Kamen Rider

Season 20 Episode 54

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider The Movie: Cho Den-O Trilogy: Episode Yellow: Di End Pirate's Treasure (Kamen Raidā

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Jun 19, 2010 on TV Asahi
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Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider The Movie: Cho Den-O Trilogy: Episode Yellow: Di End Pirate's Treasure (Kamen Raidā
"Traveling through worlds, a brilliant complete treasure!?" At night Momotaros and the Taros chase a man possessed by an Imagin. Momotaros recognizes the man from somewhere, but when Ryoutarou arrives, the Spider Imagin possessing the man emerges then flies to November 22nd 2008. The group follows on DenLiner, with Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form destroying the Imagin in the past. While looking for the Rider Pass Momotaros tossed aside while fighting, they see the man has it, who reveals he used the Spider Imagin to hijack DenLiner. Momotaros remembers he is Daiki Kaito, the Rider thief. Ryoutarou and the others are left stranded in 2008. On DenLiner, Owner explains that even though Daiki now controls DenLiner, it will only go to the date on his ticket, meaning he is also stuck in 2008. Back in 2008, Ryoutarou sees Daiki shoot his past self dead. However, the past Daiki's injuries disappear and runs away. Another man suddenly appears from time with a golden revolver. He is Reiji Kurosaki, a member of the Time Police, and has a badge containing the artificial Imagin Eve. He tries to arrest Daiki for causing a time paradox by killing his past self. Reiji transforms into Kamen Rider G Den-O to arrest Daiki and remove him from history. G Den-O fights Daiki as Kamen Rider Diend, who summons Riotroopers to help him. G Den-O destroys the Riotroopers and defeats Diend, allowing him to arrest Daiki. Ryoutarou and the Taros learn from G Den-O that Eve has infinite knowledge and is able to counter any attack. However, G Den-O soon attacks the Taros, saying that they too are threatening the timeline. He captures Momotaros, Kintaros, and Ryutaros and takes the Rider Pass but leaves Ryoutarou. Urataros briefly escapes but is recaptured after seeing the past Daiki steal a box from the Kurosaki house. At the Milk Dipper, Ryoutarou and Hana try to work out what Daiki is doing, with Ozaki remembering that on that date, someone stole the family's revolver heirloom. At the Time Police prison, Daiki and the Imagin are restless. They are all to be put on trial, but Owner tries to free them, but he is arrested for helping them all this time. Daiki manages to free himself, throwing the keys near the Taros before leaving. Daiki tries to retake DenLiner, but Reiji sees through his Naomi disguise. Ryoutarou and Hana are arrested as well, but Momotaros possesses Ryoutarou allowing them to fight the guards and free everyone. Owner gives Ryoutarou his Infinte Ticket before going to a meeting with Stationmaster. Ryoutarou and the others retake DenLiner as Daiki and Reiji face off on the platform. Daiki escapes and follows them, later explaining that the first time he stole the gun it was damaged in a police shoot out, so he has come back to steal it again so it won't be damaged. They all return to November 22nd 2008, but are attacked by G Den-O. Den-O Ax Form fights him, as does Urataros, who possesses Daiki and transforms into Diend with the Uratarod. Diend and Den-O Sword Form manage to temporarily incapacitate G Den-O. Daiki goes to find his past self so he can get the gun but Reiji appears. Reiji shoots at him with the revolver. The bullet goes through Daiki and hits the box carried by the past Daiki is carrying, sending the undamaged revolver to Daiki and several papers onto the ground. This causes Reiji's gun to disappear as it never existed now that it wasn't damaged. The papers in the box turn out to be letters from Reiji's mother, who he never knew. Daiki tells Kurosaki that these are his treasure, not the revolver. Eve is irritated that Reiji has not arrested Daiki and transforms into G Den-O himself to destroy all humans. Daiki meets his past self, and both transform into Diend to fight G Den-O. During the fight, which Den-O also joins, Diend saves Reiji from a stray bullet. Reiji thanks him by giving Diend his own K-Touch which he uses to become Diend Complete Form. He then uses this to summon Kamen Riders G4, Ryuga, Orga, Glaive, Kabuki, Caucasus, Arc, and Skull. With Den-O Climax Form, they destroy Kamen Rider G Den-O. Later, Daiki returns to the Hikari Photo Studio. Kurosaki visits his mother in the past, learning more about her. On DenLiner, Owner and Stationmaster have a game of golf with rice. Naomi serves coffee, but Ryoutarou's cup is missing; Daiki has taken it.moreless

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  • Chou Den-O Trilogy Part 3.

    The final installment of the Chou Den-O Trilogy is probably the most complex on a time travel basis. It involves Daiki Kaito, Kamen Rider Diend from Kamen Rider Decade, going back in time and stealing a precious box from a kid, who grows up to be a time police officer who then chases him through time. Sounds simple enough, but adding the time travel turns into a nice "one helping the other" story once you get your head around how everything works. I like G Den-O, although as always there's very little backstory to how he came to be. The artifical Imagin Eve was obviously going to be trouble, and didn't really like that he could take over G Den-O, becoming little more than another evil Den-O Rider, after Gaoh, Nega Den-O and Yuuki from the other movies. Throughout there are some nice references to the other Rider series, such as old Riders themselves and the Deacde Photo Studio. Diend's Complete Form mirrors that of Decade and nicely works based on Diend's differing powers. A very good conclusion to the Den-O Trilogy.moreless
Kimito Totani

Kimito Totani

Daiki Kaito/Kamen Rider Diend

Mark Okita

Mark Okita

Diendriver/K-Touch (voice)

Yuta Furukawa

Yuta Furukawa

Reiji Kurosaki/Kamen Rider G Den-O

Wakana Matsumoto

Wakana Matsumoto

Airi Nogami

Rina Akiyama

Rina Akiyama


Takuya Mizoguchi

Takuya Mizoguchi

Ryoutarou Nogami/Den-O Plat Form

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • It is unknown when, where or how the Time Police came into possession of the Diend K-Touch, or even if they built it (and possibly the Decade K-Touch) themselves.

    • Eve says that the Time Police will be protecting time from now on. However, it is unknown what took them so long; if they possess time travel, they should have been encountered long before, such as when Ryoutarou first became Den-O in 2007, especially as they considered what he and the Taros were doing to be illegal.

    • Somehow, when Urataros escapes from G Den-O, he has the DenGasher Rod Mode with him, despite Reiji having the Den-O Rider Pass. He should have had his natural Imagin weapon, the Uratarod. Either way, he doesn't use it and it's no where to be seen when Urataros next appears. It's not until everyone gets back on DenLiner that the DenGasher is used. The Uratarod only appears when Urataros is Kamen Rider Diend.

    • It is unknown why the Spider Imagin here is identical to the Spider Imagin from the series. Imagin bodies are formed from their contract holder's mind so it is unlikely two people would have th exact same mental image of the creature from the story.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Kintaros: Momonoji's nose is only good for sniffing out Imagins.
      Ryutaros: Just his nose.
      Kintaros: Yeah.
      Momotaros: (to Ryutaros) Don't compliment me, brat. (to Kintaros) Don't compliment me!
      Urataros: They're not complimenting you.

    • Momotaros: Hey, brat. Find the pass.
      Ryutaros: Eh!? No way! It's a pain! Momotaros, you're the one who threw it away!
      Momotaros: So what!?
      Kintaros: We can't go unless we have the pass! Yet you throw it away every time!
      Momotaros: Come on, you. After doing the Full Charge, it's important to look cool!
      Ryutaros: I don't get it.
      Kintaros: That's all?
      Momotaros: Alright, let's search for it!
      Ryutaros: Hey. No way! Find it yourself!

    • Daiki: What you're looking for is over here.
      Ryoutarou: The contract holder!
      Daiki: I'm taking the Den-O Pass and DenLiner.
      Urataros: No way!
      Momotaros: I won't allow it!
      Daiki: You guys did a good job for me. Treasure that sentiment for the rest of your life.
      Momotaros: Oh! I remember! He's the treasure-loving thief Rider!
      Ryoutarou: Thief Rider!?
      Urataros: What is that!? You should have remembered that sooner!
      Momotaros: If I recall, his name is... Daiyokushin!
      Daiki: It's Daiki! Daiki Kaito.

    • Owner: What a problem. Your actions make you an illegal passenger.
      Daiki: You should be pround to be stolen by me.
      Hana: You used the Imagin to lure out Ryoutarou in order to steal DenLiner!
      Daiki: Thanks to him. I'm able to steal time. I will go to whatever time I want now.

    • Owner: Seems like you have a memory with strong ties to this time period.
      Daiki: What could you mean?
      Owner: Once a ticket is used, it disappears. But... (looks at the ticket still in Daiki's hand) It looks like we have returned to that time period.
      Hana: What's here in this time?
      Daiki: It should be obvious. Treasure.

    • Reiji: Even if you erase yourself, you won't erase your sins. Daiki Kaito.
      Daiki: Reiji Kurosaki? You're a stubborn one.
      Momotaros: What is that!?
      Kintaros: Another weirdo has appeared!
      Eve: Let me warn you. The future you cannot erase the past you.
      Reiji: It's just like how I couldn't go to the past and erase the mother who abandoned me!
      Daiki: You're talking about a time paradox. I know. I just wanted to see if it were true or not.
      Reiji: You're a smartmouthed guy. If you want to eradicate yourself that badly, then I'll do it for you.

    • Eve: Daiki Kaito! You are under arrest for trying to steal time.
      Daiki: Remember this: The thing I hate most is having my freedom taken away.

    • Reiji: Humans cannot be trusted. However, I can trust Eve. He doesn't make mistakes the way humans do.

    • Urataros: Hey, did you just come to the past without using DenLiner?
      Reiji: Yeah, thanks to this artificial Imagin, Eve.
      Kintaros: Huh? Artificial Imagin!?
      Eve: The Time Police have succeeded in creating an artificial Imagin. I am the first.
      Ryoutarou: Who are you?
      Reiji: I'm Reiji.
      Eve: From now on, the Time Police will take care of the flow of time.

    • Reiji: (to the Taros) You guys are under arrest.
      Momotaros: Arrest!?
      Eve: All Imagins who disrupt time are arrested.
      Urataros: Wait a moment! Are you saying we disrupt time?
      Eve: I've accessed the past data. You guys have changed the past countless times.

    • Daiki: My my. So you're the only quiet one.
      Urataros: I suppose. But my mind isn't similarly composed. Maybe it's the same for you, thief.
      Daiki: I dunno.
      Urataros: Just what are you thinking? It doesn't seen very composed either, since you tried to steal DenLiner.
      Daiki: I only think about treasure.
      Urataros: Treasure, eh? You mean like the contents of that box?
      Daiki: Box!? Yeah. It was the most fitting treasure for me to steal.

    • Momotaros: (on Daiki) Just listening to him talk is giving me goosebumps!
      Ryutaros: Not goosebumps, you mean peach skin.
      Momotaros: yes, yes. It's rough on the surface, but when you peel it, it's all smooth... Don't make me a part of your dumb joke!
      Kintaros: You fell for it.
      Momotaros: Wake up already!
      Daiki: I want no part in your comedy act.

    • Ryoutarou: When I connected to Urataros in jail, he said two years ago on November 22nd, Daiki Kaito stole something from the Kurosaki family.
      Hana: What did he steal?
      Ryoutarou: Well... I lost my connection.

    • Ozaki: Speaking of the Kurosaki family... They're like earls. I thought something happened...
      Miura: Don't overpraise them by saying they're like earls!
      Ozaki: That's it! They lost their heirloom pistol that was encrusted with jewels.

    • Reiji: Daiki Kaito. You will be judged tomorrow.
      Daiki: What a laugh. I am the only one who can judge myself.
      Reiji: I hope you spend the rest of your life here. I have taken your precious treasure.
      Daiki: In other words... my freedom?
      Reiji: Treasures... are irreplaceable. Isn't that right?
      Daiki: If you act too tenacious, people will dislike you.

    • Reiji: (to the Taros) Your trials will be tomorrrow too! Prepare yourselves.
      Momotaros: We're being judged too!? What'll we do? What'll we do!?
      Owner: Wait a moment.
      Urataros: Owner!
      Ryutaros: Wai! He's here to save us!
      Urataros: Owner! We've been waiting for you!
      Owner: They have defeated countless Imagins and protected the flow of time. In that light, please forgive them.
      Reiji: I see.
      Eve: I have checked the past data. Owner has let Den-O go to the past countless times. Also, he did not report the evil deeds of these criminals.
      Reiji: It's the same as if you helped them commit the crimes. The Time Police do not forgive even the smallest crime.
      Eve: You're under arrest.
      Owner: Oh... then... what about DenLiner?
      Eve: Mistakes will surely occur if left to one person. From now on, the Time Police will use it.

    • Eve: (to Daiki) Judgement is no longer needed. You will be executed here.
      Reiji: Yeah. Then I will have finally settled things with you.
      Daiki: How pathetic. If all you do is follow the orders of an artificial Imagin, then I can't tell which of you is really human.
      Reiji: I told you before. Eve's orders are perfect. It's humans that can't be trusted.
      Daiki: Is that why you have no comrades?
      Reiji: That's not needed!
      Daiki: Wait a moment...
      Reiji: Going to beg for your life again?
      Daiki: (pointing behind Reiji) Momotarou and friends are getting on DenLiner.
      Reiji: That trick won't work on me again!

    • Daiki: Two years ago, I tried to steal that treasure. That boy was Reiji.
      Urataros: So he joined the Time Police out of his grudge against you?
      Daiki: Don't care. I was talking about treasure.
      Ryutaros: That's it?
      Kintaros: So you're going to the past just to steal the treasure again?
      Daiki: My reasoning is my own. A treasure being destroyed becuase I tried to steal it is not a fitting past for Daiki Kaito.
      Ryutaros: This is dumb.

    • Urataros: (possessing Daiki) There are a thousand hooks behind words. I can't let you die until I see them.

    • Daiki: I'm grateful. Thanks to you, the treasure was protected. I cannot change my own past. That's why I needed your help.
      Reiji: You bastard! You did all this just to obtain that gunb undamaged!? (looks down at all the paper on the ground) What is this?
      Daiki: It was in that box. These were also supposed to have been eternally lost.
      Reiji: It's just paper scraps.
      Hana: These aren't paper scraps.
      Ryoutarou: Hana.
      Hana: They're letters that your mother sent you.
      Reiji: What's the point of that!? She discarded me when I was little and left! She's a cold mother who always ignored me!
      Hana: That's wrong. Your mother tried to see you many times. She wrote to you almost every day. She wrote many of them. But... those letters were hidden before they ever reached you. Your mother has always loved you. And these letters are full of your mother's feelings for you.
      Ryoutarou: Kaito... did you...
      Daiki: Don't get any funny ideas. My only goal was the treasure.
      Hana: Your mother wants to see you even now.
      Reiji: Why now!? This won't cause my hate for my mother to disappear! These paper scraps...
      Daiki: It's true they're paper scraps... to me. But... to someone else... they might be treasure. They didn't originally reach you. It's my fault they were eternally lost. Treasures must never be lost.

    • (Eve transforms into G Den-O himself)
      Eve: This world will be run by artificial Imagins!

    • (future Daiki and past Daiki point their Diendrivers at each other)
      Future Daiki: And you shall help me!
      Past Daiki: Don't order me around! I'm the only one who can give me orders.
      Future Daiki: Then there's no problem. I'm you from the future.
      Past Daiki: Oh really?

    • Ryoutarou: Eve has no blind spot.
      Momotaros: So what!?
      Urataros: If he has no blind spot...
      Kintaros: ...then face him straight on!
      Ryutaros: So just break through, right?
      Daiki: What a terrible plan, but I can't hate it.

    • Reiji: I wonder if I... can someday trust people too.
      Daiki: I dunno. if you believe in your treasure, then I'm sure you will someday.

    • (Diend Complete Form defeats G Den-O)
      Momotaros: (as Climax Form, looking Diend Complete Form up and down) What the hell is that?

    • Hana: So the treasure the thief mentioned is human feeling, right?
      Daiki: I dunno. I gave that stuff up long ago.
      Hana: Is that why you're looking for treasure even now?
      Daiki: Lost time doesn't ever come back.
      Ryoutarou: Is that so? Isn't time just the combination of human feelings?

    • Momotaros: (on Daiki) Hey, Ryoutarou. You were pretty sure about him... so what was he really all about?
      Ryoutarou: He protected the treasure. That's all.
      Momotaros: He protected it?
      Urataros: That's why we had to go through all that!?
      Hana: But the time that was lost was finally passed on.
      Momotaros: What's that mean? I don't get it!
      Owner: Why not just leave it be? For now, thanks to him, the Time Police let us go so we can continue as usual.

    • (Owner and Stationmaster play rice bowl golf)
      Momotaros: How is this actually important!?
      Urataros: I'm sorry. It's been a while since I felt so embarrassed.

    • Owner: The train of time, DenLiner. Will the next stop be on the past? Or the future?

  • NOTES (54)

    • Urataros is the only Taros Imagin who does not possess Ryoutarou to assume his Den-O form.

    • Den-O Forms: Sword Form, Ax Form, Gun Form, Climax Form.

    • G Den-O Forms: One unnamed form.

    • Diend Riders:
      Kamen Rider Diend.
      Kamen Rider Diend Complete Form.

      Riotroopers (x5).
      Kamen Rider G4.
      Kamen Rider Ryuga.
      Kamen Rider Orga.
      Kamen Rider Glaive.
      Kamen Rider Kabuki.
      Kamen Rider Caucasus.
      Kamen Rider Arc.
      Kamen Rider Skull.

    • Urara Awata, who plays Sayuri Mizushima here, previously appeared as Sayoko Fukasawa in Kamen Rider Blade.

    • For the first time, the Taros, particularly Momotaros, habit of discarding the Rider Pass after activating Den-O's Full Charge is referenced. The Pass does not automatically return to them, but they have to look for it after the battle, allowing Daiki to steal it. Kintaros later remembers to put it in a safe place, but Momotaros still throws it aside however.

    • The time on Daiki's watch reads 22:22:22; had he opened a door at this precise moment and been in possession of a Rider Pass, he would have been able to open a portal to the sands of time and board DenLiner.

    • Daiki's watch gives the date as the 19th June, the day this movie was first released in Japan.

    • The Riotroopers previously appeared in Kamen Rider 555 and in Kamen Rider Decade when Diend summoned them as he does here.

    • Kamen Rider G Den-O appears to have it's own version of Plat Form, although this is not used here.

    • It is unknown if G Den-O has other Forms besides the form he uses here and the unused version of Plat Form seen as he transforms.

    • Like Den-O and NEW Den-O, G Den-O is armed with a DenGasher, but this one only has two known modes; Gun Mode and Jutte Mode. Gun Mode is identical to that used by Den-O Gun Form, but with the axe blade on top extended. Jutte Mode is a short stick weapon.

    • Reiji wears the G Den-O Belt as part of his police uniform. he also carries a golden revolver and the Rider Pass containing Eve.

    • As with Ryoutarou, possession by Urataros turns Daiki's eyes and a streak of hair blue. He also gains a pair of black glasses.

    • As with Kotaro and NEW Den-O, Urataros possessing Daiki during his transformation into Kamen Rider Diend does not create a Diend Rod Form, but merely gives Diend use of Urataros' natural Imagin weapon, the Uratarod.

    • Eve is the first artificial Imagin created by the Time Police.

    • Reiji's artificial Imagin partner, Eve, is trapped in his Rider Pass, but is able to talk through it. When Reiji transforms into G Den-O, Eve's face appears on his chest, much as Deneb's did with Zeronos Vega Form, although that was just for decoration.

    • As well as containing Eve, Reiji's Rider Pass doubles as his ID and badge. It can also summon items via a teleport system.

    • Eve is able to transport Reiji across time without the use of a time train such as DenLiner. He can also transform into G Den-O without Reiji.

    • Daiki returns to the Hikari Studio, but neither Tsukasa/Kamen Rider Decade, Yuusuke/Kamen Rider Kuuga, Natsuki or Eiji are seen.

    • Reiji gives Daiki a K-Touch, similar to the one used by Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade in Kamen Rider Decade, but coloured in Diend's blue. This allows Diend to transform into his own Complete Form as Tsukasa did.

    • Like Decade Complete Form, Diend Complete Form features cards for his Riders on his chest and one on his head.

    • Instead of having buttons for the nine main Heisei Kamen Riders as Decade's K-Touch does, Diend's K-Touch has buttons for Kamen Rider G4, Kamen Rider Ryuga, Kamen Rider Orga, Kamen Rider Glaive, Kamen Rider Kabuki, Kamen Rider Caucasus, Kamen Rider Arc and Kamen Rider Skull.

    • All of the Kamen Riders on Diend's K-Touch are from Kamen Rider movies:
      Kamen Rider G4 (Kamen Rider Agito: Project G4)
      Kamen Rider Ryuga (Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final)
      Kamen Rider Orga (Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost)
      Kamen Rider Glaive (Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace)
      Kamen Rider Kabuki (Kamen Rider Hibiki & The Seven Senki)
      Kamen Rider Caucasus (Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love)
      Kamen Rider Arc (Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World)
      Kamen Rider Skull (Kamen Rider W: Begins Night)

    • On Diend's K-Touch, there is a Rider from each Heisei series except for Kamen Rider Kuuga as Kuuga was the only Rider in his series and he already appears on Decade's K-Touch. Therefore, Kuuga's Rider is replaced by Skull from Kamen Rider W, a series set after Kamen Rider Decade. With no button for a Den-O Rider either, Diend's K-Touch as one less button that Decade's with eight.

    • Monster: Spider Imagin.
      Contract holder: Daiki Kaito/Kamen Rider Diend.
      Past date: 22nd November 2008.

    • Possession by the Spider Imagin turns Daiki's eyes and a streak of hair pink.

    • The Spider Imagin previously appeared in Episode 25-26 of the Den-O series.

    • Momotaros remembers seeing Daiki before; during the events of Kamen Rider Decade Episodes 14 and 15 when Decade and Diend visited Den-O's World.

    • Eve says that a person cannot kill their past self. This is presumably a reference to the grandfather paradox, in which a person could negate their own existence by killing their ancestor. This is apparently not possible here, for unknown reasons, as Daiki is unable to kill his past self and Reiji is unable to kill his mother in the past.

    • Reiji and Eve arrest the Taros for disrupting time. He apparently does not distinguish between distrupting time and defending time from those that would disrupt it, such as fighting the Imagin as Den-O. Ryoutarou himself is allowed to go, even though he, as Den-O, was there more than any one of them. No mention is made of the DenLiner Police from Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiva The Movie: Climax Deka either.

    • Reiji and Eve arrest Owner for aiding and abetting the Imagins. To them, he has allowed Den-O and the Taros to travel into the past many times, causing distruption to time and has also not reported the crimes of the Imagin they fought. Reiji also tries to arrest Naomi, presumably for similar crimes.

    • Two years ago, in 2008, Daiki stole a precious heirloom, a golden jeweled pistol, from the Kurosaki house. During a shoot out with the police, the gun was damaged, losing one of the jewels and leaving a gouge in the handle. Reiji now uses this pistol as his sidearm, it being abandoned by Daiki after he saw the damage. Daiki now intends to go back to that day and steal the undamaged pistol again. His trying to kill his past self was an attempt to stop the theft the first time around.

    • Daiki stole the Kurosaki revolver in 2008, the year before he was first seen active as Kamen Rider Diend in Kamen Rider Decade, but he alread has the Diendriver, meaning he has been a Kamen Rider for at least that long.

    • The bullet Reiji fires at Daiki in the past actually hits the box containing the Kurosaki revolver that the past Daiki had just stolen. As the gun did not end up damaged in the river, coming to the future Daiki intact instead, it disappears out of Reiji's hands as that version of the gun never existed as it was never damaged.

    • Also in the revolver box were letters sent to Reiji by his mother, who he believed had abandoned him. Originally, these letters were lost in the river when the revolver was shot out of Daiki's hands by the police. Now that events have been changed, the letters only fall onto the pier, where Reiji is able to see them for the first time.

    • With Owner's arrest, DenLiner is impounded by the Time Police. They intend to use it as their own.

    • Owner says that once a Rider ticket has been used, it disappears. In Daiki's case, because of his connection to that time, only the picture of the now destroyed Spider Imagin disappears from the ticket.

    • Given the age difference between the boy Reiji in 2008 and the adult Reiji that appears in 2010, it is likely that the older Reiji is from at least 10 years into the future (around 2020).

    • Owner gives Ryoutarou his Infinity Rider ticket, which allows unlimited travel on DenLiner.

    • As Reiji enters the prison to see Daiki, a blue time train can be seen through the window behind him. The train is not named, but it may be operated by the Time Police.

    • The Time Police prison houses four KingLiners.

    • The Time Police prison apparently does not or cannot prevent contract holder from contacting their Imagin. Ryoutarou is able to connect with Urataros while he is in a cell. It is unknown if the prison can prevent Imagin possession however as Momotaros only does this when Ryoutarou is inside.

    • As well as capturing, imprisoning and judging time criminals, the Time Police can also execute the most dangerous criminals without trial.

    • It is revealed that the large spoons that Owner has been carrying around during the Cho Den-O Trilogy, and which he had Teddy clean in Episode Blue, were for a game of rice bowl golf with Stationmaster. The object of the game is to throw a scoop of rice taken from a large bowl in a golfing style swing into several bowls placed at different distances. Once the rice lands in the bowl, miniture flags are then thrown in as well. If the flag stands up in the rice, the shot is good.

    • Reiji reveals that he was abandoned as a child by his mother.

    • Reiji's mother's name is written as Sayuri Mizushima on the letter he holds.

    • Reiji visits his mother in 2010. Although she doesn't know who he is, as from her perspective her son is less than 10 years old, it goes someway to helping Reiji understand her.

    • The posters seen just after Daiki leaves DenLiner are dated 24th November 2008 and 25th November 2008.

    • Opening theme: "Climax-Action ~the Den-O History~" by Kamen Rider Den-O.

    • First appearance of Reiji Kurosaki/Kamen Rider G Den-O, Eve and Kamen Rider Diend Complete Form.

    • The third and final part of the Cho Den-O Trilogy of movies.

    • Running time: 73 minutes.

    • Full Japanese title: Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā Za Mūbī: Chō Den'ō Torirojī: Episōdo Ierō Otakara De Endo Pairētsu.


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