Kamen Rider

Season 20 Episode 53

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider The Movie: Cho Den-O Trilogy: Episode Blue: The Dispatched Imagin is Newtral (Kamen Raid

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Jun 05, 2010 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • Although the first transformation into NEW Den-O Strike Form and Kintaono is consistent with how Kotaro and Teddy worked together, in Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Battleship, possession by Deneb created NEW Den-O Vega Form, not a seperate weapon. It is unknown why it would be different for Deneb, although it may be that he is more compatible with Kotaro that the Taros.

    • Although the Time Terminal was previously shown to exist within the sands of time, here the Mantis Imagin appears to escape from it directly into the city. However, he may have exited the sands unseen or Den-O Sword Form stopped in while still in the Terminal in an area using the previously established hologram system

  • Quotes

    • Momotaros: (as Den-O Sword Form) Ore sanjou! You've got bad luck! Since we were at the terminal already! If you wanna do this, then let's do this! From start to finish... I'm at a climax! Say your prayers! Go! Go! Go!

    • Owner: This is quite the problem. If the stolen ticket is used it would cause great damage to the flow of time. Stationmaster asks that we quickly deal with this.
      Hana: But Ryoutarou's badly hurt.
      Owner: I summoned a helper.
      Everyone: (together) A helper?
      Sieg: (entering in a shower of features) Everyone... thank you for waiting.

    • Sieg: (to Hana) Princess! You are becoming more beautiful! First, in my arms...
      (Hana punches Sieg in the face)
      Hana: Why bring Sieg?
      Owner: No, he's not the helper. It's the other Den-O.
      Everyone: (together as Sieg collapses) Kotaro!
      Owner: He is waiting for us at the terminal.

    • Kotaro: I can't believe an Imagin snuck into this place. I can't believe Grandpa got beaten.
      Teddy: It seems she can spit poison. Quite a troublesome Imagin.
      Kotaro: Yeah.
      Teddy: Ah. We have time to kill before DenLiner arrives. There are hot springs. A golf course. And a bowling alley. There's all those.
      Kotaro: You're pretty well informed.
      Teddy: Yes. I spent some time in the terminal.

    • Teddy: Right now, Kotaro's luck is in the terrible bad luck zone.
      Ryoutarou: Sometimes that happens, doesn't it?
      (Ryoutarou and Kotaro nod together)
      Hana: Like grandfather, like grandson.
      Kotaro: I suppose, but I'm used to it. Plus I have Teddy. We'll take care of the Imagin too.

    • Owner: Kotaro. This time, please work with Momotaros and the others. Did I not tell you? Your contract with Teddy has ended. From now on, he has a contract with me.
      Hana: Um... But Teddy and Kotaro are...
      Owner: Correct... for the Ghost Train incident. I had him dispatched from the terminal. Teddy is a special kind of Imagin. This time, I want him to help me. That's okay, right, Teddy?
      Teddy: Yes, of course.
      Kotaro: Teddy!?
      Momotaros: Hey, are you really okay with this, Tendon?
      Teddy: It's not Tendon. It's Teddy. I'm different from Momotaros and the others. When a new contract is set, it's my job to follow it.
      Urataros: Well, aren't you special.
      Teddy: Kotaro, thank you for everything.

    • Owner: Teddy, I know it's sudden, but please come with me.
      Teddy: Yes, I understand. (begins to follow)
      Owner: That's right! The contract has changed, so we should change the name too. How about... Alexandrovich?
      Teddy: Eh?

    • Miura: Doppelganger...
      Ozaki: Yes. Another you. You either see one yourself, or someone sees you with one.
      Miura: No! We can say for a fact that it exists.
      Ozaki: That interpretation again!? There's also the theory that a doppelganger is just an illusion created in the mind!
      Miura: I doubt you can prove that to the people who have seen one and died!

    • Airi: So why suddenly talk about dorupe...
      Ozaki: You mean doppleganger?
      Airi: Right.
      Ozaki: Well, the truth is, there's this girl I know. She saw one of them. Her name is Miku Uehara. This morning, as she was entering her home, she saw a girl who looked just like her. That girl stood in the shadows of the wall. She said she was sure it was herself.

    • Mantis Imagin: Don't interfere with my contract.
      Kintaros: No can do!
      Mantis Imagin: Why not? I'm granting her wish.
      Kintaros: Did you tell her the condition!? If she knew you'd take her life, she wouldn't agree to the contract! Let's go! Henshin!
      (Kintaros initiates the transformation into NEW Den-O)
      Kintaros: (as the Kintaono) My strength has made you... Hey, what!? This is me!?
      Kotaro: Sorry. Seems this is how it is for me.
      Kintaros: I don't feel like doing this anymore!

    • Ryoutarou: Owner! Um... Can't you return Teddy to Kotaro?
      Owner: Teddy? There is no such Imagin. It's difficult, isn't it? Even if it's a special contract, it cannot be changed so easily. It's quite a lot of work to constantly transfer between people.
      Ryoutarou: Then, just for when they fight at least...
      Owner: Any derailment from the contract would destroy Alexandrovich. At least... that's a possibility.

    • Kotaro: She's the contract holder... Just what is that old woman thinking? Is that contract holder trying to switch places with herself? But for what reason? Is she from the past? Of from the future?

    • Naomi: Why didn't you say you didn't want to? You should have said you didn't want to end your contract with Kotaro.
      Teddy: I... have done it this way up to now. This is just how it is for me.
      Naomi: Then... you're okay with this, Ten?
      Teddy: What I want isn't important. It's not important.
      Naomi: Really?

    • Kotaro: Sorry for forcing you on board, but you shouldn't be in that time.
      Hana: You went so far for this wish. What is it?
      Miku: For Grandma and I to spend my birthday together. It's because I promised her. But... it was fun to play with my boyfriend and friends. Next time became another "next time"... Another "next time". "Next time".
      Kotaro: You're... from the future. And not that far in the future.
      Miku: (nods) This year... at the beginning of summer... Grandma suddenly collapsed. I thought we would always be together. I just assumed we'd be together. But... That's not the case. One day... she's just suddenly gone.

    • Kotaro: (to Miku) I feel the same. I'm the same. (on Teddy) Until he was gone, I didn't realize how important he was. But I think learning that was a good thing. Because the person who is gone is still just as important as ever.

    • Hana: (to Miku) Wait! You shouldn't go!
      Miku: Please. Let me go to my grandma again.
      Hana: I understand how you feel, but... in exchange for the Imagin granting a wish, they take the contract holder's time as their own! You will lose yourself. In other words... you'll disappear. So... Okay?

    • Teddy: Are you okay?
      Kotaro: You idiot! Why did you come!? You're already...
      Teddy: I feel the same! I wanted to understand, but I didn't understand how important you were to me! You don't realize that until you've lost it. I'm glad I made it in time.
      Kotaro: Teddy! But...
      Teddy: Kotaro. If you feel the same as I do, then you should understand. We just have to fight together right now.

    • Owner: Well, everyone, it's certainly quiet. Kotaro! Want to form a contract with a new Imagin?
      Momotaros: Hey! Read the atmosphere, old man!
      Owner: Oh... but I already brought him. Since he's here, let me introduce him.
      (the door opens but no one comes in)
      Owner: Alexandrovich!
      (Teddy enters. Everyone is shocked)
      Owner: His bond with Kotaro was too strong. He didn't derail the contract, he just returned to the original track.

    • Naomi: Then, Ten and Kotaro can always stay together from now on?
      Owner: Yeah. And his job for me is done.
      Urataros: How irresponsible. What was the meaning of that?
      Kintaros: Exactly!

    • Momotaros: Hey, chicken wing bastard. Chicken wings! What was the point of you showing up here!? Did you help us at all!?
      Sieg: What are you saying!? Thanks to me, this cafe car is brimming with a healing atmosphere!
      Momotaros: So you're an air freshener!? Hey, Naomi!
      Naomi: Okay! (hits Sieg in the face with a tray)

    • Kotaro: Maybe Owner wanted to teach me. Because I had become spoiled by Teddy's presence.

  • Notes

    • Den-O Forms: Plat Form, Sword Form, Gun Form.

    • NEW Den-O Forms: Strike Form (armed with Kintaono and Uratazao).

    • Monster: Mantis Imagin.
      Contract holder: Miku Uehara.

    • Miku always told her grandmother that they would spend her next birthday together, but she always went out with her friends instead. One summer, her grandmother died before they could celebrate the birthday together. Grief stricken, Miku formed a contract with the Mantis Imagin, allowing her to travel back in time to see her grandmother again. Her experiences here make her realize what is important, and she and her grandmother spend her birthday together, before it is too later.

    • As with Ryoutarou, possession by Kintaros turns Kotaro's eyes and a streak of hair gold.

    • As with Ryoutarou, possession by Ryutaros turns Kotaro's eyes and a streak of hair purple. He also gains Ryutaros' usual cap.

    • Unlike with Ryoutarou, Kintaros' possession of Kotaro during tranformation into NEW Den-O does not create a NEW Den-O Ax Form. Instead, Kotaro assumes the regular NEW Den-O Strike Form with Kintaros becoming the seperate Kintaono, much as Teddy did as Macheteddy.

    • As with Kintaros, Urataros' possession of Kotaro during tranformation into NEW Den-O does not create a NEW Den-O Rod Form. Instead, Kotaro assumes the regular NEW Den-O Strike Form with Urataros becoming the seperate Uratazao.

    • It is unknown what weapons Momotaros, Ryutaros and Sieg would form for NEW Den-O, although they would presumablt be based on their natural Imagin weapons of a sword, a gun and hand axe/boomerang respectively.

    • Kintaros possesses the same elephant costume he did in Episode 22 to help Kotaro outside of DenLiner without needing to possess him.

    • Owner reveals that Kotaro and Teddy were only contracted to be together for the Ghost Train incident as seen in Farewell Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: Final Countdown. Now that that is over, Teddy's contract reverts to being with Owner.

    • Owner says that Teddy is a special kind of Imagin, presumably as he can apparently form multiple contracts with different people. This however takes a lot of effort on the Imagin's part and cannot be done so easily without risking the Imagin's death. Indeed, when Teddy breaks the contract with Owner to fight with Kotaro, he begins to disappear, but his bond with Kotaro proves too strong, restoring him.

    • To transfer Teddy's contract to himself, Owner gives Teddy a blank DenLiner ticket. Teddy then reverts to sand and moves over to Owner where he reforms. The ticket then displays a picture of him and Owner's seal. Owner then changes Teddy's name to Alexandrovich.

    • It is unknown if there are other special Imagin such as Teddy that can be "rented out" by the Stationmaster when required.

    • It is possible that Teddy was always contracted to Owner (or even the Stationmaster) was temporarily contracted to Kotaro for the Ghost Train incident. Ryoutarou and Hana mention asking the Stationmater to let Kotaro have another contract with Teddy.

    • The ticket stolen by the Mantis Imagin is dated June 10th 2010. This allows her and Miku to travel back to this date.

    • Teddy mentions that he has previously spent time in the Time Terminal prior to now, but does not elaborate on the circumstances. Owner later states that he sent Teddy from there to assist Kotaro during the Ghost Train incident, but does not mention anything of Teddy before this.

    • Kotaro and Teddy previously appeared in Farewell Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: Final Countdown and Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Battleship.

    • DenLiner is shown to be able to travel under and on water. Previously, only Urataros' Isurugi train car was shown doing this.

    • There is a brief flashback to Farewell Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: Final Countdown.

    • Pursuing the Mantis Imagin, Kotaro runs into and almost knocks himself out on a sign reading "Safety First".

    • The banner at the Stationmaster's sale reads "The Flea Market That Crosses Time".

    • The clock chimes heard before the announcement on the Time Terminal are taken from Big Ben, the famous bell in London, UK.

    • Kotaro suffers from the same bad luck that still affects Ryoutarou, only now to a lesser degree.

    • The Time Terminal is equipped with hot springs, a golf course and a bowling alley.

    • To pick up Kotaro and Teddy, DenLiner uses the Timer Terminal's Platform Zero.

    • Director Kenzō Maihara has stated his intention to turn New Den-O's story into a new 50 episode Kamen Rider series. Whether this will actually happen remains to be seen.

    • Opening theme: "Double-Action Strike Form" by Kotaro Nogami and Teddy (Dori Sakurada and Daisuke Ono).

    • The second of three parts of the Cho Den-O Trilogy of movies.

    • Running time: 73 minutes.

    • Full Japanese title: Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā Za Mūbī: Chō Den'ō Torirojī: Episōdo Burū Haken Imajin wa Nyūtoraru.

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