Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

(ended 2000)


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  • Season 2
    • Thou! Become the heavenly wind
      Game End! It's the final episode and it is the battle for earth and Fin's soul! Kaitou Jeanne stay strong and serious, matchless and marvelous, energetic and courageous, and must find a way to love herself enough to save Fin from the Devil!
    • Friendship collapse!?! Magic ice final battle
      Miyako has been captured by Fin. Like Jeanne d'Arc, the devil is turning her friends against her. Can Maron save her best friend from a demon without checkmating her? Or can Miyako find and believe in her true self, the self that believes in Maron?
    • Kaitou, surpass space and time
      Fin is evil?! And Maron has been helping the Devil all this time?! Everything is revealed in this episode to everyone. Is Jeanne d'Arc the only one who can help Maron gain her spirit and courage back?
    • Reunion with Fin!! A tragic nightmare
      It is time for Fin's return and the weather is turning chaotic. Weather enough to create heat strokes during the winter, volcanic erruptions, tornados, and tidal waves galore. Just what is it that Chiaki needs to tell Maron about? And what does it have to do with Fin?
    • Dark transformation! Mists fierce assault
      Myst, desperate to kill Jeanne before this mysterious "Queen" gets to her, sets up an elaborate plan to kill her by using her school. Meanwhile, Noin gives her dreams of his memories of Jeanne d'Arc, but with Chiaki being her betrayer. This is so she will feel that she cannot trust anyone. What lengths will Myst go, to kill Jeanne?moreless
    • Just one wish! To mother and father
      Zen's pure wish to live on his own strength brought bittersweet joy, despite his death. Now, another young girl finds both her parents to be possessed by demons. Can Jeanne save yet another family, when that family happens to be an ambassador's family? Are the police going to stand for Jeanne trying to rob their international guests?moreless
    • Resolution!? The checkmate of sadness
      If Kaitou Jeanne checkmates, it means death to Zen. Can Maron attain the courage and strength to save Zen from become a demon? Or will Noin or even Sinbad get in the way?
    • A boy with a demons heart
      Zen, a boy who's been hospitalized for five years due to a heart condition is being targeted by Noin. Jeanne will simply not stand for this. But this time, his live human heart is the thing being possessed. How can Jeanne checkmate?!
    • A thief is on the polices side?!?
      When Miyako's brother, Subaru, becomes the main target for demonic possession, Miyako's mind is in a whirl of confusion. Suddenly she realizes how all the people Jeanne has stolen from became calm after the robbery, so when Miyako's innocent wish calls forth Jeanne, will Jeanne be able to grant it? Or will Myst be able to prove that human love is so fragile?moreless
    • The power of Jeanne's love, revived
      Chiaki just can't seem to get through to Maron. But with Miyako's and Kanako's help, perhaps Maron's heart will be healed. However, when Myst attacks another person close to Maron, will it be the final straw? Will Maron's heart be close off forever?
    • Declaration of departing! I'll never believe anyone again
      Maron has just found out Chiaki's greatest betrayal to her! He is actually Sinbad and first approached her to stop her from being a Kaitou by getting her to fall for him. So now, with Maron's heart in chaos, Kaitou Jeanne's barrier has weakened making her easy pickings for demons. Can Chiaki prove to her that he loves her?moreless
    • Sinbad you liar!
      Sinbad you liar!
      Episode 33
      During a World History class trip to a historic church, a demon takes over a beautiful pipe organ and Maron and Chiaki reveal their feelings for each other. But their mission to catch the demon could blow Sinbad's identity...and Maron's trust in Chiaki.
    • Obliterate Kaitou Jeanne
      This time on Kaitou Jeanne, the beauty of a policeman's soul is the target. And not just any policeman, but Miyako's father, Detective Toudaji! What's the story behind this mysterious notice that Jeanne has sent? Just how far will a demonic policeman go to catch Kaitou Jeanne?
    • The Kaitou is doing a commercial?!?
      Iinchou has been asked to be in a commercial with Maron. Only the director is a criminal who cheats people out of their money and has been possessed by a demon sent to kill Jeanne. Jeanne must seal away the demon and stop Iinchou from getting cheated.
    • Defender, burning with renewed spirit
      This is just too much for a schoolgirl to handle! First, Maron's teacher might have seen her transform from Kaitou Jeanne back into Maron! Then, Fin visits, but only long enough to say that Sinbad and Access are summoning demons to their world! For Kaitou Jeanne this time, it appears that a live dog is being possessed by a demon, rather than a inanimate object. To make matters worse, the dog is a guide dog for a blind woman that Meron meets. If Kaitou Jeanne "checkmates", will the dog disappear forever?!moreless
    • Totally beautiful! The mysterious new teacher appears
      One of the high class demons is now posing as Maron's history teacher! The police get to marvel at her return (and her new outfit) as a beautiful angel painting is possessed by a demon! The painting turns from "An Angel of Happiness" to one that is consumed with flames. Will Kaitou Jeanne's wings be clipped as well or will Sinbad be able to save her?moreless
    • Advent of the demon! New transformation
      With Fin gone, Maron is unable to transform into Kaitou Jeanne. Life seems good until two high class demons enter into her life with the intent of killing her! With new demons on the loose, can Maron take them on herself without transforming into Kaitou Jeanne? Can God's grace save her this time?moreless
  • Season 1
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