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  • Season 1
    • And the first...
      And the first...
      Episode 13
      A new person entered Fushin Newspaper. Kana is now a senpai and since she's a bit embarrassed because she can't ride a bike, she's been taking some special training all day and night. Since she was really concentrating on this training, it caused her to be late for school. In order to continue her training, she no longer walked with her friends but instead went directly home. Since this was not like Kana, her classmates suspected that she has a boyfriend.moreless
    • The First Person
      The First Person
      Episode 12
      Under the autumn sky, there's a flea market in the downtown area. Of course they're selling newspapers at Fushin Newspaper! In addition, Yume made home-made sweets, Haruka has some feng shui goods, and Saki got various other items from a classmate. This time, the profits will go to something they want, a new air conditioner. In the afternoon, Kana goes to pick up lunch and to get some change at the bank. On her way, she bumps into Mika.moreless
    • My First Time Nursing
      Unfortunately, it looks like today is going to rain too. Because of the drastic change in temperature, Saki warns everyone to take care of themselves. The topic of discussion is the members who are caught a cold. Yuuki has a fever. Yume who was taking care of them and is in high spirits is overworked and also breaks down physically. Kana, who is worried about these two, are told by Hinata and Saki that they will be okay. And what do you know, the next day, Yuuki is completely recovered while Yume also seems much better. However, when Kana returns home that day, this time, it's Saki who is sick in bed.moreless
    • My First Feelings
      My First Feelings
      Episode 10
      One morning, Yume's treasured sweets were presented to Kana as she took off in a Rolls Royce. The unexpected event caused Kana to be in a bit of a confused state. As Saki asked about what happened, Yume was on her way to her parents' home. Will she be returning?
    • My First Diet?
      My First Diet?
      Episode 9
      The new school term is approaching. One of Kana's friends asks her to take care of their dog, John, for a short time. Kana really wants to help her friend so she agrees to this even though she's terrified of dogs! She couldn't have things her way with John so in order to fulfill her desire to get along with all animals; she had some help learning how to get along with dogs. Mika, who was also not good with dogs, went with Kana to a park nearby to attend a lecture butâ?¦moreless
    • My First Talk About Memories
      One morning, Miss Marimo told the story of 'The first bad employee at Fushin' to the girls. However, for some reason, Saki was in a bad mood during this time. Finally, she got up and went to her room. Kana was concerned for her so she asked one of the girls what happened and they all seemed to know. It seemed to be related to an incident that happened a year before Kana arrived during the wintertime.moreless
    • My First Welcome
      My First Welcome
      Episode 7
      Today is the Obon holiday. It's a newspaper holiday for some companies. So the girls at Fushin Newspaper Company are taking it easy and spending their day as they please. For Kana, this was the first Obon without her grandmother so she asked Saki if she could light a welcoming fire which is believed to bring back ancestral spirits. Saki thought it would be a great to make this an important event so everyone began to prepare to build the fire and make an offering to welcome the ancestors. So, on the night of the welcoming, who was the one waiting?moreless
    • My First Scary Story
      After enjoying themselves in the bathhouse, the rain was coming down quite hard and it was extremely windy. It seemed like the typhoon was getting closer and closer. Everyone hurried home and on the way back, Kana ran into some friends she knew from the cooking club she belonged to. Kana noticed that they were wearing their school uniforms even though school was out and found out that they were going to school to make a cake for one of their teachers. Kana was a bit sad that she was not invited. As she tried to get rid of that feeling, there was a power outage at Fushin Newspaper!moreless
    • My First Ghost Story
    • My First Time at the Bath with Everyone
    • My First Time at the Pool
    • The First Smile
      The First Smile
      Episode 3
    • My First Newspaper Delivery
    • My First Time, All Alone
    • Solitude, For the First Time
      Kana's grandmother passed away so she is left by herself. In order to survive, she has to look for a part-time job. However, she's just a Jr. High School student with no guardian so finding a job proved to be difficult. It was getting late as she was walking back when she suddenly collided into a newspaper delivery person. She sees an advertisement hiring people to deliver newspapers where housing is provided.moreless