Kamen Rider

Season 17 Episode 61

Kamen Rider Den-O Special Talk Show: Big Imagin Gathering! It's A Climax!! (Kamen Raidā Den'ō Supesharu Tōkusho:

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Jul 31, 2007 on TV Asahi
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Kamen Rider Den-O Special Talk Show: Big Imagin Gathering! It's A Climax!! (Kamen Raidā Den'ō Supesharu Tōkusho:
Running order: Taros Sketch - The Taros Imagin discuss why they have real bodies outside of DenLiner. Deneb Candy - Deneb hands out candy to the audience while looking for Yuuto. Introductions - Maro introduces Takeru and Yuichi. Mini Imagin Show - The cast demonstrates how the Imagin are given their voices. Imagin Voice Actor Talk - The voice actors chat amongst themselves... and always come back to the subject of dogs. Climax Jump Hip Hop Version - Dance number performed by Takeru and the Ryutaros Dancers. Action Zero - Zeronos theme performed by Yuichi Nakamura and Deneb. Afureko Corner - The cast rerecord their dialogue in some scenes, with Takeru/Hochu as Hana and Yuichi as Naomi. Suit Actor Talk - Interviews with the Taros suits actors. Double Action - Dance number performed by Takeru and the Imagin voice actors. Goodbyes - The cast say their goodbyes and plug the movie. Final Thoughts - Backstage with Takeru and Yuichi.moreless

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  • Chit chat Den-O style.

    Well, this is certainly something different. A whole talk show, performed live on stage, revolving around the cast and crew of the popular Kamen Rider Den-O series. It's an interesting idea, with plenty of funny moments, from the Taros sketch at the beginning to the guys providing the voices of female characters while redubbing scenes. They even have the cast sing the theme and character songs a random intervals. My only problem with this talk show is that it's harder to follow than the noraml episodes as everyone talks as they usually would, which is quite quickly, instead of the slower dialogue of the shows. But that's my problem, not a fault of the show. I really liked hearing from the suit actors, those talented people that are usually unheard, but without them the show would be nowhere as their performances make the fight scenes so entertaining. A must see for any Den-O, or even general Kamen Rider, fan.moreless

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    • Takeru: I have to do so much that it's a bit confusing, but... if I don't think about it and just appear on the stage, it's more fun and easier for me. Everyone's here to try to have some fun. I think we'll have fun.

    • Yuichi: I get to sing as well. Since I'm Zeronos, it's going to be "Action Zero". But first, we need teamwork.

    • Urataros: Big trouble! Sempai, don't you notice it?
      Momotaros: Notice? Notice what?
      Urataros: Oh... I knew it! You know! We're outside of DenLiner. Despite that, we've still got real bodies. We're not made of sand!
      Momotaros: But how!? What's going on!?
      Urataros: We don't need to borrow Ryoutarou's body now. We're free. (looking at the audience) But there really are a lot of people here. And all of you are so lovely. How about it? Mind if I reel you in?

    • Kintaros: My strength will make you cry! Wipe away your tears with this! (throws paper towels into the audience)
      Momotaros: Hey now. No one's crying, you know.
      Kintaros: I know! This is thanks to the thing known as the theater version.
      Momotaros: Theater version? What's that!? Can you eat it!?
      Urataros: By "theater version", he means the movie, Sempai. Den-O has become a movie. I see, so that's why.
      Kintaros: I don't understand the reasoning... but this theater version thing has created a lot of power, giving us bodies! You'll get to see us in action! It'll make you cry!

    • Ryutaros: Is sister here?
      Urataros: Unfortunately, I do not believe Airi is here.
      Ryutaros: Huh!? Really!? That sucks. Hey, hey, since we've got bodies, mind if I go over to sister's place to play? Okay, right? Can't hear you!

    • Momotaros: Ore... sanjou!

    • Takeru: I play Ryoutarou Nogami. I'm Takeru Satou. I plan to enjoy this to the end. Let's enjoy the day!

    • Yuichi: Kamen Rider Zeronos, Yuuto Sakurai's actor, I'm Yuichi Nakamura. Please have fun here today!

    • Takeru: Well, talking about the movie before everyone has seen it... is kind of... I really hate to give people preconceptions. That's why... I actually... want people to be surprised when they watch. But... there's a dance scene. That's all I'll say. So just go and watch it. Umm... please be surprised.

    • Yuichi: The m-movie...
      Takeru: Did you forget how to use a mic? (holds his mic down) You're like this.
      Yuichi: That's right. Well... I'm speaking before the start of the theater release, but... Let me say this to start! I fairly... cried! That's true.
      Takeru: He cried when he watched it.
      Yuichi: I cried! It's amazing.

    • Maro: So, Nakamura... you entered Kamen Rider Den-O in the middle... What is it like on the set?
      Yuichi: That's true. Maybe it's because everyone is around the same age... We got along quickly. Yup. Also, well... (to Takeru) Why are you laughing!?
      Takeru: Continue. Continue.
      Yuichi: Well, we've been costars before... It was just really easy to do.

    • Maro: So Nakamura is participating in the filming now... What's it like on the set now?
      Takeru: Well... it's good.
      Yuichi: Do you have a grudge or something? Let me hear your answer! I didn't quite hear you.
      Takeru: Really, no jokes. Now that Yuuto is here... the film set is a lot more fun. Before, it was really fun. The costars really got along. I'd think "it's such a good place to work". But now that Yuichi is here, it's even more... even better. There are times when it's just the two of us... It's also fun when the others are with us too.

    • Maro: So, as you guys mentioned, it seems you have costarred together before? This is what I've heard. What should I ask? What were your first impressions of each other?
      Takeru: Umm... I thought his girl's clothing looked good on him.
      Yuichi: That's true. That's true. Umm... I thought his female clothes didn't look as good as mine... I guess, I thought he didn't look as good in female clothes as me. Just kidding, but... we were both... well, high school students, right?
      Takeru: That's true. At first, I really... My previous drama was my first job. On my first set, I met costar Nakamura. The first time I went out to eat with someone was with Nakamura. And then, my next appearance was as a guest on the late-night drama Shinigami no Ballad. He also appeared on there. And on my third job, Kamen Rider Den-O, he appears again.

    • Maro: So Kamen Rider Den-O has a special feature... Since the Imagin possess you, that must make the acting harder for you. So how do you perform the different parts, Satou?
      Takeru: It's hard to explain how. When the Imagin are there, right? They're monsters, right? Umm... They're performed by the suit actors. There's not much I can do by myself... I would discuss this with the others and watch their performances... "Oh, that's good. Let me use that" Like that. I get a lot of help. Only 20% of it is me. I think most of it is stuff I get from the others.

    • Maro: So, Nakamura, what is it like to perform when possessed by an Imagin?
      Yuichi: That's true. For me, the suit actor Oshikawa... I would watch and learn from him. When D-Yuu, I use that. Yes. Well, Oshikawa always helps me, even when I'm not possessed. Yes.

    • Maro: Let me reintroduce the voice actors... First up is Momotaros' voice, Toshihiko Seki.
      Toshihiko: (as Momotaros) Ore... sanjou!
      Maro: Urataros' voice, Koji Yusa!
      Koji: (as Urataros) Mind if I reel you in? Tell me your phone numbers later, okay?
      Maro: Kintaros' voice, Masaki Terasoma!
      Masaki: (as Kintaros) My strength has made you guys cry! Wipe your tears with the half of the ticket you have left!
      Maro: Ryutaros' voice, Kenichi Suzumura!
      Kenichi: (as Ryutaros) Mind if I talk all day as Ryoutarou? Can't hear you!

    • Maro: Nakamura, is it always like this?
      Yuichi: (with Deneb's voice) Ryoutarou Nogami sure has a hard time. Yuuto thinks this, in his heart.
      Maro: Eh!? Deneb's actor, Hochu Otsuka? Otsuka! Just where are you!?
      Hochu: (as Deneb) I am not Otsuka! I am Ryoutarou Nogami's friend, Yuuto Sakurai. Yuuto Sakurai! Yuuto Sakurai! Let's get along!

    • Takeru: (with Sieg's voice) I will not turn! The world turns for me!
      Maro: This voice! Sieg! Sieg, right? Playing Sieg's voice in the movie... Shinichirou Miki!
      Shinichirou: (as Sieg) Advent! To the top! (to Maro) Today... you are my princess!

    • Toshihiko: When Momotaros lets his guard down a bit, he has a chivalrous side. That's the kind of person he is. In a complete contrast, he has a mischievous, cute side. Sometimes we get a peep inside. All of that is thanks to suit actor Takaiwa though. That's why, I really enjoy seeing him in suit. More than anything, those are Momotaros' best points.

    • Masaki: (on Kintaros) Well, he has a simple side. So... He may seem foolish, but that makes him cute.

    • Kenichi: Basically, all the Imagin are cute, aren't they? Same for Momotaros too, right?
      Koji: Yeah. Those suits are pretty fierce, but there's a cute side. Like "I want to touch it!"
      Kenichi: It does make you feel like that. Just a bit! Just the slightest bit, it makes you feel like you're at the zoo.

    • Shinichirou: (on Sieg) He's only in two episodes of the TV series. So it's hard to say what is good about him. And he is a bit eccentric. But he's a very straightforward person.

    • Hochu: Well all the Imagin are cute, but... there's no Imagin as cute as Deneb, right? Right? Cute! I quickly had the image of a mother. Next time I'll appear wearing an apron.

    • Kenichi: (on Masaki's wish) I see. Peace in the world. Happiness for humanity. How noble! This would be hard for an Imagin to grant. Right?
      Koji: He might say "wish for something more tangible!"
      Kenichi: "How about something smaller?" "Isn't Japan enough?"

    • Kenichi: (reading Hochu's wish) I don't really have anything to wish for... but if reborn and not human, a cat would be nice.

    • Koji: Sometimes Seki says some strange things. Like backstage, he said "GekiRanger sure is interesting".
      Kenichi: We want to talk about Den-O! Then he says "GekiRanger sure is interesting".

    • Kenichi: (to the other voice actors) Please don't be mad at us backstage.
      Koji: It's just work.

    • Kenichi: So, here we have the suit actors. He plays Den-O's four forms and Momotaros. Seiji Takaiwa.
      Koji: And playing Urataros, Eitoku!
      Kenichi: And and... Kintaros' Jirou Okamoto... he's alseep!
      Koji: Great entrance.
      Kenichi: Ryutaros' Toshihiro Ogura!
      Koji: And Deneb's actor, Yoshifumi Oshikawa!
      Kenichi: And Sieg, Naoki Nagase!
      Naoki: (to thr audience) Your heads are high!
      Koji: They're low!
      Kenichi: It's more like they're low!

    • Kenichi: What was it like playing Sieg?
      Naoki: yes. Well... I only appeared for Tasaki's two episodes. I worked hard to not make any mistakes. I worked hard. Well Director Tasaki records it like for stage. For Hana, for Momotaros, and for Sieg... He'd use each of those camera angles... and he wouldn't record in cuts. He'd record all of us at once. So he'd go through in parts. That's very... I've had stage experience, so this made it easier for me. Because... it helped us with the synchro. The rest of it is in Miki's hands.
      Koji: Right. The Imagin requires the suit actor and us to work together.
      Kenichi: This is a bit different from normal tokusatsu works. There's the use of voices. Also, Sieg, Sieg is included... Well, Takeru needs to play him too. There are so many links. That's the hard part, I think.

    • Kenichi: So what's it like playing Deneb?
      Yoshifumi: Well, Deneb is... My image of him... is of my parents.
      Koji: Then... then he is a mother!
      Yoshifumi: My parents. That's the first time I heard that! Well, from my 29 years of experience... it's a surprisingly easy role to fill.

    • Koji: Deneb, before... he had this... (motions to suggest Deneb's outfit) ...right? What's that like? When he takes the Deneb Candy out of that, it seemed really...
      Yoshifumi: That's like a pocket into the 4th dimension. Seems anything can come out of there.
      Koji: When portraying that, did that worry you at any point? "Should I take it out of here?"
      Kenichi: Yeah. I'd be nervous.
      Yoshifumi: At first I was worried...
      Kenichi: Of course. What if a different kind of ball came out. (realizes what he's said) Oh!
      Yoshifumi: I'll be careful of that.

    • Kenichi: Ogura, what's it like to play Ryutaros?
      Toshihiro: More than the pains of portraying an Imagin... If only I didn't have to dance!
      Kenichi: The dancing sure seems like a lot of work!
      Toshihiro: Well. Now, with good cuts... just show my good parts. Also, I share the burden with Takeru and Takaiwa.
      Kenichi: Oh really?
      Toshihiro: We split it in thirds.
      Koji: The dancing alone seems like a lot of work. Plus you're dancing in that suit. Does it ever restrict your movement?
      Toshihiro: Let's just say it restricts my movement.
      Koji: Everyone, do you understand!? It's because his movements are restricted. It's not Ogura's fault!

    • Kenichi: Personally, I can think of a lot of things to mention about Ryutaros. When I first joined for Ryutaros... he wasn't supposed to have much screen time. Well, he was like a shut-in. Basically, he was supposed to have an image of a mystery character. Originally, he wasn't supposed to be around in DenLiner. Then when Ogura started moving around in DenLiner... since he did a lot of movement... his part increased.

    • Koji: Jirou Okamoto. What do you think?
      Jirou: Hello!
      Kenichi: Your dancing earlier was great.
      Jirou: No! I suppose... (indicates his own large stomach) I was a bit restricted.
      Kenichi: Really? You're usually more flexible.

    • Kenichi: I've always wondered. Kinatros, this movement... (demonstrates Kintaros' neck cracking movement) That was Okamoto's idea?
      Jirou: Well, right.
      Koji: When I was afureko, I'd be impressed by the suit actor adding such a special feature.
      Jirou: I did it on my own though.
      Kenichi: He did it without permission.
      Jirou: Yeah.
      Kenichi: Well, it's completely accepted.

    • Kenichi: (on Jirou) Just nerves. It's Kamen Rider Black, after all. Kamen Rider Black and... MagiShine! Ah, sorry. Sorry!
      Koji: This isn't a report of your interests. This isn't Kenichi's Room!

    • Koji: And, Urataros' Eitoku.
      Eitoku: Thank you!
      Koji: I didn a lot of thinking about this...
      Kenichi: Yeah. Why all that perverted movement? Even when you're just standing, why that?
      Eitoku: Why indeed?
      Koji: Takeru too. Takeru has to do it too.
      Eitoku: I just do it naturally... It just comes naturally.
      Koji: You're naturally erotic?
      Kenichi: So you normally do that?
      Eitoku: Well... I don't know!

    • Koji: (on Urataros' dancing in the series opening) When I first saw it... (dances with his arm in the air) ...you did this. "What is this!?" I wondered if that was something I'd need to use in my role.
      Kenichi: If he did it sooner, maybe Den-O's weapons would have been an enchanting fan. Sword Form, Axe Form, Gun Form, Fan Form! Maybe that would have appeared.
      Koji: Although we don't know what it'd be called in English. Yes, but we don't know the word in English.

    • Koji: He plays Momotaros, Seiji Takaiwa. Mr. Kamen Rider.
      Kenichi: He really is Mr. Kamen Rider.
      Koji: Doing Momotaros, doing Den-O...
      Kenichi: All four forms and Momotaros. That must be tough.
      Seiji: It is hard, isn't it?
      Koji: Takaiwa, how's your dancing?
      Seiji: When I wear the suit, I'm restricted.
      Kenichi: Ah! Of course! That's why!

    • Kenichi: I saw a magazine interview with Takaiwa. He said "R-Den-O, didn't appear!".
      Koji: I want to hear about that! You have to play each of the suits differently, right?
      Seiji: Yes. Yes.
      Koji: Which do you like best? Or rather, which do you hate most? Although it's probably R-Den-O.
      Kenichi: It has to be R-Den-O.
      Koji: Probably R-Den-O, but which one do you hate most?
      Seiji: Hate? Hate?
      Kenichi: Which one is hardest for you?
      Seiji: Hardest? At first, Urataros' Rider, U-Den-O. It's okay now, R-Den-O, requires me to copy various things for that chara. Lately, U-Den-O has become a lady.
      Kenichi: I knew it! It's kind of erotic, isn't it?
      Seiji: At first, he just stood normally... but lately, the hips are like this... (assumes Urataros' usually standing pose) he started to become a lady. A lot of R-Den-O's dance steps have poses like this... (assumes Ryutaros' one-sided stance) From there, I become Ura. And in the train, Urataros keeps gyrating.

    • Kenichi: How really mysterious. So something amazing will happen in an upcoming story. I can't say it here, but Takaiwa will have much more trouble.
      Seiji: I'm already crying.

    • Koji: So you play Zeronos. Is there anything you have to pay attention to?
      Makoto: Let's see... Well... Zeronos... well. Yuuto is... he tries to look cool.
      (the audiences makes some unexpected noises)
      Kenichi: It's because you won't do your impression, Ito.
      Makoto: Zeronos is Yuuto's... I'm sorry, I'm not good at talking. Yes. Yuuto is childish, so... I'm sorry. I can't think of anything.
      Koji: You play both Altair Form and Vega Form, right? So you have to switch. Is there any specific movement you need to do?
      Makoto: Altair Form is supposed to be the cow herder. Seems I have to portray how serious he is... But I'm kind of bad at that.
      Koji: You don't have to be that honest!
      Makoto: It makes me want to try harder.

    • Shinichirou: Did you have fun today!? Thank you very much. The movie will be out soon. The movie is really great... so please enjoy the movie. Thank you for today!

    • Hochu: Okay. Thank you for today! Well, I've been a voice actor for nearly 30 years... but I'd never come to a place like this. My policy was to not appear in front of others. But this was so fun, and everyone was so supportive, that I might appear when I get the chance. Yes. I might appear. Next time, Yuuto and I will definately sing Action Zero! It's a promise. Just wait. Thank you very much!

    • Kenichi: Okay, thank you everyone for getting so into this! The movie will come out soon. I have some small news about the movie. I do Ryutaros... but I have another role. Try to find it! Everyone, I'll be waiting in the theaters!

    • Masaki: Okay. Thank you for today! To be part of the Kamen Rider production again with Den-O, it's such a hit. It makes me happy to be a part of this drama. Please see the movie in the theaters! Thank you very much!

    • Koji: Yes. Thank you everyone! I was just a perverted MC. Everyone, did you have fun? Singing really made me nervous. I was nervous the whole time. I knew I had to sing at the end. Unlike Nakamura, I didn't stop worrying until the end. It's going to be on the DVD. So... everyone continue to cheer for Den-O. Look forward to the movie. So everyone, keep watching!

    • Toshihiko: Okay. Thank you everyone for today! Among my voice acting work, this is my first tokusatsu work. It's my first time, but I'm surrounded by such a wonderful staff and cast. I'm really proud to appear in Den-O. August 4th, Movie "Kamen Rider Den-O: I'm Born!" Everyone, be sure to see it! Thank you for today!

    • Yuichi: Okay. Thank you for today! Well... Kamen Rider Den-O is entering its second half... I'm going to try to do even better! Thank you very much! And... Let me say this to end! I am fairly... strong!

    • Takeru: Let me say this to start! I don't have a surprise like this! I had a lot of fun today. Thank you very much!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Koji Yusa and Kenichi Suzumura reference voice actor Masaki Terasoma's previous role as Shadowmoon in Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX.

    • Koji Yusa and Kenichi Suzumura reference JyuKen Sentai GekiRanger, the Super Sentai series that aired alongside Kamen Rider Den-O in 2007.

    • Koji Yusa and Kenichi Suzumura reference suit actor Jirou Okamoto's previous roles as Kamen Rider Black in Kamen Rider Black and MagiShine in Super Sentai's Mahou Sentai MagiRanger.

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