Kamichama Karin

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)





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  • kamichama karin fans read my review

    Kamichama karin is about a girled named karin who has just had her pet shi chan dies, and also having her parants die at a toddler, while at her pets grave she meets a boy named kazun and that's when her ring starts glowing she runs as fast as she can. Now it feels like she has magical powers, because she is the best at everything now, running, maths and science. If that isn't the wierdest thing she also makes the rain come. Now moving in with the boy kazun and his cousin hemika, she discovers that she can somen powers from the goddess anthena. Shi chan comes back as a god cat.
    best character
    karin, hemika, and kazun
    funniest character
    michi, and shi chan
    prettiest character
    karin, and hemika.
    thank you for reading
  • A girl suddenly becomes a goddess when she meets a guy who is a god.

    The story itself was okay, I would not say that watching it is a complete waste of time but if you want to watch something exciting, original, funny, or has lots of romance in it, then do not bother watching. The transformation seems a bit lame and the whole story is like a fairytale but if you've got time to burn and want to watch some human into god or goddess transforming then go for it. Be warned, it's the same every single time and the way the gods and goddesses attack is shooting beams of light at each other or something along those lines. If you like to see some cute clothes, you may like this series.
  • Sailormoon anyone?

    The story follows an Orphan named Karin, who lives with her aunt, that's really strict on her. She has no friends except her cat Shii-Chan, but we he dies she is all alone. Well it ends up that her mother's momentom, a ring, gives her powers of a goddess, and she does a Sailor Moon transformation. I only watched the first two episodes, and it just screams Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew. I feel like I'm watching a re-run every episode. Like I said earlier it reminds me of a mixture between Sailor Moon, Pretear, and Tokyo Mew Mew. Sure it's cute, if it's like your first anime.