Kamen Rider

Season 17 Episode 49

The Climax Goes On No Matter What (Kuraimakkusu wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomademo)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Jan 20, 2008 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

The Climax Goes On No Matter What (Kuraimakkusu wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomademo)
As DenLiner returns to the present, the Death Imagin defeats Yuuto as Kai begins to radiate energy to link this time to his. Ryoutarou and the Taros fight the Death Imagin and the Imagin army. Kai believes he as won, but only actually destroys his immediate vicinity. Ryoutarou reveals to him that the real Junction Point, Airi and Sakurai's child, is Hana. Furious, Kai has his entire army try to kill Hana as Yuuto is given the last of Sakurai's Zeronos cards. Naomi makes a surprise entrance, bringing Kintaros, Urataros and even Sieg to help fight the Imagin. The Death Imagin is eventually destroyed and Kai crumbles to dust along with all his remaining Imagin. However, the Taros memories of being with Ryoutarou form a time lag, allowing them, Sieg and Deneb to survive the destruction of their future. In the hospital, Sakurai visits Airi. He fades from existence, but Airi is sure they will see each other again some day. The next day, Ryoutarou returns his Rider Pass to Owner, says goodbye to the Taros and leaves DenLiner for the last time. On the way back to the Milk Dipper, Ryoutarou waves goodbye to DenLiner and ZeroLiner, sure they will meet again.moreless

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    Toshihiko Seki

    Toshihiko Seki

    Momotaros/M-Ryoutarou/Den-O Sword Form/Climax Form (voice)

    Kenichi Suzumura

    Kenichi Suzumura

    Ryutaros/R-Ryoutarou/Den-O Gun Form (voice)

    Rina Akiyama

    Rina Akiyama


    Tamaki Matsumoto

    Tamaki Matsumoto


    Kenjiro Ishimaru

    Kenjiro Ishimaru

    Owner/Station Master/Narrator

    Takeru Satoh

    Takeru Satoh

    Ryoutarou Nogami/Den-O Plat Form/Liner Form

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    • QUOTES (9)

      • Ryoutarou: Momotaros!
        Momotaros: What!?
        Ryoutarou: I'm going to tell you my wish.
        Momotaros: Let me warn you. I won't hear any wishes that I can't do.
        Ryoutarou: Will you... fight with me until the very end?
        Momotaros: Your wish... has been heard.

      • Kai: Even without remembering the past, somehow this era is mine. From now on this time is ours.
        Ryoutarou: No. This era and the future are not yours.
        Kai: I see... you got in the way. Guess I'll have to do it one more time.
        Ryoutarou: It's no use.
        Kai: Why!?
        Ryoutarou: You haven't noticed it... the one Airi and Sakurai are hiding. The future that supposedly disappeared... still has it's Singularity Point remaining.
        Kai: The future's Singularity Point? Where is that person?
        Ryoutarou: The family that was to be born to Airi was hidden by forgetting her. That child is gone from everyone's memory... That's why even you aren't aware of her... The child always before your eyes... Hana. (looks over to Hana)
        Kai: (to Hana) So you're the one who is holding time together? That's why it's not connecting to our time?
        Hana: Right. It is connecting to our future.
        Kai: You guys are awesome. Awesome. Right now... you will die. I bet I have a face like "I want you dead", right?

      • Deneb: Yuuto! Yuuto... use this... (gives Yuuto a Zeronos card) Sakurai entrusted that last card to me. Use this, and Sakurai's existence will completely disappear. Yuuto, you will live in a different time than Sakurai. That is.. the last hope that Sakurai has entrusted in you, Yuuto.

      • Deneb: (after transforming into Zeronos Vega Form) Let me say this in the end, take care of Yuuto!
        Yuuto: You! Idiot!

      • Kai: (as he turns to sand) It's over... damn it... but you guys will disappear too... All the Imagins... disappear...

      • Kai: (to the Taros Imagin) Are you guys okay with disappearing?
        Momotaros: Shut up! I'm tired of hearing that!

      • Airi: (to Sakurai) It was protected, wasn't it? Our... future?
        (Sakurai nods, then disappears)
        Airi: I know. Someday... definitely...

      • (Ryoutarou rides alongside DenLiner. Hana and Owner wave goodbye)
        Sieg: (drinking coffee) So pleasant.
        Urataros: Later!
        Kintaros: My strength made you cry!
        Ryutaros: It was fun, wasn't it? Can't hear you!
        Momotaros: (banging his head on the window) We'll meet again!
        (DenLiner disappears into time)
        Ryoutarou: Someday... in the future...

      • Owner: Memory is time. And that is what supports people. They no longer need to rely on anyone else's memory. The memory of the time they spent together supports their existence.

    • NOTES (14)

      • With this episode, Momotaros is the only Imagin, regardless of affiliation, to appear in every episode of the series.

      • With this episode, KinAxe is the only DenKamen Sword mode that has never been used for a finishing attack.

      • This episode ends with a trailer for the next Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Kiva.

      • Deneb reveals that he had kept back one of Yuuto's original Altair/Vega Zeronos cards, given to him by Sakurai, allowing him to participate in the final battle against the Imagin. However, doing so, completely erases all memory of Sakurai, and therefore Sakurai himself, from time.

      • It is revealed that Hana is the future daughter of Airi and Sakurai. This makes Ryoutarou her uncle and Yuuto her father, even though he is from a time before she was conceived.

      • Kai's destruction of the present had no effect as, like with other Imgin attacks in the past, Ryoutarou's memory of how things were negates the effect and restores everything.

      • As Owner was not present on DenLiner, Naomi used the train to return to the past and retrieve Urataros and Kintaros. Sieg is also brought along for the ride.

      • Den-O Forms: Sword Form, Rod Form, Ax Form, Gun Form, Liner Form.

      • Zeronos Forms: Altair Form, Zero Form, Vega Form.
        Cards remaining: 0.

      • The usual opening credits are replaced by the show's title card and the narration "Kamen Rider Den-O, The Last Episode".

      • As explained by Owner, the Taros Imagin, Sieg and Deneb survive the destruction of the Imagin time due to the strong memories they formed with their respective hosts.

      • Owner finally beats the Station Master in their fried rice eating contest.

      • As the Death Imagin was created from Kai himself, it's destruction at the hands of the Riders causes his death as well. As a result, all the Imagin he had formed contracts with (such as the New Mole Imagin in his army) were also destroyed as the death of a contract holder before the contract is fulfilled kills the Imagin as well.

      • Monster: Death Imagin.
        Contract holder: Kai.
        Past date: None.

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