Kamer Rider Hibiki

TELETOON (ended 2006)


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Kamer Rider Hibiki

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Kamen Rider: Hibiki, literally Masked Rider: Echo Demon, is a Japanese series about masked superheroes with technologically advanced weaponry defending the planet from monsters. For centuries, there have been great Japanese warriors and athletes who have had the ability to use sound to transform into Oni, protective demons, and protect the world from the evil monsters known as Makamou. Adachi Asumu (Rakuto Tochihara), a middle school student visiting family, meets an odd man named Hibiki (Shigeki Hosokawa). After several Makamou kidnap Asumu's cousin, Hibiki uses a tuning fork to transform into his Oni form, a purple demon, and he defeats the monsters. Asumu becomes Hibiki's sidekick and participates in missions for Takeshi, the secret organization that produces the Oni's high-tech weapons and special motorcycles. Other Oni Kamen Riders include Ibuki (Jyogi Shibue) and Tadoroki (Makoto Kawaguchi). Toei Company Limited, known for making the original Japanese version of the Power Rangers, produced Kamen Rider: Hibiki.