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  • good

    wow this anime what a weird one!! i mean i expected some shy romance but instead it had all sorts of twists and turns it went from a shy little kid to a hot busting babe who was constantly trying to get into his pants while another girl was trying to do the same thing all the while they all have supernatural pwers id give this anime a 7.5 it was great had a fun time watching it but there are some holes in the plot that i thought was substantial like what happend in chizurus past and what was the jist between her and the biker dude????
  • Kanokon is a very ecchi, very naughty supernatural romance comedy. Elements of traditional folk-lore, love triangles, school-life, and lots and lots of ecchi scenes combine to make a rather unusual anime.

    Kanokon is a rough romance story between Kota, a high school freshman, and Chizuru, a high school sophomore. Kota is a scrawny, youthful, naive, and suprizingly virtuous young boy. Chizuru is the older, randy, vuluptious, and sexually assertive girl. Chizuru is also a fox spirit, a Kitsune, who is drawn to the unlikely Kota and while the two are an unlikely pair, Chizuru is totally enammered by Kota. Kota picks up a reputation as 'the Great Errotic King' because he has the pretties girl in school dying to get into his pants. His reputation further increases when a another girl, this time a wolf spirit named Nozomu, wants him for herself. The story is very simplistic, Chizuru and Nozomu jocky for position to get into Kota's jockies, so to speak. Kota keeps most of his innocence, or at least his virginity, from both Chizuru and Nozomu. Kota is a likable guy and he is kind and protective of the two girls, whom he generally likes. In the end, Kota is able to confess his love to one of the girls. So, in between the beginning and the end, there are: lots of boobs, lots up gratuitous pantie shots, spirit hunters, jealous suitors, an unscrupulous mother, magical battles, one spanking, and a scene where Nozomu instructs Kota to 'eat her cake' [her being Chizuru's] in an allusion to *ahem* *cough* analingus *cough* What is wrong with kids these days??? Jesus, I was embarassed watching a number of scenes from this anime. By the middle and second half of the series, the story line and sexual explicitness are totally over the top. Thank god that by the last two episodes, the plot moves from sex and lust towards love and affection. So there is some recovery by the end of the show. Now, here is what I like about the show; once you shovel through the boobs, panties, and Three-Is-Company sub plots, and if you look close enough, there is actually a moral to the story; the sub text is that love is more powerful than lust, one can be true to himself and still have room of others in his life, and some things are worth waiting for. By the end, I had quite a bit of respect for Kota and I think that Chizuru was able to mature enough to understand it is better to be loved than just to be wanted.
  • Perveted comedy...

    Ok... When I started watching this anime, I really didn't know what to expect, but soon it all became clear and I started to LOVE IT!!! ^_^
    It is a story about a freshman Kouta who is constantly harrassed in every possible way (mostly sexually) by a 2nd year student Chizuru who is in love with him. She is in fact a fox spirit, and wants to share her love with him. Kouta wants to be left alone, but still tries to understand her feelings.
    It is one hilarious comedy with some (actually a lot of) perverted scenes. I would say it's a mix of DearS and Fruit Basket (for those who know...)
    Watch it if you want to relax and are ready to laugh (A LOT!!)