Kamen Rider

Season 21 Episode 17

The Kendo Girl, Oden, And The Separating Yummy (Kendō Shōjo to Oden to Bunri Yamī)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Jan 09, 2011 on TV Asahi
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The Kendo Girl, Oden, And The Separating Yummy (Kendō Shōjo to Oden to Bunri Yamī)
Eiji and Ankh meet the man behind Kamen Rider Birth: Akira Date. He gives Eiji some Cell Medals before leaving. At the Cous Coussier, Chiyoko and Hina return from their trip to Egypt. Meanwhile, Rie Shiratori is failing in kendo class as her desire to be stronger attracts Uva. He creates a White Yummy that attacks everyone who is good at kendo. Eiji fights the Yummy as OOO but it escapes. Ankh finds a present Hina got him: the O Medal Holder. The White Yummy transforms into the Kabuto Yummy. Eiji fights it again as OOO Takagoriba. However, the Kabuto Yummy spawns the Kuwagata Yummy, which overwhelm OOO and Ankh. Date eventually arrives and transforms into Kamen Rider Birth, using the Cell Medals in his tank to defeat the Yummy. The Kuwagata Yummy escapes, but Birth and OOO destroy the Kabuto Yummy. Birth then takes all the left over Cell Medals for himself. Date explains to Eiji and Ankh that he is getting paid to collect Cell Medals.moreless

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  • Tanjo! Kamen Rider Birth!

    After his brief appearance in the last episode, we get to see more of Kamen Rider Birth, also known as Akira Date. In a way, I'm a bit disappointed that he's just it for the money, but then not everyone is as noble as Eiji and be honest, I'd probably want some compensation for risking my life fighitng monsters too. Birth seems to be expensive either way, as Akira's getting paid and his gun fires Cell Medals. There's a nice cameo from BoukenRed of Super Sentai's Boukenger fame, although he doesn't get a great deal to do. I like how the Yummy splits into two. We always seem to have to have a rhinoceros beetle and a stag beetle together in these shows. A greta first full episode for Kamen Rider Birth who certainly brings a new angle to the fight for greed/Greeed.moreless
Kenta Miyake

Kenta Miyake

Kabuto Yummy (voice)

Guest Star

Nobuyuki Hiyama

Nobuyuki Hiyama

Kuwagata Yummy (voice)

Guest Star

Mitsuomi Takahashi

Mitsuomi Takahashi

Masaru Hashimoto

Guest Star

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    • Narrator: So far on Kamen Rider OOO... Medals are created out of greed. Possessing unknown power, Core Medals are created out of greed. And the Medal kaijin Greeed are after them. Kougami, head of the foundation. Maki, the genius scientist. And Eiji Hino who transforms into OOO. OOO works with Ankh, despite him being a Greeed. When their struggle reaches a peak, a man named Kamen Rider Birth appears!

    • Ankh: Hey! Who are you!?
      Akira: Me? I'm Akira Date. And... (holds up the Kamen Rider Birth manual) this.
      Ankh: What I'm asking is what's this Birth thing?
      Akira: Dunno!

    • Eiji: Excuse me. For both our sakes, can you just give a normal explanation?
      Akira: Ah, can't! I hate reading manuals.
      Eiji: I don't believe it!
      Akira: If you want to know what I'm after, you can say this is my job.

    • Eiji: Chiyoko, how was Egypt?
      Chiyoko: It was the best! One really needs to travel. Eiji, maybe it's time for you to go on a trip.
      Eiji: Oh... probably soon.
      Chiyoko: Oh? "Probably soon" is what people say when they don't go.

    • Eiji: It's a bit too soon to ask Kougami. No one's around because it's closed for New Years.
      Ankh: Damn that old raccoon! Like he's closed for New Years! He better not be in talks with Kazari or Uva. Kazari, that bastard! He has my Core Medal.
      Eiji: Speaking of which, there haven't been any Yummies lately. Oh! You better not make any Yummies yourself just because there's no Cell Medals!
      Ankh: I'd have done it if I could...

    • Man: Oh! You were out of the country a long time! Why'd you return?
      Akira: To do a bit of earning.
      Man: That's no good. Just look at this shop. We're really in a depression. Something's wrong with the world. Here take a look. (hands a magazine to Akira) They say monsters are going around and wrecking buildings. They say it's because these monsters called Greeed have revived! Well... you won't see it on TV or in the newspapers. It's just a rumour. It's proof that anxiety grips the world. What bad timing you have.
      Akira: No! My timing is perfect. Perfect!

    • Rie: Thanks for saving me.
      Eiji: You didn't have to go to the trouble of thanking me. You okay?
      Rie: Yes. Ummm... That monster just now... was born from my desire?
      Eiji: Yeah.
      Rie: It's because I want to become stronger, right? It's because that's what I think, right?
      Eiji: That's how it starts, but it's not your fault that it attacked the dojo. The monster makes your desire go out of control.
      Rie: Out of control?
      Eiji: Don't do something reckless like that again. Okay?

    • Goto: I don't need to be Birth if it means sucking up to that guy! But what if that means I've lost a way of fighting...

    • Eiji: Date, so your job is...
      Akira: Right. To collect Cell Medals. Well, to be honest, I'm not interested in these things. I accepted this job to earn some money.
      Eiji: Eh?
      Akira: 100 million.
      Eiji: What?
      Akira: I will earn 100 million. From now on, I'll take all the Cell Medals, okay?

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