Kamen Rider

Season 19 Episode 1

Rider War (Raidā Taisen)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Jan 25, 2009 on TV Asahi
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Rider War (Raidā Taisen)
"Destroyer of Worlds, Decade. What do those eyes see as he travels through nine worlds?"

In Natsumi Hikari's nightmares, every Kamen Rider is defeated by a new, mysterious Rider. She later has to deal with blurry photos at her grandfather's shop, Hikari Photo Studio. Photographer Tsukasa Kadoya tells her that the photos are blurred because he is not from this world. Soon, dimensional tears open, allowing Orphnochs, Undead, Makamou, Worms, Imagin, and Fangire into the world. Natsumi finds a belt she believes belongs to the new Rider. She gives it to Tsukasa, who inserts a card he found and is transformed into Kamen Rider Decade. He fights the monsters by transforming into Kamen Riders Kabuto, 555 and Hibiki. Back in their own reality, Tsukasa and Natsumi meet Wataru Kurenai who warns them that there reality is being taken over by the realities of the nine previous Riders. Natsumi tells her grandfather, Eijiro, what happened. He reveals a large photo that is a portal to another world.moreless

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  • 10 years... 10 Riders... and everyone else!

    Wow! What an opening to the 10th anniversary Heisei Kamen Rider series. All the Riders appearing in the first few minutes of the episode. I'm rather ashuamed to admit, but I didn't recognize all of them on the first viewing. Long time fans should be overjoyed at that start. I'm still getting used to the theme song, but that takes me a while every year. Once into the main story, the references don't stop. First, a familiar sound heards an appearance by Kamen Rider Ryuki and bit later, Wataru Kurenai, last year's Kamen Rider Kiva, who reveals the basis of Decade's story. There are 10 worlds, each inhabited by a different Rider. However, 9 of them are collapsing into this world. Soon, monsters from across the Heisei era appear; Worms, Imagin, Fangire to name a new more recent ones. The plot really takes off, when Tsukasa takes up the Decade belt, becoming our hero for the next year. Decade's costume is... pink, as opposed to red for most of the previous Riders. Decade first transforms into Kamen Rider Kabuto and defeats the monsters. Kamen Rider 555/Faiz comes next to rescue Natsumi and Kamen Rider Hibiki to fight some more. Things get weird as Decade and Natsumi hop between dimensions and learn more of their world's plight. Finally, a new Kamen Rider Kuuga bursts in to lead into the next episode. A really great episode for fans and causual viewers, who will hopefully be inspired to find out more about Kamen Rider through seeing this series and the various other featured Riders.moreless
Masahiro Inoue

Masahiro Inoue

Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade

Kanna Mori

Kanna Mori

Natsumi Hikari

Renji Ishibashi

Renji Ishibashi

Eijiro Hikari

Ryouta Murai

Ryouta Murai

Yuusuke Onodera/Kamen Rider Kuuga

Tatsuhito Okuda

Tatsuhito Okuda


Hiroko Sato

Hiroko Sato

Ai Yashiro

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    • Wataru: On nine worlds, nine Kamen Riders were born. They were independant, seperate stories. But now... the stories are combining, that's why the worlds are becoming one. Eventually, all the worlds will be destroyed. Decade, you must travel to the nine worlds. That is the only way to save the world.
      Tsukasa: Why me?
      Wataru: You are the one who will destroy all the Kamen Riders. Creation cannot exist without destruction first... unfortunately. Until your journey ends, I and my comrades will keep this world alive for a bit longer.

  • NOTES (17)


    • Machine Decader is based on the Honda DN-01 motorcycle.

    • The Decadriver, Kamen Rider Decade's transformation belt, features the logos of the other nine Heisei era Kamen Riders.

    • Wataru's line "I and my comrades will keep this world alive for a bit longer" may refer to the other Heisei TV Kamen Riders (those that have appeared in their own series and belong to Decade's/Our World as opposed to those of the other nine worlds that Decade will encounter). The Ryuki seen in this episode may be one of these comrades.

    • Decade's name refers to the period of 10 years, the length of time the Heisei Kamen Rider series has been running.

    • The 'X' on Decade's suit is the Roman numeral for '10'. Decade is the tenth Heisei Kamen Rider.

    • The nine black lines running down Decade's helmet represent his card deck; one card for each of the other Riders.

    • Kamen Rider Decade is based on the striped shield bug.