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  • A wonderful anime show that will give you nostalgia.


    I watched this show a while back and it's a wonderful anime show that gives you nostalgia. This show reminds me of why I wish I was carefree just like Yuichi and memories of old friends who show up 7 years later. This show is about Yuichi, a 17 year old boy who winds up in a very peaceful, wintery town. He has no memories of his past from 7 years ago. As he befriends several young girls who are connected to his past, Yuichi slowly starts to remember the events from 7 years ago and the names of the girls from his past. Yuichi goes to live with his friend, Nayuki and her mother. While living with Nayuki, Yuichi has many cool, fun adventures while regaining his memory. The storyline in this show is well done. There are lots of sad moments in this show and the story keeps you into the show. The characters in this show are awesome. Each of the several young girls that Yuichi encounters have a great personality, a dark pastas well as some habits like when Ayu gets scared or embarassed, she says "oogoo," which is pretty funny and Yuichi makes fun of her. Yuichi himself has a wise guy-like persona and is very friendly. The soundtrack is amazing. The music is very calming and is very enjoyable to listen to. The animation is well done andis bright and colorful, which makes it very good. So overall, I would give this show a chance and I guarantee that you will love it.

  • Nicely done for a show based on a dating sim game.

    This is for the 2006 version that was done by Kyoto Animation and English dubbed by ADV. Yuichi returns to a snowy town to live with his aunt and cousin. He meets a bunch of quirky girls that he fancies, yet does not remember what took place seven years ago when he was last there. As he spends time getting to know each girl, and helping her with her current situation, he unravels more of his past and how their lives are all intermingled with his.

    I watched this over a few days, and have since re-watched it twice within a period of three weeks. It is quite the page turner once the drama gets going. It's best to watch spoiler-free, so avoid character or episode guides while you're in the thick of it. The SAVE pack doesn't have any worthy extras but is a sweet deal considering it's the cost of a regular movie DVD, although the packaging makes it somewhat difficult to remove discs.

    This series follows the dating sim concept of its computer game: Yuichi gets to court a bunch of girls with a mix of desirable anime girl qualities: family relative, model student, aloof samurai, clueless kid, fragile waif, third person talker, and of course, shy and quirky. He also gets to date them without competition from other guys or girls.

    One big plus for the series is that it refreshingly does not rely on naughty fanservice, so it is suitable for the PG-13 audience (Funimation has it rated at TV-PG). Another is that the stories weave into each other rather well, with each of the major girls getting enough development to care about the person and then experience a significant and emotional storyline before moving onto the other girls.

    For graphics detail the widescreen DVD format is sufficient. Sometimes the animation would feature random little details like the moving second hand of a clock. Other images are vague because of the contrast/brightness on the display. The moe big-eyes character design is also standard. The music fits well with themes played mainly from a keyboard; I heard they took some of those from the games.

    I listened to the ADV English dub first and stuck with it throughout. Chris Patton gets to play a fairly animated Yuichi, while Jessica Boone balances his silliness when voicing his serious, but sometimes sleepy and spacey cousin Nayuki. Brittney Karbowski voices a really enthusiastic Ayu that her "Uguu" catchphrase is as memorable as her "Maho" from Pani Poni Dash. One of her best roles to date. It's also the first series that I noticed that had an episode that tried to project voices differently according to the camera perspective. The dialogue and jokes are generally the same as that of the Japanese version, where Tomokazu Sugita is hopelessly typecast as Kyon (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), and where Yui Horie (Fruits Basket) gets to be Ayu.

    Redundancy is a big theme in the series, including the eponymous music piece, which is relegated to a café they frequent. Regular flashbacks fill in what happened seven years ago, many of which echo current interactions. This slows down the series pace since the kids aren't as funny as the teenagers. Ayu's monologues about dreams are alright, and interesting to hear the second time through after the big reveal. Also expect the supernatural to resolve some things.

    Similar series: Air, Shuffle, Suzuka, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • A well thought out show with some incredible tear jerking moments, but there's just one thing that's really holding it back from being an all time classic.

    One of the most critically acclaimed anime dramas of all time, I just had to see what all the buzz was about missing out on it over the years. Honey and Clover will always remain in my heart as the best anime drama ever, and I thought it would bear a lot of resemblance to Kanon 2006. The two are polar opposites it's hard to believe they're in the same genre. Honey and Clever has this more natural and down to earth feel, while Kanon's stories are pushed forward using the supernatural. Kanon has a ton of tear jerking moments, but while it's exceedingly glamourous, too many times it feels artificial.

    You might think that this is just another romantic comedy that stars an indecisive lead who lucks himself into getting a harem full of lolis that he doesn't deserve. Really not the case at all. The story revolves around Yuichi who is always sure of himself and makes the level headed decisions all the time. Although I wouldn't consider it a harem more than it is just a large group of friends that all happen to be girls since there's no echi stuff, Yuichi actually earns his harem with his natural charm and kindness. Though it is not in this fantasy of being surrounded by countless girls with different hair colours to cover the rainbow that gives Kanon 2006 its quality.

    The anime is divided between story arcs with each story concentrating on a problem that one of Yuichi's friends face. These stories are just so thought out, deep, and emotionally touching, and by the end of each you'll probably be shedding a tear or two, or maybe a bucket full of them. And it's really not a matter of feeling sympathetic of the characters, you just pity and emphathize with them because their situations are just so depressing. Rarely are stories executed this great with so much emotion.

    As adorable as these girls are, too often do they feel robotic. The social dynamics and conversations feel way too artificial to a fault. Hard to believe that there would be a single moment in real life where these conversations would be believable. And although it seems like such a minor issue, these conversations is what gets us to become closer with the characters and see their development. In reality it is this that actually makes up the bulk of the show. The interactions aren't particularly boring or bad, they're entertaining at times, but if there is one part of a show that needs to be realistic, it is the character interactions.

    It's a bit unfortunate too. The story execution is as good as it gets when it comes to a drama, the main character is for once not an indecisive wimp who only seems to do the right things, but the social dynamics just seem so out of whack that it feels like it came straight out of a guy's fantasy. It could have been not only an all time classic for anime, but for general animation, heck for all of TV shows! Though it holds little back to what is one of the best anime dramas of all time and it is more than just worth a watch, but a must see.
  • A true tear-jearker

    Kanon tells the story of Yuichi Aizawa who returns to his cousin, Nayuki's hometown to complete his last years of high school. While there, he meets 3 old friends; Mai Kawasumi, Ayu Tsukimya, and Makoto Sawatari. He also meet another friend, Shiori Misaka. After an extended amount of time spent in his cousin's town, the memories he had lost from his 7-year seperation from his cousin and friends begin to flow back to him. Some good and some bad.

    My opinion of this show is that it was the ONLY show that accually made me cry. It is my all-time favorite out of every show I have ever watched. I highly reccomend this to any anime-lover.
  • A tear-draining masterpiece of an anime.

    A boy named Yuuichi is moving to a town he lived in seven years ago. However, he doesn't remember anything. When living in this town, he meets a lot of girls. And by a lot, I mean a lot! As he live there, he finds out more and more about his past there, and what really happened seven years ago.

    This show has got to be one of the greater shows I've ever watched, no doubt! The story is just so good it leaves me astonished at times. It starts out as a pretty normal down-to-earth show, with a lot of funny moments, and pretty enjoyable. However, it turns out it isn't that at all, really, it's got supernatural parts to it as well. And it get sad too. Very sad. It's like they tear out your heart and drain you of tears every now and then.

    The main character, Yuuichi, is pretty interesting. He's often half-joking, half-serious. I like that. Oh, and he's very pragmatic, really. That just makes him funny, though. And you gotta have pity on him... he has gone and is going through a lot of sadness. The girls which he meets all have their own stories, too. They're all really great, and really sad. Some of them are heartbreaking, really.

    The music in this anime is really great as well; a lot of great stuff; both good piano pieces and other songs. The OP theme is really, really nice, and the ED theme is really nice too. The lighting and colors used in this anime is just... just... awesome. It really intensifies whatever mood the current scene is trying to emphasize. All in all, this is a lovely anime, a true masterpiece. I'd easily recommend this to just about anyone who doesn't mind having to cry. Because you will! It's really, really sad. But still, so great. Watch it!
  • There are many things to like about this anime and if there were any weaknesses, it would be very minor. This review is followed up on the 2006 remake, that presents greater animation towards its viewers.

    Following the same outlook as Air, it features a main male character named Yuuichi Aizawa that ends up being involved in different story arcs of female characters. While being involved in each story arc, parts of his memory that he lost seven years ago suddenly begins to come back to him. As memories come back to Yuuichi, there would be many surprises and outcomes that come to the audience. One thing I really enjoy about Kanon is that each of the characters are likable in the show and their voice actors are tremendous when presenting a character's personality and their emotions. Tomokazu Sugita who voice acted as Yuuichi may have done the best job in presenting areas of Yuuichi's character such as showing areas of being prideful or sarcasm that presents good humor to the audience. Viewers that see Kanon's 2006 version will certainly see high quality animation that makes the scenery in the anime elegant to its viewers. Also anime fans that enjoy listening to music should check out Kanon, because the music is very beautiful to listen to. Finally while there are humor moments to enjoy in the show, there are also serious moments that involved sadness in the series, so make sure to be ready with the tissues.
  • Yuichi Aizawa he has just moved back to his aunt's house after 7 years and starts running into all of his old friends. But he can't remember them since he can't remember anything further back than seven years. Eventually he starts to remember his past.

    This is a good show that has a great story that should make you cry if you get into it. It's a romantic comedy sort of since it is really sad I don't know if that is the best way to describe it. There is a happy ending that just sneaks up on you since it all gets happy in the final ep. I recommend this to anyone that like romantic comedy tragedy type stories. I enjoyed this story but bad things just keep on happening so this is not a good story if you do not like sad anime. I did this on watching kanon 2006 the second version of the show a longer one.