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  • Season 2
    • Canon of the End of a Dream
      Something unexpected has happened, a miracle has occurred and everyone has recovered from their illnesses and injuries. It appears that everyone has returned to their usual daily routines however Yuichi soon learns of something earth-shattering, from Akiko.
    • Finale of Madder Red
      Caught in a blizzard while lying in the snow, Yuichi was found by known other then the person he admired the most as a kid, Makoto Sawatari. While recovering at her place, Kaori and Jun go over to Nayuki's house to comfort her and Kaori's words of wisdom may have struck a cord. Yuichi goes to his and Ayu's promised place, only to meet her for their final farewell.moreless
    • Symphony of Recollection
      Yuichi and Nayuki have just heard the news of the terrible traffic accident Akiko was involved in so they rush to the hospital, shocked by what they discover. Nayuki becomes depressed and shut herself in her room. No matter what Yuichi does, he is unable to cheer her up because he only recently remembered about her seven years ago on the other hand there is still something left for him to remember and that is to do with Ayu.moreless
    • Rondo of What You Aren't
      Ayu hasn't returned from the previous night and no matter where Yuichi goes he's unable to find her. Yuichi is feeling somewhat depressed about it all so Nayuki tries to cheer him up. Later the next day they go out, with help from Jun, to find Ayu's lost important item and Yuichi finally remembers something about Nayuki from seven years ago.moreless
    • Nocturne of Separation
      Following the kiss Yuichi and Ayu shared, they return home only to feel very awkward around Nayuki and Akiko, who seem to sense something has happened between them. Yuichi and Ayu are spending a lot of time together, just like they used to seven years ago and that is till Ayu decides to show Yuichi the school she happens to go to.moreless
    • The Etude of Contact
      Yuichi wakes up from another dream regarding his past with Ayu only to find Ayu stargazing on the veranda. At last the big track meet tournament has come for Nayuki to compete with her team mates and Yuichi is able to see another side of Nayuki. Following his time with Nayuki, Yuichi and Ayu spend the rest of the day searching for that all important item.moreless
    • The Disappearing Gentle Movement
      It is only a couple more days until Shiori's birthday and Yuichi plans to throw her a birthday party on the day before her birthday. To make her party complete Yuichi wants to invite Kaori however like always she is refuses to have anything to do with her little sister. Will Shiori's birthday wishes finally come true?moreless
    • Silent Song of An Elder Sister and A Younger Sister
      After what Kaori said Yuichi returns home with a lot on his mind, especially Shiori's looming birthday. Whereas Yuichi has decided to do as much as he can for her, with the time she has left, Shiori has a little surprise in store for Yuichi.
    • Oratorio in the Midnight
      With everything to do with Mai finally resolved Yuichi decides to keep the promise he made with Shiori, by spending the day with her around town. Meanwhile Akiko has got a fever and it's up to Ayu to look after her. At the end of their day of fun, Shiori admits to lying to Yuichi about her sickness which isn't a typical.moreless
    • A Sonatina of Hide-And-Seek
      Subsequent to what happened to Sayuri, Mai and Yuichi are now determined to put an end to demon hunting by destroying the final three. After managing to defeat the final demon, the two plans to eat some beef bowls to sort of celebrate, however Mai disappears. Whilst looking for Mai something happens and he is shown a vision of Mai's past.moreless
    • Cracked Concerto
      Cracked Concerto
      Episode 14
      Yuichi is worried after Mai told him that the demons are after him, so now he has to take things seriously however Sayuri seems to be concerned about the two of them. Sayuri later meets Yuichi in town, where she reveals to him fragment of her past and family situation. It's the night of Mai's birthday and Sayuri goes out looking for Mai and Yuichi.moreless
    • A Trio of Being Dangerous
      Following the events of the Dance Festival, Kuze the student council president, is trying to get Mai expelled however this crisis is averted thanks to help from Yuichi, Sayuri and surprisingly Jun. Now instead of just watching Mai fight alone, Yuichi intends to help her hunt these demons.
    • A Grotesque Waltz
      A Grotesque Waltz
      Episode 12
      Now with Ayu temporarily staying with them, Yuichi is beginning to remember more about his past with Ayu. At school after spending lunch with Shiori Yuichi discovers something new about her from another student including her last name "Misaka", which happens to be the same last name as his classmate Kaori. Finally the night of the school's Dance Festival has arrived and Yuichi's plan to improve Mai's reputation may not go according to plan.moreless
    • Interlude of Light And a Shadow
      It's a new day and it doesn't take long for something to happen as Mai is getting scolded, in the school's office, under suspicion of breaking a window. In an attempt to remove the bad reputation Mai has accumulated, Yuichi decides that she should attend the upcoming Dance Festival, now all she needs is a dress. Later Yuichi takes Nayuki out after getting her in a bad mood and they run into Ayu, in the shopping district.moreless
    • Requiem on a Hill
      Requiem on a Hill
      Episode 10
      Makoto's time seems to be coming to an end as she has completely forgotten how to speak and lacks human emotions. So Yuichi wants her to experience all the things she has desired before her inevitable departure.
    • Lullaby of a Fox Cub
      Yuichi manages to remember everything about Makoto, as well as why he had to leave her on Monomi Hill 10 years ago. Meanwhile Makoto's condition is slowly deteriorating to the point where Yuichi notices some differences in her. After Makoto disappears and returns in a much worse condition, than before, Yuichi decides to tell Nayuki and Akiko what he knows about Makoto's origin.moreless
    • Fantasia of Reminiscence
      Akiko has approved of Makoto keeping the kitten she found the day before and with Yuichi's help she comes up with a name for it. Yuichi and Makoto end up spending more and more time together and they start to become closer however there is something that he remembers, from his past, which has been bothering him. This is just when a girl named Mishio Amano gives him an ominous warning about Makoto.moreless
    • Fugue of a Runaway Kitten
      It's a new day and everyone is up and ready for a busy day, including Makoto who is about to start her first day working in a nursery. When Yuichi and Nayuki head to school they find a small kitten along the way and with her weakness for animals Nayuki goes and pats it however she's allergic. Later Yuichi meets Makoto in the shopping district and while they are walking home together they see the same kitten from the morning.moreless
    • Divertimento of Riddles
      In the middle of the night Makoto is again trying to pull a prank on Yuichi and this time it involves fireworks. The next day Yuichi wants Makoto to get a job and gain some common sense so he helps arrange a job interview for her. Yuichi has also arranged to go out with Ayu, to watch a movie but it won't be the type of movie she'll enjoy.moreless
    • Serenade of the Apparition
      It's night and Yuichi is at the school, surprised to see Mai standing there with a sword, stating that she is a "Demon Hunter". Following what happened that night, the next day Yuichi has lunch with Mai and her friend Sayuki, trying to get the tight-lipped Mai into a conversation. On his way back Yuichi runs into Makoto who is on an errand, so in the spur-of-the-moment he decides to pull a joke on her.moreless
    • Caprice in the Holidays
      Yuichi is beginning to remember an event in the past when he was cheering up the weeping Ayu, when all of a sudden he is disturbed in the middle of the night by Makoto. The next day while Yuichi is out on an errand with Akiko he again runs into Ayu, who is later invited to their home. Later that night Yuichi heads over to the school to get Nayuki's forgotten notebook yet he is surprised by what he sees.moreless
    • Partita of Memories
      Yuichi returns home and has brought with him the girl who attacked him and fainted. After she finally wakes up they find out that she has amnesia and the only thing she remembers is having a grudge against Yuichi. Against Yuichi's will, Nayuki has aloud her to stay with them for the time being.moreless
    • Introit in the Snow
      It is is already the day for Yuichi's first day of school and even after the strange morning they managed to make it on time. To Nayuki's delight Yuichi is in the same class and after a tiring day of lessons and getting lost, his first day is over. Yuichi goes out to the shopping district to buy his aunt some ingredients, when just like before he runs into Ayu. This leads to a string of encounters.moreless
    • Silver Overture
      Silver Overture
      Episode 1
      This is the beginning for "Kyoto Animations" 2006 remake. It's the middle of winter and after 7 long years Yuichi Aizawa returns to the town he used to visit as a kid. He is staying with is cousin Nayuki and aunt Akiko, just like he used to. Nayuki returns from her club to give him a tour of the town, where they meet some passers by. Later Yuichi runs into some strange girl, while he was waiting for Nayuki outside the store.moreless
  • Season 1
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