raito.
      Saeko: That's right. You are the Child of Fate. You are a human who has obtained a transcript of the Earth. So... let's go home.
      Phillip: I am not an object!
      Saeko: Who do you think I am? I am...
      Phillip: I don't know who you are. But I know enough from those cold eyes of yours!
      Saeko: Looks like you've grown into a cheeky child. But that's fine. I'll just erase more of your unneeded memories. (transforms into the Taboo Dopant)
      Phillip: The commander from Begins Night!
      Saeko: I'll take you back through force!

    • Phillip: (seeing the Fang Memory nearby) Fang! (throwing a stick at the Fang Memory) Go away! Stay away from me! I don't need your power!

    • Phillip: (throwing an ice pack at the Fang Memory) Stay away! (throws a pillow as well)
      Makura: (entering) Hey, detective... (gets hit by the pillow) Owwww!
      Watcherman: (stepping over Makura and entering) Hello! Huh? Is Shou around?
      Santa: (entering) Merry Christmas! Huh? Is Shou around?
      Makura: (recovering) You're under arrest! Huh? Is the detective not around?
      Phillip: I'm alone.
      Santa: But I brought toys!

    • Shotaro: (tied up) They were pretty thorough with wrapping us up.
      Akiko: (tied up) Hey, Shotaro. Could this be... the end?
      Shotaro: If only we had Fang...
      Akiko: Fang?
      Shotaro: Put simply... he's W's seventh Memory.
      Akiko: What's that!? Where is it!?
      Shotaro: How am I supposed to know? Fang is no ordinary Memory. It can move around of its own free will.
      Akiko: A Memory that moves around?
      Shotaro: And... even if it appears, Phillip wouldn't accept it. I'm sure of it. When we broke him out of that base... we transformed with it once, but... That probably makes him go berserk, which is no surprise since just lookups get him addicted. Fang... makes Phillip lose a part of himself.
      Akiko: And then... he goes berserk.
      Shotaro: When that happens, it's no longer W.
      Akiko: W... disappears?

    • (one year ago)
      Phillip: I will never use Fang again. If I had fought any more... I... I would lose myself!

    • Fuyumi: You're the boy from that detective agency, right?
      Phillip: It would inconvenience me if you get caught by the police now. I need information about Kenji Kurata. Anything will do. I need to find his weak spot.
      Fuyumi: That's no longer the Kenji I knew. But I've got to see him again. And then...
      Phillip: Please stop the recklessness. He's already been swallowed up by the Gaia Memory's power.
      Fuyumi: I know that, but I can't just do nothing.
      Phillip: Why put yourself through pointless danger?
      Fuyumi: I don't have a reason. It's just that he's my partner. The two of us are one.
      Phillip: (remembering what Shotaro said about them both being one Kamen Rider) Thank you. I've made a decision.

    • Shotaro: Phillip! You...! Don't tell me you're going to use Fang!? Hey! You have some kind of plan, right!?
      Phillip: I can just make a plan on the move. I'm going to be like you and Fuyumi Aso. I'm going to try acting without reason. Please ride with me to Hell itself, Shotaro. Come, Fang! (Fang comes to Phillip and he activates it)
      Shotaro: Stop, Phillip!
      Phillip: (inserting the Fang Memory into the Doubledriver) Henshin!
      (Phillip and Shotaro are transformed into Kamen Rider W FangJoker)

    • Saeko: I see... That Fang Memory exists to protect Raito. To protect Raito, it will use any means. A warrior who eliminates all enemies. A being who can change W.

    • Shotaro: (in the burning Gaia Library) This is... the Planet's Bookcase? No, it's not. This is the inside of Phillip's consciousness. He's frozen from the fear of all his intelligence and reason burning.

    • Shotaro & Phillip: (together) The two of us are a single Kamen Rider!

    • Shotaro: Kurata was arrested. At the same time, Fuyumi kept her promise and turned herself in to the police. To me, there was something beaming in her expression. Phillip has gained a new power. I do not believe that Fang's reappearance after disappearing for a year is a good sign. Perhaps it is the portent of something terrible.

  • NOTES (17)


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