Kamen Rider

Sunday 8:00 AM on TV Asahi Premiered Apr 03, 1971 In Season





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  • A Riders world

    The Kamen Rider series started in 1971 in Japan, with its first show called Kamen Rider. After the 1st series it has become one of the greatest francises in Japan for over 30 years.

    So what is Kamen Rider all about, well when you first look at it, it looks like a man dressed as a bug fighting evil.

    But take a closer look and you see that Kamen Rider isn't just about fighting evil. Its about a man who has lost a part of himself and trying to regain that part of himself.

    From Kamen Rider to Kamen Rider Black RX they have all lost a part of the humanity, they was transformed into cyborgs with incredible power by the evil they vow to destroy in the series.

    That power is not the belt that they use to henshin, but its their heart and soul they use to carry on and protect the people they care about!

    After a 12 year hitus, the kamen rider francise was started up again. But this time a new approach on the new rider series started.

    Gone was the kamen rider turned into a cyborg by a evil organsation and fights back.

    Instead it focus on different themes based on various themes i.e. cards, music, ancient, greek symbols.

    But while still staying true to some of the traditions, the new Riders became such a hit that it continues to grow stronger and stonger to this day.

    If their was ever a japense series to watch, i would recommend the Kamen Rider francise.

    Kamen rider to kamen rider Black RX may be old, but they are classics and show why the series is so popular and worth watching.

    The new riders from kamen rider kuuga to Hibiki may have some old traditions washed away.

    But it is still faithful to the francise and the memory of Shoutarou Ishinomori.