Kamen Rider

Season 17 Episode 59

Kamen Rider Den-O: Collection DVD: Imagin Anime 2 (Kamen Raidā Den'ō Korekushon Dī Bui Dī Imajin Anime Tsu)

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Kamen Rider Den-O: Collection DVD: Imagin Anime 2 (Kamen Raidā Den'ō Korekushon Dī Bui Dī Imajin Anime Tsu)
Episode List: 11. Teru-teru Ryuta (Teruteru Ryūta) 12. Kin-chan's Fussari (Kin-chan no Fussari) 13. Momotaros' Flower Fortune Telling (Momotarosu no Hana Uranai) 14. Let's Decide Upon a Catchphrase (Kime Zerifu o Kangaeyou) 15. Ura-san's a Detective! (Urasan wa Meitantei!) 16. Best of Luck Wolf! (Ganbare Urufu!) 17. Imagin Mart (Imajin Māto) 18. Sieg is Oookaaay (Jīku wa Daijōbu daa) 19. Stupid Momo vs. Nosy Woman (Baka Momo tai Hanakuso Onna) 20. Document: The Bullet Train Rider (Dokyūmento Za Densha Raidā) 21. Urashima Taro (Urashima Tarō) 22. Be Forever Momotaros: Imagin Terminal Station (Momotarosu yo Towa ni Imajin Shūchakueki)moreless

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    Hiroshi Kamiya

    Hiroshi Kamiya

    Ghost Imagin (voice)

    Guest Star

    Nobuyuki Hiyama

    Nobuyuki Hiyama

    Wolf Imagin (voice)

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Deneb says that by using Kintaros' fur to clean DenLiner's windows, he can even reach the high ones, but DenLiner only has one row of windows.

    • QUOTES (15)

      • Momotaros: As a part of Imagin Anime I was wrong. Damn it! The guys who wrote the scripts. Nakano who drew the pictures. Even this outside footage self-created by director Shibasaki. Seki, that punk, and the staff and cast! Are you guys out of jokes!? Is that the limit to your passion!? Hey!

      • Momotaros: Imagin Anime is the best. I can't wait for the next one!
        Urataros: Didn't you know, sempai? Imagin Anime is over.
        Momotaros: But it's popular, we can't stop.
        Urataros: What's important is the contents. The contents. I suppose we're almost out of jokes.
        Momotaros: How? There's plenty of jokes.

      • Urataros: Ryuuta, where would you like to go on a train?
        Ryutaros: Obviously I'd want to go to sister's.
        Urataros: Not such a close place. You know, like space. Or a foreign country. Or a magical kingdom. Or a magical dimension. There's so many things.
        Ryutaros: Then... I'd like to go to yesterday. Yesterday I took my kitten out, but it disappeared when I took my eyes off it. I'd like to fo back to that time and retrieve my kitten.
        Momotaros: Go to the past? A train that goes through time?
        Urataros: That'd be simple like you'd like, sempai, right? That has to be it!
        Momotaros: The train of time, DenLiner?
        Urataros: Its next stop is...
        Kintaros: ...the past or the future? Alright! This is it!
        (the episode closes with a caption reading "No one would have imagined that Den-O would still be going on 2 years later")

      • Urataros: (on Imagin ideas) Like Momotaro, we can create a red oni monster.
        Kintaros: How can we have that on a train!? Few Heisei Riders die. We were going for a realistic show too!
        Ryutaros: Have voice actors do them and the pre-transformation person too? That'd be like a Korean drama, it'd be weird!

      • Urataros: The GekiRangers are already prepared.
        Kintaros: Oh, that's so fast.
        Urataros: We're the slow ones!
        Ryutaros: It should be December already. It's almost time for crank-in.
        Kintaros: (looking at Den-O designs) Having four of them is a problem!
        Urataros: And they each need their own special attack.
        Ryutaros: Then why not have multiple personalities?
        Urataros & Kintaros: 9together) Multiple personalities!?
        Ryutaros: If there's four, then that'll be the easiest way.
        Urataros: Even for the person before the transformation? Including normal mode, that'll mean playing 5 people.
        Kintaros: Can we find such a new actor who can do that in the auditions!?
        Urataros: Multiple personalities would be tough for TV. How about creating monsters that possess him instead?

      • Kintaros: We haven't even decided on the design for after the transformation.
        Momotaros: For times like this we need something flashy and strange! (draws a design similar to Sword Form) Isn't this good? Momotaro train should be a peach running down the train. Then it should split open!

      • Kintaros: The train design is all that's progressing. We won't make it in time for production. How about this? A lamb train? Or a mice car or dog car. Or something child-friendly. A fairy tale, Momotaro train.
        Momotaros: Whatever, just hurry and make a decision!

      • Urataros: We can't have a train. It's Kamen Rider, right? A bike rider. This is common sense.
        Kintaros: I know that. It's a suggestion.
        Ryutaros: What train? I'm going to draw a picture! Train! Train!
        Kintaros: See. Ryuuta likes what kids like. A train.
        Urataros: Suppose we do a train, what will it do? Support the battle against the enemy? That'd be like the robot that airs 30 minutes earlier.
        Momotaros: Just what will it fight? A giant battle doesn't fit in the Rider world. I'm against it!

      • Sieg: The time is the 17th century. My dynasty is at its peak. I was as full as that full moon. However, I could not dispel the melancholy in my heart. There was no smoke coming from the homes near the castle. The poor were suffering!

      • Deneb: The whole nation's, no, the whole world's convenience store registers are made of shiitake.
        Ryutaros: Shiitake? Seems kind of phoney.
        Deneb: Shiitake are extremely nutritious. Plus they're delicious. They're useful for many things.
        Ryutaros: They don't seem useful.

      • Wolf Imagin: (to the Taros) Listen up! You can't buy friends with money! If you use money it's gone, but you'll get friendship. Much more friendship! Through times of pain... Through though times... Helping each other is what friends are for! During happy times will money smile with you!? It won't! Being there through all times are what friends are for! Put your hand on your heart! Is that beat you feel money? It isn't! It's fiery friendship! Right!?
        Deneb: That's right! What a wonderful thing to say!

      • Kintaros: (thinking of a catchphrase for Ryutaros wearing a dress) A burst of lemon fragrance. Kin Lemonade! ...Isn't this bad? Plus they're on in 30 minutes.
        Urataros: They're both Toei heroes, so it should be okay.

      • Ryutaros: Mind if I defeat you!> Can't hear you! Can't hear you!
        Kintaros: Hey, Ryuuta. What are you doing?
        Ryutaros: My catchphrase, but...
        Urataros: What?
        Ryutaros: I'm tired of it. It's always the same. So I'm tired of it.
        Urataros: I see. It's true he always uses it.
        Kintaros: That's true, now that you mention it.
        Ryutaros: Please do something Kame.
        Urataros: I suppose we should think of a new catchphrase.
        Kintaros: Right! I'll think too!

      • Ryutaros: I did it! I secretly saw sister through the window. Plus I beat up the policeman in the way. He probably won't come again. I think I'll go again!

      • Ryutaros: Rain? Tomorrow is the spring picnic. If it's cleat, sister will make me an obento. Teru teru bouzu, Teru bouzu, please make the weather good tomorrow.

    • NOTES (8)

    • ALLUSIONS (8)

      • Urataros refers to "the robot that airs 30 minutes earlier", a reference to the Super Sentai and it's giant robot mecha. A blurred image of DaiBouken from GouGou Sentai Boukenger is also shown, the current Super Sentai when the Den-O production meetings took place. He also mentions the GekiRangers from JyuKen Sentai GekiRanger as being ready for filming.

      • Urataros' story "Kin of Flanders" is based on A Dog of Flanders, a novel about a boy named Nello and his dog Patrasche, by Marie Louise de la Ramée in 1872. It is popular in Japan, and has been adapted into films and anime.

      • Urataros' story "Ryutaros the Match Girl" is based on The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen.

      • Sieg rides a white named Silver and shouts "Hi-yo", just the title character from the 1950s TV series The Lone Ranger did.

      • The Taros visit the Toei Tokyo Studios in Episode 20 where a poster for Kamen Rider Kabuto hangs on the production office door. Inside, there are posters and merchandise for various other Kamen Rider series.

      • Kintaros dresses in the style of the heroes of the Pretty Cure series. As Urataros says, both Pretty Cure and Kamen Rider are Toei productions.

      • The Wolf Imagin is based on the story Little Red Riding Hood.

      • "Teru teru bouzu" is a traditional ward said to bring good weather for farmers.

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