Kamen Rider

Season 20 Episode 56

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Double & Decade: Movie War 2010 (Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā: Daburu ando Dikeido Mūbi

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Dec 12, 2009 on TV Asahi
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Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Double & Decade: Movie War 2010 (Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā: Daburu ando Dikeido Mūbi
Conclusion to the movies Kamen Rider Decade: Final Chapter and Kamen Rider Double: Begins Night. Kamen Riders Decade and W find themselves together and under attack from the Dummy Dopant and survives the Neo Organism controlled Super Crisis Fortress. The two Riders, having met before, join forces as Diend and Kivahla arrives with the other Heisei Riders through a dimensional rift. Decade uses the All Riders Final Form Ride Card to transform the Riders into their Final Form Ride Forms to fight the Super Crisis Fortress. W combines the HardBoilder with the Mammoth Mecha to form HardMammother, but it is destroyed taking down the Super Crisis Fortress. Meanwhile, the ShinigamiHakase Memory falls out of Dr. Shinigami's neck, restoring Eijiro. Natsumi as Kivahla rescues him. The Neo Organism consumes the Dummy Dopant, becoming Ultimate D. Decade and W fight Ultimate D, until Decade uses the Kamen Rider W Final Form Ride Card to split W CycloneJoker into CycloneCyclone and JokerJoker, controlled by Phillip and Shotaro respectively. Together, the three Riders destroy Ultimate D. The other Riders leave, as Tsukasa gives Shotaro Kamen Rider Skull's Kamen Ride card. A Sokichi Narumi from a parrallel world appears and talks to Shotaro. Tsukasa returns to the Hikari Studio to continue his journey with the others. In Futo, the Christmas party resumes, with Shotaro regaining his confidence to do Sokichi's work. However, elsewhere, a mysterious man says that W is not the only Kamen Rider in Futo as he holds up the Accel Gaia Memory...moreless

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  • Two movies in one.

    Movie War 2010 is a strange on, in that it isn't really movie itself, but concludes the stories from two others. It's better than it sounds, as where those two movies end, this movie picks up and combines them into one, bringing Kamen Riders Decade and W together to fight their enemies at once. Of course, it wouldn't be a movie with Decade if he didn't summon all the Heisei Riders to help out too, plus Diend and Kivahla. There is some great mecha action between the Crisis Fortress and the Mammoth, especially when W takes control of it. The Kamen Rider production crew certainly learnt a few things from making Kamen Rider Den-O a few years back. Things really get interesting when the Neo Organism and Dummy Dopants combine into one (sound familiar?). Decade pulls out another surprise when he splits W into two seperate Riders, Phillip and Shotaro controlling their own halfs with full bodies. I like the switch there, with the monsters combining, and W, who usually does that, doing the opposite and becoming two. To finish, Shotaro is treated to meeting a Sokichi from another dimension, helping him to put his demons to rest and continue his mentors work. A very good conclusion to both movies, and it even teases us for the remainder of the Double series with the appearance of Accel at the end.moreless
Tomomi Kasai

Tomomi Kasai


Fumihiko Tachiki

Fumihiko Tachiki

Narrator/Doubledriver/Gaia Memory (voice)

Zennosuke Fukkin

Zennosuke Fukkin


Masaki Suda

Masaki Suda

Phillip/Kamen Rider W (voice)




Tomomi Itano

Tomomi Itano


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Tsukasa: Remember this! I am...
      Shotaro: We are...
      Phillip: We are...
      Shotaro & Phillip: (together) ...the two of us are a single...
      Tsukasa: ...passing-through...
      Tsukasa, Shotaro & Phillip: (together) Kamen Rider!

    • Tsukasa: So you've arrived, Kamen Rider W.
      Shotaro: You... Let's see... Decade!

    • Phillip: A Sokichi Narumi from another world?
      Sokichi: (to Shotaro) I don't know who you are, but you have a nice face, boy. The way you wear your hat is proof that you are a full man. I am Kamen Rider Skull. Let's meet again, somewhere in the world.
      (Sokichi disappears back into the dimensional rift)
      Shotaro: He said... he liked the way I wore my hat.

    • Yuusuke: We're finally all back to the way we were.
      Natsumi: I suppose our journey will continue on like this.
      Tsukasa: Yeah. I will continue my journey. Because... the journey itself is my world.
      Daiki: Not just for you, Tsukasa. We will continue to journey together. That is our world.

    • Shotaro: One more case comes to a close. This is what Asami said to me:
      Asami: Thank you, Shotaro. I will work hard to live according to your words. My real sister lives on in my heart.
      Shotaro: Guess we properly protected our client's wish... as well as her heart.

    • Shotaro: We live here... here in this city, Futo. I will continue to do so... bearing these memories from that day.

    • Ryu: There's more than one Kamen Rider in Futo. (holds up the Accel Memory).

  • NOTES (21)

    • W Forms:
      CycloneJoker (green/black).
      LunaMetal (gold/silver).
      LunaTrigger (gold/blue).
      HeatMetal (red/silver).
      CycloneCyclone (green/green).
      JokerJoker (black/black).

    • Windmill count: 2.

    • Decade Rider transformations:

    • Diend Riders:

    • Guest Riders:

    • Concludes the stories from Kamen Rider Decade: Final Chapter and Kamen Rider Double: Begins Night.

    • As this is the conclusion of two movies, the opening sequences features a splitscreen of W and Decade fighting their respective enemies from their movies. The two then merge as W and Decade find themselves fighting in the same place against both enemies.

    • First appearance of W's CycloneCyclone and JokerJoker forms, although these are only as a result of interaction with Kamen Rider Decade.

    • Decade and W briefly met before in Kamen Rider Decade The Movie: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker.

    • The ShinigamiHakase Memory was used by Ryubee Sonozaki to transform Eijiro into Super Dr. Shinigami, their meeting and the transformation shown across Final Chapter and Begins Night. It one of the few Gaia Memories not to transform the user into a monster form, although Dr. Shinigami could also transform into IkaDevil.

    • Somehow, Tsukasa acquired a W Final Form Ride Card, which allows him to split W into two seperate beings; one, Phillip, controlling the all green W CycloneCyclone and Shotaro, the all black W JokerJoker. During this time, there are two Cyclone and Joker Memories in the Doubledrivers.

    • As Decade is able to use W in a Final Form Rider Form, he could presumably also transform into W himself as he does with other Riders, although it is unknown whether he would control the whole body or require someone else as is the case with Shotaro and Phillip.

    • As the Heisei Rider transform into their Final Form Ride Forms, each repeats the phrases that Tsukasa said to them the first time the forms were used.

    • Also involved in the fight against the Mammoth Mecha and Super Crisis Fortress are Castle Doran from Kamen Rider Kiva and DenLiner from Kamen Rider Den-O.

    • W's HardTurbuler is able to combine with the Mammoth Mecha, creating the HardMammother. Like HardTurbuler and W HeatMetal, it assumes a red and silver appearance. HardMammother has it's own Maximum Drive attack but is destroyed in battle.

    • Tsukasa gives Shotaro the Sokichi Narumi Rider card that he had in Kamen Rider Decade: The Last Story. The card later changes to depict Kamen Rider Skull as a Sokichi from another world appears.

    • This is one of the few times when a Kamen Rider is shown in suit but with a helmet.

    • The picture portal in the Hikari Studio depicts a desert road, representing the long journey ahead.

    • Set just before Ryu Terui/Kamen Rider Accel's arrival in Futo in Episode 19 of the series.

    • Monsters: Father Robert Shijima/Dummy Dopant, Neo Organism and Ultimate D.

    • Full Japanese title: Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā: Daburu ando Dikeido Mūbī Taisen Nisenjū.


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