Season 2 Episode 8

Fantasia of Reminiscence

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 2006 on Bsi
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Fantasia of Reminiscence
Akiko has approved of Makoto keeping the kitten she found the day before and with Yuichi's help she comes up with a name for it. Yuichi and Makoto end up spending more and more time together and they start to become closer however there is something that he remembers, from his past, which has been bothering him. This is just when a girl named Mishio Amano gives him an ominous warning about Makoto.moreless

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    Kentarou Tone

    Kentarou Tone

    English Teacher

    Guest Star

    Maaya Sakamoto

    Maaya Sakamoto

    Mishio Amano

    Recurring Role

    Miwa Yasuda

    Miwa Yasuda

    Yuuichi Aizawa (young)

    Recurring Role

    Yuko Minaguchi

    Yuko Minaguchi

    Akiko Minase

    Recurring Role

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      • Yuichi: It starts, "Love always strikes when you least expect it to." Oh man, you got a sucky girl comic?
        Makoto: Don't gripe. Read.
        Yuichi: "Diarrhea strikes when you least expect it to."
        Makoto: That's not what it says. Read it right!
        Yuichi: Sorry, sorry, I'll start from the beginning.
        Makoto: Auu.

      • Yuichi: Get out of here. I'm busy redoing the homework that you cut up the other day, remember?
        Makoto: Auu, fine, go ahead and be that way. See if I care, but it's your loss, because I was going to show you something really cool.
        Yuichi: I've already seen you naked, so I'm gonna pass, thanks.
        Makoto: Huh? That's not what I'm talking about, perv!

      • Makoto: Hey, Yuichi?
        Yuichi: What is it?
        Makoto: I was just, uh, I was just wondering how pork buns got to be so delicious?
        Yuichi: What kind of a question is that?
        Makoto: I'm just trying to make some small talk with you.
        Yuichi: That's kind of a limiting question to start a conversation with. I mean, what do you expect me to do, find out all about the pork bun manufacturing process so I can tell you why they're good.
        Makoto: Oh, come on, all you had to do was say "Yeah they sure are delicious" and leave it at that.
        Yuichi: (winking and making a gesture with his hand while sparkling) Dee-licious!
        Yuichi: (bending over) Uh, I think I'm gonna puke.
        Makoto: Sorry that being (pats Yuichi on the butt) agreeable was so hard for you. (laughs and runs off)
        Yuichi: (chasing Makoto) Oh, shut your face! Come back!

      • (Yuichi has been helping Makoto name her cat. Makoto has just rejected Yuichi's suggestion of calling her Nikuman (pork bun). )
        Yuichi: Then how about Piroshiki? You can call her Piro-chan for short. That's pretty cute, don't you think?
        Makoto: It's kinda cute. What's it mean?
        Yuichi: It has no meaning. It's a word that just sprung from a very special part of my huge brain. The part whose sole purpose is to charm, woo and delight the ladies.
        Makoto: Huh? I have absolutely no freakin' idea what you're talking about. But the name's nice, so we'll keep it. Okay?
        (Piro meows.)
        Makoto: (giggles) Piro, Piro, hee-hee. Pretty kitty.
        Akiko: (to Yuichi) Isn't a piroshiki some kind of Russian deep fried meat bun?
        Yuichi: Yeah, but Makoto seems happy with it so I guess the name's gonna stick.
        Makoto: Piro, Piro, (giggles and nuzzles Piro-chan)

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      • Product Replacement
        Yuichi reads a magazine with a car ad on the back with the words Yotota, which is a spoof on the Toyota brand. It even has the oval logo but with a Y.