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Kangaroo is an animated children's series about a young boxing kangaroo living in a zoo with his mother. Joey (voiced by David Mendenhall) loves the zoo, unlike his monkey friends (voiced by Pat Fraley and Frank Welker) who only want out. Joey and his friend Sidney Squirrel (voiced by Marvin Kaplan) spend most of the day helping the zookeeper Mr. Bermey (voiced by Marshall Efron) do his daily chores. In every episode, the mean monkeys try to escape and Joey and Sidney always manage to stop them. The monkeys begin to hate their kangaroo friend and soon form the Monkeybiz Gang, whose only job is pick on Joey every chance they get. Joey's mom Katy (voiced by Mea Martineau) then shows her son how to box, in case he needs to defend himself. The monkeys get violent again, but this time, Joey's new self-defense skills fends them off. By mid-season, the Monkeybiz Gang stops picking on Joey, but they still resent him, and they still try to escape. The show's producers fill each episode with a different moral story each week for children watching at home to learn.