Kamen Rider

Season 20 Episode 21

The Return Of T/A Melody Not Intended For Women (Kaettekita T/Ona ni wa Mukanai Merodi)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Feb 07, 2010 on TV Asahi
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The Return Of T/A Melody Not Intended For Women (Kaettekita T/Ona ni wa Mukanai Merodi)
Terui and Makura follow Inspector Himuro, who has been working for a Gaia Memory dealer. They are attacked by Masquerade Dopants. As Ryu fights as Accel, Himuro is killed by the Triceratops Dopant who he calls "Mizoguchi". The last Masquerade Dopant is killed by Detective Aya Kujo, of the FPD, formally of the LAPD. Shotaro later agrees to help Makura with the case. Watcherman directs them to Ken Akutsu. They find him, but the Triceratops Dopant attacks him. W fights the Dopant, allowing Akutsu to escape. Ryu finds Akutsu's keychain with the name "Catherine" on it. Returning to the detective agency, Kujo briefs everyone on Mizoguchi, her former superior officer who vanished while working the same case. Phillip learns that "Catherine" is the name of Akutsu's boat. Shotaro and Ryu find him there and he reveals that he was kidnapping people to use as Gaia Memory test subjects. The Smilodon Dopant attacks them. Akutsu tries to escape on Catherine but the boat explodes, attacked by the Triceratops Dopant. Ryu identifies the Dopant as Kujo...moreless

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  • Jasmine is an ESPer...

    A very interesting episode. There's quite a good mystery going on here involving corruption in the police and abductions for Gaia Memory tests. It does seem though that every police officer involved in this case is an inspector. I'd have thought there'd have been at least one constable or something. The highlight of this episode is clearly the guest star; Ayumi Kinoshiita playing Aya Kujo. She is known to Super Sentai fans as Jasmine from Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger so her role here as Aya is not a million miles away from Jasmine. I was half-expecting her to take off a glove, touch something, and get a ESP impression from it. I like how she sometimes slips into English while talking due to having worked in America. It's a real shame that she turns out to the villain. I wouldn't have minded if she stuck around longer so we didn't just have Akiko as the sole female on the good guys side. I like the design of the Triceratops Dopant, it's much better than the other dinosaur Dopant, T-Rex from earlier in the series. I thought that Akutsu revealed all the details of the plot far too easily after Ryu grabbed him, but I do like the idea that the nobodies in Futo disappear and are used as Gaia Memory test subjects as no one will miss them. It's kind of scary really. Despite the serious story, there's still some lighthearted moments in this episode, such as Ryu hitting Makura and then claiming he had a fly on his cheek. Saeko is getting very scary, even going so far as to slap Wakana when she gets cheeky. She should be interesting later on. I feel sorry for her next husband. I'm looking forward to part two of this story. Hopefully we'll get to see more of the Gaia Memory tests.moreless
Tomomi Kasai

Tomomi Kasai


Fumihiko Tachiki

Fumihiko Tachiki

Narrator/Doubledriver/Gaia Memory (voice)

Zennosuke Fukkin

Zennosuke Fukkin


Masaki Suda

Masaki Suda

Phillip/Kamen Rider W (voice)

Yasuhiro Takato

Yasuhiro Takato

Smilodon Dopant (voice)

Rin Asuka

Rin Asuka

Wakana Sonozaki/Claydoll Dopant

Ayumi Kinoshita

Ayumi Kinoshita

Aya Kujo/Triceratops Dopant

Guest Star

Hiroo Otaka

Hiroo Otaka

Ken Akutsu

Guest Star

Hiroyuki Muraoka

Hiroyuki Muraoka


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Aya: I'm Aya Kujo. Starting today, I'm joining the Futo Police Extraordinary Crimes Investigation Bureau. (in English) Nice to meet you.

    • Aya: My sources tell me Himuro was just the "ticket window". Someone else is the real insider.
      Ryu: Any idea as to who?
      Aya: I do.
      Ryu: Then get some evidence, and we'll get him.
      Aya: Got, it, Ryu... Sorry, I'm used to calling people by first names. But... is it okay for me to continue calling you that?
      Ryu: Do what you want.

    • Shotaro: So that inspector?
      Watcherman: A-ku-tsu. In the underground, he's infamous for being a corrupt detective. There's a rumour that many unemployed guys around him have gone missing.

    • Saeko: New Kamen Rider, Accel. Seems he has an unusual connection to the man with the W Memory. Also, Wakana... why did you bring Mick to the company?
      Wakana: Oh? Is that not allowed?
      Saeko: (slaps Wakana) This job isn't a game. You still don't know anything. Nothing about Gaia Memory's true power... or how fearsome it is.

    • Aya: You're Phillip? (in English) Nice to meet you.
      Phillip: Is your right leg hurt? Just now it appeared as if you were covering it.
      Akiko: I'm sorry! He's a bit eccentric.

    • Ryu: There's one thing I want to confirm. Akustu called that Dopant... Mizoguchi.
      Makura: Mizoguchi? Where have I heard that before?
      Aya: Masaki Mizoguchi. Futo Police Investigation Bureau 1 inspector. My coworker.
      Makura: I remember. He's the man who was fired half a year ago for taking illegal bribes. He was pressured by society and the media... He eventually jumped off a cliff. He's the worst kind of inspector!
      Aya: (in English) No! (in Japanese) You're wrong. Mizoguchi was a fine inspector. I respected and looked up to him. He's the one who pushed me to pursue my dream of going to the Los Angeles department. Everything I am now is thanks to him.
      Shotaro: Why would such a fine inspector go corrupt?
      Aya: The accusations were false. He was proud of being a policeman.
      Ryu: Inspector Mizoguchi was framed... and then erased?
      Aya: Probably. By Himuro and Akutsu.

    • Shotaro: So this is how it is: Mizoguchi is actually alive and has become a Dopant. And has begun taking revenge against those who trapped him.
      Makura: Then he's still scum! A good cop would arrest the culprit. Let the law judge him! How can he become a Dopant and take revenge!?
      Ryu: What do you know!? (hits Makura in the mouth)
      Makura: (holding his mouth) Did I say something wrong?
      Phillip: Even a reasonable argument will sometimes anger your listener.
      Makura: No way! (collapses against the wall)

    • Aya: (on Makura) Ryu, did you hit him just now for me?
      Ryu: No. There was a fly on his cheek.

    • Ryu: Things are no longer the same as they were back then. Revenge is a powerful feeling.
      Aya: Can you understand... how he feels?
      Ryu: Yeah. Because there is someone whom I need to take revenge upon as well. The owner of the W Memory. He slaughtered my family.

    • Ryu: Now spill it! What happened to the people you promised jobs to!?
      Akutsu: Seems they were used as test subjects...
      Shotaro: Test subjects?
      Akutsu: ... for Gaia Memory tests. It was lucrative. Even if they disappeared, they were people no one would search for. Being in the police let me achieve many of my goals.
      Ryu: So Mizoguchi became aware of that?
      Akutsu: Yeah, that's right. That guy pretended to be all just and stuff. There's no way he could have survived that fall! Yet he got Himuro! This time he's after me.
      Shotaro: Well, I want you alive and in prison.
      Akutsu: No... because I'm being protected... by that monster! (the Smilodon Dopant appears)

  • NOTES (10)

    • Ending theme: "Free Your Heat" by Galveston 19.

    • W Forms:
      CycloneJoker (green/black).
      HeatMetal (red/silver).
      LunaTrigger (gold/blue).

    • Windmill count: 7

    • The Bean Memory is seen in flashback being used on a test subject. It previously appeared among the Gaia Memories in Kirihiko's case in Episode 2 but has yet to play a major role.

    • Although the Masquerade Memories provide the user with increased speed and strength, they do not appear to offer any armour-like protection like the other Dopant Gaia Memories. One Masquerade Dopant is killed by a single shot from an ordinary bullet firing pistol, something which would not normally injure another Dopant.

    • Due to working Los Angeles with the LAPD, Aya has grown accustomed to calling colleagues by their first names instead of the more commonly used surnames in Japan. She also breaks into English occassionally while speaking.

    • Hiroo Otaka, who plays Ken Akutsu here, previously appeared as Gaja in Super Sentai's GouGou Sentai Boukenger.

    • Kenji Tominaga and Eitoku, who play the Instructor and a Gaia Memory distributor respectively here, have both previously been the suit actors for several Kamen Riders. Eitoku is currently Kamen Rider Accel.

    • Ayumi Kinoshita, who plays Detective Aya Kujo here, previously appeared as the ESPer Jasmine/DekaYellow in Super Sentai's Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger.

    • Dopant: Aya Kujo/Triceratops Dopant.


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