Kamen Rider

Season 17 Episode 47

You Wept Over My End (Ore no Saigo ni Omae ga Naita)

Aired Sunday 8:00 AM Jan 06, 2008 on TV Asahi
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You Wept Over My End (Ore no Saigo ni Omae ga Naita)
Celebrating the new year with everyone on DenLiner, Owner leaves to have his "final battle" with the Station Master. Ryoutarou reveals that his new year's resolution is to stay with the Taros. Kai begins his attack with the Imagin army in 2000. Liner Forms goes back to fight them, learning too late that it was a trap. Kintaros elects to remain in the past to fight the Imagin as Zeronos protects Airi in the present. Ryoutarou is allowed to return to DenLiner and the present to help Zeronos and Deneb. However, Kai is able to probe Airi to see if she is the true target.moreless

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    Toshihiko Seki

    Toshihiko Seki

    Momotaros/M-Ryoutarou/Den-O Sword Form/Climax Form (voice)

    Hideo Ishiguro

    Hideo Ishiguro


    Wakana Matsumoto

    Wakana Matsumoto

    Airi Nogami

    Takeru Satoh

    Takeru Satoh

    Ryoutarou Nogami/Den-O Plat Form/Liner Form

    Kenjiro Ishimaru

    Kenjiro Ishimaru

    Owner/Station Master/Narrator

    Ryo Ueno

    Ryo Ueno

    Isse Miura

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    • QUOTES (9)

      • Urataros: It's kind of strange... the terminal exists to observe the Junction Point, right? If it'll be a while before we see it again, then that means...
        Momotaros: Hey! Quit trying to make that sound unintentional!
        Urataros: You sure are dense, sempai.
        Momotaros: What!?
        Urataros: In other words, that means the future is coming.

      • Kintaros: Ryoutarou, how about you too?
        Ryoutarou: No... I don't have any resolutions really.
        Kintaros: Don't think about it so much! Ryoutarou, just write what you think is good. Well, it's not like you're writing a wish.
        Ryoutarou: I just... I guess I just want to continue fighting with Momotaros and everyone.
        Kintaros: Don't worry about that! Leave it to me!

      • Kai: (to the New Mole Imagin army) You guys are bugging me. You guys can't even exist without someone's memories. You guys are pathetic.
        New Mole Imagin: Well, that's because you're a no-good Singularity Point!
        Kai: To obtain this time we need to obtain the memories of this time's people. Understand!? You guys can take memories. That's why you guys can finally exist in this world. I'm so nice, aren't I? So hurry and crush her. The now and the present, make it all ours. Oh? If you destroy Airi Nogami...

      • Deneb: (possessing Yuuto at a shrine) I wish that Yuuto learns to like shiitake.
        Yuuto: Hey! Don't pray without permission! We came to guard her!
        Deneb: Then just one more. I wish that Yuuto's hatred of shiitake is cured.
        Yuuto: That's the same thing!

      • Ryoutarou: Thank you.
        Yuuto: For what!?
        Ryoutarou: For protecting the secret that Airi is the key to the Junction Point.
        Yuuto: Whatever. I wasn't exactly on board from the beginning either. But... If I'm told my future is going to disappear, then I have no choice but to do it. And... maybe I feel like I want to protect her.
        Ryoutarou: That day... what were Airi and Sakurai trying to do? Or rather, what did they do? I'm sure my missing memory is related. If only I knew what I had forgotten...
        Yuuto: There must be a reason for not telling us. Well, it's like being lightly danced around.
        Ryoutarou: I suppose.

      • Kintaros: Contract complete!
        Ryoutarou: Wait a moment! This is really pushing it!
        Kintaros: Whatever! Just leave this to me! You go back!

      • Hana: (on Kintaros' leaving DenLiner) Kintaros, why did you suddenly do this?
        Urataros: Kin isn't just going to wait around to disappear.
        (Momotaros and Urataros begin to dissolve)
        Hana: You guys! When did that start?
        Momotaros: You knew about this. Anyway, right now is bear's moment for showing off!
        Ryutaros: Kuma has no intention of coming back. Because, by taking a real form, he can't board DenLiner!
        Momotaros: That stupid bear!
        Naomi: He was just sharing Ryoutarou's ticket in the first place...

      • Ryoutarou: Kintaros!
        Kintaros: Don't worry about me! I was going to disappear long ago anyway! But I'm here now thanks to you!
        Ryoutarou: No! I don't want you to suffer!
        Kintaros: That's nothing! I don't have a life. Just time.
        Ryoutarou: Time?
        Kintaros: Yeah! Just as that fool Kai says, we don't have a past to remember. Despite that, I remember everything since Ryoutarou picked me up. I'd rather protect this time than myself!

      • Kintaros: (to the Imagin army) Shall we really get started? My strength has made you laugh. No good? Undo that. My strength... will make you cry after all!

    • NOTES (7)

      • This is the first episode that one of the Taros Imagin transform into their Den-O form as himself instead of possessing Ryotaro. In this case, Kintaros transforms Kamen Rider Den-O Ax Form.

      • Den-O Forms: Ax Form, Liner Form.

      • Zeronos Forms: Zero Form.
        Cards remaining: 2.

      • The opening titles return to the Taros Imagin version of the Den-O theme.

      • By granting Ryoutarou's wish to continue fighting with Momotaros and the other Imagin, Kintaros is able to leave DenLiner in the past and assist in the battle against the Imagin army as Den-O Ax Form. However, by doing so he gains a real body and therefore cannot return to DenLiner, effectively stranding himself in the past.

      • Aside from the many New Mole Imagin, other Imagin in Kai's army include the Whale Imagin, Molech Imagin, Cobra Imagin, Gecko Imagin, Wasp Imagin and Bluebird Imagin.

      • Monsters: New Mole Imagin army.
        Contract holder: Kai.
        Past date: 16th June 2000.

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