Kamen Rider

Season 20 Episode 58

Shotaro Hidari Hardboiled Delusion Diary (Hidari Shotaro Hādoboirudo Mōsō Nikki)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Unknown on TV Asahi
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Shotaro Hidari Hardboiled Delusion Diary (Hidari Shotaro Hādoboirudo Mōsō Nikki)

1. If Akiko Was Actually An Excellent Secretary (Moshimo Akiko ga Yūshū na Hisho dattara)
Shotaro imagines Akiko to be a mild mannered secretary and Phillip a more active member of the agency as they find a lost pet iguana played by the T-Rex Dopant.

2. If Akiko Was Actually A City Councilwoman (Moshimo Akiko ga Shigikaigiin dattara)
While remembering the Anomalocaris Dopant incident, Shotaro imagines Akiko as a councilwoman and Phillip as her child when the Cockroach Dopant arrives and wants to dance.

3. If Akiko Was Actually A Maid (Moshimo Akiko ga Meido dattara)
After the Sweets Dopant incident, Shotaro imagines himself to be Ryubee Sonozaki, with Akiko as a detective posing as a maid and Phillip as an undercover butler. The two get into a fight with the Virus Dopant acting as referee.

4. If Akiko Was Actually A Phantom Thief (Moshimo Akiko ga Kaitō dattara)
After the incident with the Twin Rose thieves, Shotaro imagines himself trying to catch the duo, but is surprised to find that Akiko and Phillip are the thieves. The Violence Dopant arrives and attacks everyone.

5. If Ryu Was Actually A Private Investigator (Moshimo Ryū ga Tantei dattara)
Shotaro remembers the freezing incidents that led to his meeting Ryu Terui. He imagines what it would be like if Ryu was the detective, but accidently makes himself Santa and ends up shooting Police Officer Bird Dopant. Later, Akiko offers Ryu ten times Shotaro's pay to join the agency.

6. If Akiko Was Actually An Idol (Moshimo Akiko ga Aidoru dattara)
Shotaro remembers when he and Phillip performed at the Fuuuuuutic Idol competition. Akiko decides to enter the show herself, prompting Shotaro to imagine her as a idol with himself as the detective that saves her. However, Idol Akiko announces her marriage to the Triceratops Dopant.

7. If Akiko was Actually a Magician (Moshimo Akiko ga Majishan dattara)
Shotaro imagines Akiko to be a famous magician. During her performance, in which she tries to transform into Shotaro, the Puppeteer Dopant animates a doll instead. Shotaro wakes up to find himself being locked in a box with Akiko ready saw him in half as part of a real magic trick...

8. If Akiko Was Actually An "Extreme Wife" (Moshimo Akiko ga "Gokutsuma" dattara)
Shotaro remembers the case involving Isamu Bito and his former boss, Sokichi Narumi. After Akiko mentions how had to would be to Bito's wife, Shotaro imagines her a wife, who soon finds herself fighing the gangster Ryu and the Nightmare Dopant after her husband, Phillip, is attacked.

9. If Akiko Was Actually A Younger Sister (Moshimo Akiko ga Imōto dattara)
When Akiko mentions that she wants an older brother to find out what it would be like to be protected as a little sister, Shotaro imagines her as his sister, with Phillip as his brother and Ryu as their mother. The Weather Dopant becomes this unlikely family's father, however a fight ensues over dinner before Akiko wakes Shotaro up. She presents him with an application for "older brother auditions", which she intends to take part in.

10. If Akiko Was Actually a Hit Man (Moshimo Akiko ga Koroshiya dattara)
Shotaro remembers the Grasshopper Woman from Museum and imagines what it would be like if Akiko was also an assassin as she searches for a lost DVD. In his daydream, Shotaro is attacked by assassins Akiko, Phillip and Ryu, who all kill each other by accident. It turns out that Shotaro has been replaced by the Gene Dopant, but as it attacks him, Akiko wakes him up. Ryu arrives with the DVD, Akiko having lent it to him.

11. If Akiko Was Actually an Old Woman (Moshimo Akiko ga Obaachan dattara)
Inspired by Akiko's attempts to read Ryu's palm after her encounter with the fortune tellers during the old age dealer case, Shotaro imagines what the detective agency would be like 50 years in the future. The aged detectives get a case, but are too decrepid to do anything. Phillip is still young due to being a data human. The Jewel Dopant arrives and turns everyone but Shotaro into jewels. Shotaro wakes up just in time to see Akiko attempt slipper fortune telling.

12. If Everyone Was Actually Hard-Boiled (Moshimo Dare mo ga Hādoboirudo dattara)moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

Fumihiko Tachiki

Fumihiko Tachiki

Narrator/Doubledriver/Accel Driver/Gaia Memory (voice)

Masaki Suda

Masaki Suda

Phillip/Kamen Rider W (voice)

Renn Kiriyama

Renn Kiriyama

Shotaro Hidari/Kamen Rider W (voice)

Hikaru Yamamoto

Hikaru Yamamoto

Akiko Narumi

Minehiro Kinomoto

Minehiro Kinomoto

Ryu Terui/Kamen Rider Accel

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