Kamen Rider

Season 20 Episode 1

W Search/Two Detectives In One (W no Kensaku/Tantei wa Futari de Hitori)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Sep 06, 2009 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • According to the clock on Phillip's wall, it takes 30 minutes from Shotaro leaving him and Akiko to W's summoning of Machine Hardboilder and Revolgarry. Revolgarry is launched at 11am, and then passes the ferris wheel at 11.10am.

    • The first time Shotaro and Phillip transformed into W they apparently merged completely but when they transformed to fight the Magma Dopant, only Phillip's mind was included, his body remaining where it was.

    • A sign behind Kamen Rider W LunaJoker during the battle reveals that Kamen Rider Double is set in 2009, the same year that it first aired on Japanese TV.

  • Quotes

    • Akiko: Hey, what's "hard-boiled"?
      Shotaro: Not being swayed no matter what the situation. It's a man-among-men lifestyle. That is... "hard-boiled".

    • Akiko: (holding up a piece of paper) I'm evicting you. Here's my registration.
      Shotaro: (spitting out his tea) What!?
      Akiko: I'm this place's landlord. Strange detective wannabe, please leave quickly.

    • Shotaro: I'm Shotaro Hidari, a private dick.This city contains a bit of happiness and a lot of sorrow. It always comes in with the wind. My childhood friend from this town, Marina Tsumura's request was truly a gust of wind dropping by.
      Akiko: Why are carrying on a narration all by yourself!?

    • Akiko: Excuse me.
      Phillip: Do you mind not interrupting?
      Akiko: Huh?
      Phillip: "Silicon dioxide" results in 150,870 corresponding results. Of those, I've finished reading 142,650 of them.
      Akiko: Hey, you. Could you be Phillip? The partner of that detective wannabe?
      Phillip: Akiko Narumi. I have read everything related to you. Nothing of interest. Hurry back to that Osaka or whatever city.
      Akiko: Osaka or whatever? You don't know Osaka? At the very least, it's more well known than Futo. Like takoyaki.

    • Shotaro: (showing Akiko a picture of a Gaia Memory) Right now, there are guys spreading these around. They're called Gaia Memory. Humans who obtain this become supermen. Those supermen are called Dopant. You were attacked by a real one just now.

    • Shotaro: Let's go, Phillip.
      (Phillip doesn't move)
      Akiko: Aren't you going?
      Phillip: I am going. The two of us are a single detective.

    • Kamen Rider W: Now, count your sins!

  • Notes

    • Shotaro recognizes the Gaia Memory used by the Dopant as being Magma, suggesting that he has encountered this Memory before, although he may just be able to tell from its form.

    • Shotaro's wire, a part of the Spider Shock Memory Gadget, is strong enough to hold the weight of both him and Akiko.

    • Akiko is from Osaka.

    • While researching the Magma Dopant, Phillip reads up on silicon dioxide, gaining 150,870 results. By the time Akiko finds him, he has read 142,650 of these.

    • Phillip's research on takoyaki gives him 3,543,280 results. He eventually reads all of these.

    • A person initiates their transformation into Dopant form by inserting their Gaia Memory into the bio connect port on their body. Yousuke's port is on his left forearm, but other Dopants will have them in various other places.

    • Seiji Takaiwa, Kamen Rider W's suit actor, has previously been the suit actor for the majority of the main Heisei Riders and several characters in the Super Sentai series.

    • The Sonozaki Family house is actually the Tokyo National Museum.

    • As W's first known appearance was one year before the start of the series, the incident shown in the introduction must have taken place around the time of Kamen Rider Kiva. The event will be shown as part of Kamen Rider Double: Begin's Night. Presumably Shotaro and Phillip were busy building the base and Revolgarry in the intervening year.

    • Windmill count: 31.

    • W Forms:
      CycloneJoker (green/black, default form).
      LunaJoker (gold/black).

    • The left side of the Doubledriver and Kamen Rider W's body are assigned to Shotaro and determines the types of attacks/weapons that W uses. The right sides are assigned to Phillip and determines W's elemental power. Shotaro however controls the whole body while in battle with only Phillip's conscious mind present, although Phillip does demonstrate limited body control as well (such as swapping Memories without Shotaro's consent). Phillip's body remains wherever it was when the transformation was initiated in an unconcious state.

    • Kamen Rider W is the first Heisei era Kamen Rider to wear a scarf and is the first since Kamen Rider ZX from the 1984 special Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!!. The scarf is only present while W is using the Cyclone Memory however.

    • First appearance of Kamen Rider W's LunaJoker form, the Machine Hardboilder motorcycle, the Rotation-Interchange Base RevolGarry and Saeko Sonozaki's Taboo Dopant form.

    • Kamen Rider W previously appeared in Kamen Rider Decade The Movie: All Riders Vs. Dai Shocker in CycloneJoker Form.

    • Dopant: Yousuke Togawa/Magma Dopant.

    • Billed as the "Heisei Kamen Rider 10th Anniversary Project: Fall Campaign", making it the second anniversary series after Kamen Rider Decade.

    • Meibi Yamanouchi, who plays Marina Tsumura here, previously played Rin/Lunagel in Super Sentai's Mahou Sentai MagiRanger.

    • In keeping with this series' theme of doubles, Kamen Rider Double's episodes have two titles.

    • In this guide, "Kamen Rider Double" will refer to the series, whereas "Kamen Rider W" will refer to the character.

    • Enemy group: The Sonozaki Family and the Dopants.

    • Ryuta Tasaki, Kamen Rider Double's main director, has previously directed many episodes of Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Power Rangers.

    • Kamen Rider Double is the first series to debut in September instead of February, owing to the relatively short 31 episode run of the previous series, Kamen Rider Decade.

    • Opening theme: "W-B-X ~W boiled extreme~" by Aya Kamiki with TAKUYA.

    • Set to air alongside the second half of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. The first half having aired alongside Kamen Rider Decade.

    • Kamen Rider Double is the 11th Heisei era Kamen Rider series and the 20th overall.

    • Kamen Rider Double is also known as Kamen Rider W, the 'W' (double 'u') meaning just "Double".

  • Allusions

    • Takoyaki is grilled or fried octopus served with various vegetables.

    • The 'W' in the episode's title refers to both the word 'double', as in two, and the word 'word', as in a word search.

    • The Gaia Memories are named for the ancient Greek goddess who is considered the embodiment of the Earth.

    • Detective Jinno refers to Shotaro and Makura as "dogs and monkeys". This is the Japanese equivalent of saying that two people "fight like cats and dogs".

    • The Windscale department store shares its name with the UK nuclear power station now known as Sellafield.

    • The Taboo Dopant is based on the social prohibition.

    • The book that Shotaro takes off his shelf is "The Long Goodbye", the 1953 novel by Raymond Chandler, which is centered on his famous 'hard-boiled' detective character, Philip Marlowe. Shotaro also quotes the book when he refers to himself as "a private dick".

    • Machine Hardboilder is based on the Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle.

    • The name Dopant comes from the English word "dopant", referring to a doping agent, an impurity added to a compound to alter it's properties.

    • Futo means "Wind Capital" in Japanese.

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